CGSA Chapter 61

Chapter 61: Dying For You

Hearing this information, Ming Yuexin was shocked and shivered and then dared not rush into action indiscriminately. She then asked out of concern, “Then what should we do? Don’t tell me that we should just let it drink up all of Chu Ye’s blood?”

Just after talking for a little while, Chu Ye was already covered in cold sweat and white as paper. Even though Huan Cheng employed force to intercept her left leg, he couldn’t stop the blood leech from frantically sucking in the blood within her body.

Huan Cheng wrinkled his forehead, and his face was extremely solemn. He said, “There is only one method at the moment. And that is to transfer the blood leech to another body of flesh and blood…”

Before he even finished speaking, Ming Yuexin already closed her eyes, pulled up her long sleeves, voluntarily stuck out her white jade-like arm near the blood leech’s tail without hesitation, which is actually also another mouth.

Because Huan Cheng strongly pinched Chu Ye’s thighs, its blood-sucking speed was not as fast as before when it wasn’t being obstructed. Now, as it made contact with a body of fresh flesh and blood, it immediately and sensibly chose to abandon Chu Ye and suck Ming Yuexin’s blood.

“Ah!” Ming Yuexin screamed and collapsed on the ground.

The blood leech, whose blood-red body was soft and nauseating, ruthlessly dug into her arm, and the blood within her body was immediately sucked away.

“Ming Yuexin…” Chu Ye was stunned and weakly turned to Ming Yuexin in disbelief.

Shouldn’t she want her to die?

As long as she is dead, she and Lanxi Liuhua had a chance to be together, so why?

Why did she give up her life to save her?

“You…” Huan Cheng was also deeply astonished and immediately pinched Ming Yuexin’s arm to reduce the speed of its blood-sucking. He then shook his head and said, “Why didn’t you let me finish first, I was going to say that the body doesn’t have to be human. Isn’t there still a golden three-legged crow?”

As he spoke, his eyes cast a glance at the golden three-legged crow that had been fighting with Lanxi Liuhua in a frenzy.

Speaking of this golden three-legged crow, Huan Cheng showed up here because he had been pursuing it. The old wound on the golden three-legged crow’s body was from its previous battle with Huan Cheng.

Hearing what was said, Ming Yuexin’s face lacked any regrets and even silently laughed. Her pale face turned to Chu Ye and opened her lips like she wanted to say something, but she ultimately said nothing, closed her eyes, and didn’t take a look at anyone.

“You two come and help me press on her arm. I’ll go kill the golden three-legged crow.” Huan Cheng urgently said to Little Liuxing and Xiao Zhenzhu on his side. There was only one method at the moment, and that is to capture the golden three-legged crow and let this blood leech take advantage of it.

When the two children heard it, though their eyes exposed their fear, they still bravely came over.

Huan Cheng then rushed like lightning and joined Lanxi Liuhua in battling the golden three-legged crow.

Unfortunately, how could a ninth-grade magical beast be so easy to kill?

Even though Huan Cheng and Lanxi Liuhua coordinated with each other with their coordination extremely well-timed and immediately placing the golden three-legged crow at a disadvantage, but it was still not possible to defeat it in a short time.

And at this moment, time is of the essence.

The longer the battle dragged on, the more Ming Yuexin’s life force would be consumed.

“Why?” Chu Ye forcibly propped herself up, which was still weak from excessive blood loss, and slowly sat beside Ming Yuexin. As she looked at Ming Yuexin’s face slowing becoming more and more pale and bloodless, her eyebrows creased until it resembled the word for river (川).

She didn’t understand.

Ming Yuexin slowly opened her trembling eyes. Her silver pupils actually held a bit of hidden resentment. After a good while, she shook her head. “I also don’t know… I just don’t want you to have something…”

The heavens knew that when she had been saddened when she saw her suffer difficulties. This sadness was far more intense than the sadness of seeing Lanxi Liuhua treat her well.

That was why she didn’t even think about it. She was willing to die for her.

Gazing into Ming Yuexin’s strange yet also unusually soft and gentle eyes, Chu Ye’s heart fiercely pounded and seemed to have understood a few things but couldn’t open up about it.

“You are too foolish,” Chu Ye helplessly muttered, “You shouldn’t have saved me, you should continue to like Lanxi Liuhua…”

One should know that some relationships aren’t blessed and aren’t meant to be enjoyed nor acknowledged.

Even for someone as enlightened as Chu Ye, she doesn’t acknowledge unconventional romances that are detached and are not accepted by the secular world.

Ming Yuexin’s long eyelashes quivered. She closed her eyes, and silent tears slid down from her eyes.

Silent but bitter.

In her mind, what came into view was the first time she had met Chu Ye, the way she had fought for justice, and also the time she had asked about her sexual orientation with a wicked smirk on her face, and also her dignified domineering aura when she beat people up and made people’s heart skip a beat, and also when…

She didn’t know when it started, but in fact, she had already stopped thinking this way about Lanxi Liuhua long ago, and ordinarily only looked up at him in her heart as her adored Young Master.

“Ming Yuexin!” Chu Ye grabbed Ming Yuexin’s left hand and loudly called out because she noticed that Ming Yuexin’s breathing became weaker and weaker and that her face was now almost as white as a sheet of paper.

As if fanned, her eyelashes lightly shook, but Ming Yuexin didn’t have the strength to open her eyes again.

In fact, she still wanted to get a glimpse of her.

Unfortunately, it seemed that even this last wish cannot be fulfilled.

“Ming Yuexin…” Chu Ye once again anxiously screamed.

“Sister Ming Yuexin…” Little Liuxing and Xiao Zhenzhu also yelled out with a sobbing tone. Although they didn’t understand the meaning of Ming Yuexin and Chu Ye’s conversation, they could certainly sense the vitality within Ming Yuexinslowly dissipating.

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