CGSA Chapter 63

Chapter 63: Leaving Alone

When she first saw Huan Cheng, he had been fighting with a beast in the Human and Beast Fighting Ground. At that time, Chu Ye had guessed that he might critically need money. Otherwise, with his pride as a ninth-grade warrior, he wouldn’t willingly appear in a place like the Human and Beast Fighting Ground, which served to entertain the nobility.

Sure enough, Huan Cheng was a little surprised.

After thinking about it for a moment, he nodded. “Ok!”

Staring into Chu Ye’s sincere eyes, he suddenly realized that he had no reason to refuse.

Moreover, he really needed the money.

“Thank you!” Chu Ye walked directly to the front of Huan Cheng and then gave him a grateful hug.

Huan Cheng stiffened and stood as straight as a ruler.

After gently approaching for a hug, Chu Ye took a step back and turned her head to Lanxi Liuhua. “I will search the vicinity to find some medicinal herbs to give to Ming Yuexin.” She was basically saying that she wanted to go by herself.

“I will accompany you.” Lanxi Liuhua immediately followed her. Although Chu Ye’s sudden embrace with Huan Cheng made him feel a little bit jealous, but nothing made him worry more than Chu Ye’s safety.

“No need.” Chu Ye unwaveringly refused, her eyes completely resolute. “You take care of Ming Yuexin and the others. I won’t get in trouble.” After that, she faintly smiled, turned around, and speedily ran into the dense woods.

“Chu Ye…” Lanxi Liuhua suddenly felt that the Chu Ye’s parting smile contained too many things, which made his heart very uneasy, so he rushed to catch up. 

“Don’t chase her. It’s pointless to catch up to her,” Huan Cheng shouted by his feet.

Lanxi Liuhua turned and skeptically stared at him. “What do you mean?” 

“Look.” Huan Cheng handed a small slip of paper in his hand to Lanxi Liuhua.

Lanxi Liuhua took a look, and his face suddenly changed. There are only seven simple words on the small paper–“After ten days, see you in school!”

Lanxi Liuhua recognized that these seven words were Chu Ye’s handwriting.

“Why do you have this?”

“She just stuffed it in my hand.”

Just now, when Chu Ye gently hugged him, she took advantage of his slightly stunned state and had already handed over this slip of paper and a gold card into his hand.

“How can she walk around alone? She is only a third-grade wizard. Doesn’t she know how dangerous the second floor of the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda is…” Lanxi Liuhua couldn’t help but feel flustered and exasperated, and it was already too late to pursue her. Moreover, he knew that once Chu Ye decided on something, no one can change her mind.

In other words, even if he caught up with her, she would not come back with him.

“I don’t think so.” Huan Cheng shrugged and said, “She’s a lone wolf by nature.”

The so-called concern is messy. Lanxi Liuhua was too concerned about Chu Ye, so he unwittingly overlooked Chu Ye’s capabilities. But Huan Cheng was a bystander who could see the situation much clearer. Chu Ye had a cool-headed character, along with fierce skills, and would steadily deal with any matters. When she is alone, she is actually more capable of exhibiting her strengths and potential.

Hearing this, Lanxi Liuhua suddenly shook his head and smiled. That’s right. Thinking back at this time, it seemed that she had never suffered a loss when she had been on her lonesome. Instead, when she was together with them, she was subjected to traps and danger everywhere.

“But she left alone. What is she trying to do?” Lanxi Liuhua softly muttered, appearing to be asking Huan Cheng and also appearing to be asking himself.

She is like a bird, not an eagle.

If she wanted to fly, he would let go of her hand and let her soar.

However, he always wanted to understand the reason why she wanted to fly away.

Huan Cheng shrugged helplessly. “I am afraid you have to ask her yourself.” He also couldn’t understand!

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