CGSA Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Cutting off an Arm in Exchange for a Life

On the other side, Lanxi Liuhua and Huan Cheng were still fighting with the golden three-legged crow.

Seeing the golden three-legged crow already wounded in many places, it appeared that they already have the cat in the bag. But how can one easily win over an avian magical beast? It was too agile. It was likely that Lanxi Liuhua and Huan Cheng wouldn’t be able to capture it within 15 minutes.

But for Ming Yuexin at this time, let alone 15 minutes, I’m afraid she wouldn’t even last a minute.

If the air is like a gossamer, then it would be too late to be able to save the deity.

“Ming Yuexin, I won’t let you die.” Chu Ye’s gaze steadily swept through Ming Yuexin’s pale face and then picked up the long sword that she had left on the side. Silver light flashed as Chu Ye slashed downward without hesitation.

“Ah!” Ming Yuexin, who was already feeling muddle-headed, suddenly opened her eyes and let out a blood-curdling scream. Then, she closed her eyes again and completely passed out.

Accompanied by Ming Yuexin’s scream was blood spraying the air, followed by a muffled sound of a hard object hitting the ground – Ming Yuexin’s right arm, which was cut off from the base of her elbow.

In the next second, the blade flashed again, separating the blood leech inside Ming Yuexin’s right arm. In a flash, Chuye diced it into minced meat until it turned into a mushy paste.

Immediately afterward, Chu Ye quickly staunched the bleeding, applied medicine, and wrapped up Ming Yuexin’s arm.

All of these actions were done in one breath, cleanly and efficiently and without any sloppiness. She finished slicing in just a blink of an eye.

Little Liuxing and Xiao Zhenzhu were currently frightened to death by Chu Ye’s crazy actions. They motionlessly stood in place. Even their eyeballs weren’t moving.

It wasn’t until Chu Ye wrapped up Ming Yuexin’s wound that the two kids started wailing and burst into tears.

“Bad person…”

“Bad woman…”

The two little fellows were really given a scare by Chu Ye and cried while trying to get away from Chu Ye.

Chu Ye opened her mouth in order to say something to them, but ultimately didn’t say anything and only took a deep breath.

One hand in exchange for a life is worth it!

However, such a good woman has become a one-armed.

Will Ming Yuexin hate her?

When Lanxi Liuhua and the Magic City came back 15 minutes later while carrying the golden three-legged crow, they looked at Ming Yuexin, whose one arm had already been cut off. On their faces were horrified expressions that were no worse than that of Little Liuxing and Xiao Zhenzhu’s.

They wouldn’t have thought that Chu Ye would actually do this to Ming Yuexin.

Then again, although Chu Ye’s move was very shocking, it was the most sensible choice.

If it were them in her place, they may not necessarily possess the same amount of courage.

Afterward, no one spoke again.

An hour later, Chu Ye’s physical strength was already almost recovered.

And Huan Cheng was extracting the core crystal of the golden three-legged crow.

Chu Ye looked at him in a daze for quite some time, stood up, and asked him, “Huan Cheng, can I ask you a question?”

“Sure,” Huan Cheng agreed.

“You entered the pagoda in order to hunt beasts and earn money, right?” The core crystals of magical beasts can be sold at very high prices, especially the ninth-grade magical beasts like the golden three-legged crow. It will definitely fetch an incredibly high price.

“Yes!” Huan Cheng didn’t hide it. He indeed did so as to make money because he needed a lot of money. Extremely urgently need it.

“Then I will hire you as our temporary bodyguard at a steep fee. Is that good?” Chu Ye went straight to the point. “If you agree, then you will only need to be responsible for the safety of Ming Yuexin, Little Liuxing, and Xiao Zhenzhu. Lanxi Liuhua and I can defend ourselves. Of course, along the way, you can still hunt magical beasts and acquire their core crystals.”

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