CGSA Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Impervious to Reason

“Do you think we still have any other choice?” Chu Ye asked rhetorically, and then immediately made an analysis. “You’ve earlier heard that Murong Chang isn’t planning on letting us go. If we let she and Elder Rong arrive here, I think she wouldn’t let Little Liuxing go. As for Ming Yuexin and Xiao Zhenzhu, that need not be said, everyone that knows about this will be silenced.”

Lanxi Liuhua suddenly struggled in his heart. He had always been a carefree person, but only a moment later, he made up his mind. He looked up, gazing into Chu Ye’s eyes, and wearily nodded, “Ok!”

With one word, the fate of five people began to make waves.

As Lanxi Liuhua thought about it, he gave an order to return to Xiao Yao, who was a few kilometers away.

When the five of them stepped into the space transmission array, Xiao Yao arrived within the time when Lanxi Liuhua had calculated as a blue light floated and entered the space between his eyebrows.

The space transmission array was initiated with light radiantly shining from it, and the surrounding two meters distorted.

With such a large-scale space transmission array, once activated, its power is not something any tenth-grade magic can assault.

Therefore, when Elder Rong arrived with Murong Chang, they could only helplessly watch Chu Ye and her group, who were almost within their reach, disappear in front of their eyes in the brilliance of the light.

Completely powerless.

Staring at Chu Ye mockingly sneering just before they completely disappeared, Murong Chang furiously gritted her teeth and trembled.

The anger in her heart was accumulating until suddenly, the Young Miss’s temper broke out, and she pointed at Elder Rong’s nose and stomped her feet as she chided him. “Are you not a tenth-grade wizard? How can you not even manage this small matter? This deficit young lady had been treating you with fine courtesy all this time, to the point of exhausting all the words of praise that I know. Practically wasting this young lady’s feelings, you old fool, truly incredibly useless…”

“Impudent!” Not waiting for Murong Chang to continue, Elder Rong already shouted in anger and interrupted her words. His eyes are wide open, exposing an agitated gleam. “You, a teeny tiny little girl, actually spoke to this old fellow like that. Even if your old man Murong Wan were here, he would show courtesy to me to some degree. This old fellow saw you as the daughter of Murong Wan and gave you a bit of face. Do you really want to act like a scallion (i.e. a despicable person)? If you dare to speak rudely again, this old fellow will chop you into pieces today. After that, what can your old man Murong Wan do to me?”

He was originally a formidable tenth-grade wizard and wouldn’t let Chu Ye and the others go. His heart was already full of fire. Who would have thought that Murong Chang would at this time have the impertinence to point at his nose and scold him. The fact that he didn’t immediately slap her was already him displaying the ultimate restraint.

“You…” Murong Chang suddenly became scared and lost color on her face. She then retreated by four to five steps, then immediately forced a smile, and said, “Elder Rong, I … don’t be angry with your niece. Niece had always never had a good temper. Don’t lower yourself to Niece’s level…”

Blame others in a moment of anger and forget about one’s own unfavorable situation.

The person in front of her, he is not a subordinate of the Murong family. He is a friend of his father, a settler in the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda’s first floor, and a carefree person.

Such a powerful idle practitioner is the most fearful. Without close relatives nor companions, he can do anything he wanted and treat other people however he pleased. If he wanted to kill someone, he would kill them. At worst, secretly entering the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda and wishing to find him was far from an easy task.

She was stepping on a landmine this time.

How she wished to resolutely pull out her own mouth.

Seeing Murong Chang suddenly putting on a flattering face, and Elder Rong snorted indignantly. “You are whose niece? This old fellow doesn’t deserve your flattery. You are unexpectedly an unruly and crafty character, I am afraid that I might die one day without knowing the reason. This old fellow is too lazy to bicker about you, you can do it yourself.” 

After speaking, he shook his sleeve and abruptly left.

If she didn’t look at Murong Wan’s face, it would be enough for her to die a thousand times because she dared to point to his nose just now.

“Ai…” Looking at Elder Rong’s diminishing figure with resentment, Murong Chang stomped her foot in frustration and then looked down as she talked to himself in a low voice. “Who cares if you leave? If not for Father not wanting to use the family’s influence for fear of being noticed, do you think that this young lady will go look for you, an old fart? Humph, you should know that you aren’t the only tenth-grade powerhouse that this young lady can contact on the first floor.”

Afterward, she faced another direction and walked away.

For Chu Ye and the others to go to the second floor was something Murong Chang hadn’t expected, so all the traps she placed on the first floor have become futile.

However, since this matter was already started, it cannot be stopped without coming to an end.

Moreover, Chu Ye and Lanxi Liuhua already knew about the things that she Murong Chang had done, so she had to cut the weeds and eliminate the roots, and completely eradicate them.

One hour later.

Murong Chang once again requested help from another settler of the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda’s first floor – Elder Jin.

Then, the two people entered the space transmission array and proceeded to the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda’s second floor!

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