CGSA Chapter 60

Chapter 60: Deadly Blood Leeches

The most frightening thing was that Chu Ye already felt some movements within the mud in the swamp, like something was squirming inside. She was afraid that the blood leeches had already caught the scent of fresh meat.

At this moment, Lanxi Liuhua was fighting in mid-air with the golden three-legged crow, who was hard to beat.

Normally, a seventh-grade wizard against a ninth-grade magical beast would be defeated within ten moves, but this ninth-grade golden three-legged crow seemed to have been injured.

And they weren’t light.

Lanxi Liuhua hadn’t injured it at all, but its left wing had been flowing with golden blood all this time to the extent that its left wing’s flight capability and attack power was far weaker than ita right wing. For a time, it fell into a tie with Lanxi Liuhua.

But even so, Lanxi Liuhua didn’t think that he could defeat it within a short time. He was still entangled with it, so he was occupied and unable to get away.

This was why, when he found that Chu Ye was in the concealed swamp. Even though he was so anxious, he couldn’t go to help.

“Chu Ye…” He sorrowfully cried out as his heart broke into pieces.

Ming Yuexin’s heart trembled and immediately started to cry. She turned and ran to a large tree whose trunk was several meters away.

At this time, Chu Ye had sunk to her waist.

Gazing at Ming Yuexin’s back going farther away, Chu Ye Yang raised her lips in a smile. She had no regrets nor complaints.

They were clear. She and her, both clear.

Originally, Chu Ye thought in her heart, after she gets together with Lanxi Liuhua, what’s to be done with Ming Yuexin? Because these days, Ming Yuexin had been really good to her.

But in the end, she still wished for her death so that there won’t be a barrier between her and Lanxi Liuhua.

Now, she was trapped in a desperate situation, just in line with her intentions.

However, in the next second, Chu Ye widened her eyes.

She saw Ming Yuexin doing her utmost to gather wind elements and chopping with all the strength. The tall tree, that was sufficient for her to take shelter in, crashed into the ground.

“Ah!” Ming Yuexin shouted, and lifted the big tree up and threw it toward Chu Ye.

The 30-meter tree trunk suddenly lay in front of Chu Ye, just above the swamp area.

Then, with her arms stretched out and her feet hurriedly stepping onto the tree trunk, and a few of them went to the front of Chu Ye’s body.

“Give me your hand!” Ming Yuexin extended her hand to Chu Ye, her charming and somewhat pure face showing concern.

It was not at all fake.

Chu Ye was dumbfounded.

She didn’t expect that Ming Yuexin would come… save her.

She slightly hesitated but still extended her hand.

At this point, the swamp had already covered up to Chu Ye’s chest.

“Don’t ever let go.” Ming Yuexin clung to Chu Ye’s hand and tried her best to pull Chu Ye up.

The swamp’s suction power was too strong. Even though Ming Yuexin used all of her strength, it could only make Chu Ye stop sinking. She still couldn’t pull her out.

“Sister Chu Ye, we are also here to save you…” Little Liuxing and Xiao Zhenzhu, who had been scaredly hiding by a tree not too far away, didn’t know when they had come to Ming Yuexin’s left and right sides.

The eyes of the two children were filled with resolution.

Although they weren’t old, they were wizards. Once they use magic on their hands, they could also have the strength of an ordinary adult.

The three people worked together to slowly and gradually pull Chu Ye out of the swamp.

They used all of their energy to pull Chu Ye out that they did not notice that Chu Ye’s silver hair had changed into a brown color at a speed visible to the naked eye, and her silver eyes also became brown.

No one realized that when Chu Ye cooperated with them, she had also used earth magic to fiercely fight against the blood leeches.

Earth spikes impaled the blood leeches, who were as thick as a baby’s arm.

This was to the extent that the mud in the swamp had slowly reddened, and a fishy smell exuded from the soil.

It was straight-up disgusting.

As the number of the congregating blood leeches increased, the crazier they fought.

Chu Ye was careless. A blood leech slipped past her and pierced into the sole of Chu Ye’s foot.

“Ah!” Chu Ye flung her head back and let out a pained scream.

Even when the swamp was squeezing her legs like it wanted them to burst, Chu Ye didn’t utter a sound, but being bitten by blood leeches caused a bone-devouring pain.

Pain that reached her bone marrow.

Experiencing this pain, she could no longer stay still and reflexively struggled. However, this time, for the three physically and mentally exhausted people who were trying to pull her up onto the tree trunk, they were about to fall headfirst into the swamp below.

In mid-air, Lanxi Liuhua, who was evenly matched and still struggling with the golden three-legged crow, shot a glance out of the corner of his eyes, and his heart stopped violently. “No…”

Ignoring the golden three-legged crow, he sharply swooped down and went straight to the Chu Ye and the others.

But how could that be it? Ninth-grade magical beasts already possessed some intelligence, so the golden three-legged crow followed in hot pursuit. Its claws grabbed his left shoulder, pulled him back, and then forcefully threw him in the opposite direction, causing him to fly almost ten meters away.

With the loss of tension, Chu Ye sunk down even faster. In the blink of an eye, the swamp had covered up to her throat.

The blood in the body was also being sucked away by the blood leeches attached to the soles of her feet.

At this moment, the breath of death was so close and also so familiar, just like the moment before her death in the past life.

However, just as Chu Ye almost closed her eyes in acceptance, a black shadow suddenly flashed by, and the three people who were about to fall into the swamp were pulled back onto the tree.

At the same time, a pair of slender and fair hands swiftly plunged into the swamp, grabbed Chu’s shoulders, and pulled hard. All of his movements were fluidly executed, so Chu Ye only felt slightly dizzy as her whole body was pulled out of the swamp.

“Huan Cheng…” Seeing the person who helped them, Chu Ye couldn’t help but feel happy.

Although she was thinking about possibly being able to come across Huan Cheng when she entered the second floor, she did not expect it to be this soon.

Huan Cheng was dressed in black and was as cold and handsome as a jade. He didn’t say a word and made a circle with his hands as his ten fingers pinched Chu Ye’s left leg to control the blood circulation in Chu Ye’s entire left leg.

Because currently adhered to the center of her left foot was a scarlet-red blood leech that was as thick as a baby’s arm.

“Ah… blood… blood leech…” Ming Yuexin screeched with her face becoming pale, and then pulled out her long sword that was embedded in the tree trunk. “I’ll kill it.” After saying that, she wanted to slash her sword to cut it apart.

“Don’t!” Huan Cheng, who had been composed this entire time, was shocked at her reckless move and hurriedly said: “If you cut it with your sword, Chu Ye will immediately be killed by you. The body structure of a blood leech is very simple. It has no distinctively stronger or more vulnerable parts, so even if you cut him into ten or twenty pieces, it will not only not die but will burrow into the body and to the brain until it sucked all the blood dry. After that, it will break down the body and regenerate.”


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