CGSA Chapter 64

Chapter 64: Beautiful Men Are Like Clouds

Among the lush trees was a sparkling crystal ball with a brown luster, as if there was a naughty child entering and fleeing.

And wherever it passed by, the flowers, plants, and trees magically become fresh and tender in an instant, as if all their vitality was being squeezed out, becoming more exuberant and tough.

At this moment, a black figure closely followed behind it, completely silent the whole time.

Suddenly, taking advantage of an opportunity, the figure shed all disguises and charged forward.

Who would’ve known that this crystal ball with a brown luster seemed to have amazing eyesight? Not being too slow nor hasty, it very intelligently escaped at the last moment.

“Sh*t!” After the nth miss, Chu Ye cursed lowly at being thwarted.

Following this, she didn’t dare to delay for a moment and quickly pursued it again.

After separating from Lanxi Liuhua and the others four days ago, Chu Ye completely integrated himself into the densely foggy forest world of the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda’s second floor. She was vigilant at every step and constantly careful, looking and listening from all around her. It was as if she had returned to being the special agent in her previous life, becoming remarkably sharp and nimble.

When encountering magical beasts, if she could defeat it, kill it. If she was no match for it, run away.

Quite clear-cut and efficient.

Just yesterday, she was lucky enough to come across a crystal ball with a brown luster – a earth elemental sprite, which she was presently chasing.

The elemental sprite consist of four types:

Wind elemental sprites;

Fire elemental sprites;

Water elemental sprites;

Earth elemental sprites.

One can only encounter elemental sprites by chance and cannot look for them. Even then, they are extremely very rarely seem.

Its greatest effect is the ability to regenerate human flesh and bones.

Moreover, they can quickly improve one’s cultivation within a short period of time, which is why it is a supreme treasure that all cultivators yearn for, even in their dreams.

Before she left Bian City, Chu Ye promised Chenzhu, to look for an elemental sprite for him and help him to restore his appearance.

At this moment, she was following the tracks of an elemental sprite. Although she had not yet succeeded, Chu Ye already had a headache.

Because the one who needed an elemental sprite wasn’t just Chenzhu.

There was also… Ming Yuexin.

At that time, the reason why she was able to make up her mind without hesitation and chop off Ming Yuexin’s right arm was her knowledge that as long as there was an elemental sprite, which can regenerate flesh and bone, Ming Yuexin would be able to regrow a new arm.

And the reason why she chose to walk alone was to better find elemental sprites. 

The elemental sprite dodged right away, entered the area with thick fog around 100 meters away, and disappeared in a flash.

Chu Ye did not hesitate to follow.

Regardless of who this elemental sprite will end up with, it is imperative that they actually catch it. Otherwise, it is futile.

As soon as she entered the densely foggy area, smoke surged from all around, and her field of vision is only reached no more than one chi and three inches around her. In the second floor of the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda where danger lurks on every side, this was absolutely dangerous.

Chu Ye immediately focused on her twelve spirit points (i.e. concentrated deeply), and simply closed her eyes. She relied on her perceptiveness as an earth wizard and walked step by step. 

Fortunately, the bodies of these elemental sprites consist of a strong elemental flow. The places they visited will definitely leave behind some elemental energy. On top of that, although it is intelligent, it has no wisdom, so as long as Chu Ye doesn’t initiate an attack, it also wouldn’t run away, vivaciously bouncing and fleeing.

It was to the extent that Chu Ye had been able to sense its tracks the entire time and continued to follow it.

She didn’t know how far she had walked, but she unexpectedly got out of the thick foggy area eventually.

Chu Ye’s field of vision immediately became clear, and she caught sight of the elemental sprite hanging from a treetop not far away and swinging around.

Heart delighted, she carried her feet and softly got close.

But was subsequently astonished by the scene underneath the tree.

Beautiful men, a large number of beautiful men, approximately 30 of them.

The so-called beautiful men are like clouds was exactly this scene in front of her.

All of them were dressed in loose robes, and their chests were open to the view of all with their sexy collarbones and skin exposed. There was the effeminate type with red lips and pearl-white teeth. There was the intellectual and refined type with an elegant countenance. There was the sunny type who was handsomely tall and upright. There was the stalwart type who looked lofty and dashing. There was the…

In short, each one of them was remarkable and had their own merits.

But they all have one thing in common, and that is their skin color, which of a bit of a pale green color, a somewhat morbid paleness as if they had lived in a dark place for a long long time.

At this very moment, they were either standing, sitting, or leaning against the tree, their postures all different. No one spoke and simply closed their eyes, quietly feeling the sunshine.

The bright sunshine beamed down on their young and beautiful but slightly pale faces, and Chu Ye suddenly saw two familiar faces among these beautiful men.

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