CGSA Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Nowhere to Go

“Yi yi ya…” The continuous graceful singing coming from Xiao Yao’s mouth was spry and lively, akin to the most beautiful vocal music in the world. Even the wilted grass and trees on the ground appeared to be moved, swaying as if intoxicated even though there wasn’t any wind.

“A wonderful singing voice.” Murong Chang was enchanted and immersed in the song for a moment, unable to extricate herself.

“Not good…” Elder Rong’s face changed once again. He waved his hands and immediately applied a small Water Screen Boundary onto himself.

Isolating himself from all the sounds of the outside world.

Afterward, he did not hesitate to use destructive magic towards Xiao Yao floating in mid-air.

“Soul-Controlling Singing!” was one of the skills of a deep-sea mermaid.

The sound of its singing can control people’s souls. When cultivated by a profound deep-sea mermaid, its voice could control everyone in the world.

“Break!” At this time, Lanxi Liuhua unexpectedly sacrificed his most precious one-use mighty-grade sacred tool.

(Tools are divided into three categories: spirit tools, sacred tools, immortal tools, each of which is subdivided into three grades.)

Sacred tools are so rare, that the entire Lanxi family possessed no more than three of them.

Lanxi Liuhua was qualified to have one because of his identity as a young master. It is to save his life as a last resort should he be in an extremely critical juncture.

As the sacred tool was sacrificed, energy burst out like a rainbow and like a sharp needle, violently piercing through invulnerable Water Screen Boundary. 

With the Water Screen Boundary broken, Chu Ye and Lanxi Liuhua can go out, but the locust colony can similarly also come in.

However, Chu Ye had already thought of countermeasures for dealing with this situation, took off the shoes on her feet as quickly as possible, as well as her socks, and skillfully threw them away. The shoes and socks flew several hundred meters away.

In the next second, all the locusts did a 180-degree turn and aggressively pursued the pair of shoes and socks.

Didn’t entangle Chu Ye and Lanxi Liuhua again.

“Let’s go, quick.” Lanxi Liuhua pulled at Chu Ye to run away.

“What about Xiao Yao?” Chu Ye couldn’t help but look back.

“Although Xiao Yao is no match for the tenth-grade Elder Rao, he wouldn’t be able to kill Xiao Yao.” Lanxi Liuhua was very confident.

Fighting is in the nature of magical beasts, so in front of magical beasts, people are oftentimes relatively inferior.

A ninth-grade magical beast, against a tenth-grade wizard, wouldn’t lose but also wouldn’t be able to win!

The two hurriedly fled into the withered forest, aiming toward the East Gate exit.

Half an hour later, the two arrived at the East Gate exit.

Ming Yuexin, Little Liuxing, and Xiao Zhenzhu were impatiently looking around while standing at the exit. Once they saw Chu Ye and Lanxi Liuhua returning safely, they immediately approached them and happily welcomed them.

Suddenly, Lanxi Liuhua’s eyebrows furrowed in pain. His face changed as he informed them. “Not good, Xiao Yao is wounded. That old thing is flying toward us. Xiao Yao is fighting and giving him trouble but ultimately can’t block him…”

The blood-contracted magical beast and the master’s souls are connected, so even if they were thousands of miles apart, the master is able to sense his blood-contracted magical beast’s unfavorable situation.

“What old thing? Young Master, you actually summoned Xiao Yao?” Ming Yuexin, who didn’t completely understand the situation, couldn’t help but ask in confusion. 

“There is no time to explain. It is imperative that we find a way to get out of here.” Chu Ye gravely spoke.

“The East Gate exit only opens once a day. If we want to leave this place, we can only wait until 8 o’clock tomorrow, the East Gate will automatically open.” Lanxi Liuhua muttered.

Chu Ye refuted, “We don’t have the time to wait until then. You just said it, that old fart is approaching this place, and Xiao Yao can’t stop him.”

Lanxi Liuhua responded, “Then we can try to go look for the other student teachers to see whether we can join them. Once more people are together, Murong Chang wouldn’t dare to do anything.”

Chu Ye shook her head. “This path will get us nowhere. Since the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda shows no sign of having any boundaries, we definitely wouldn’t be able to find them in a short amount of time. Furthermore, since Murong Chang can call on the tenth-grade wizard Elder Rong, she may be idly waiting for opportunities. She may still have some other traps on this first floor. If we stay on the first floor any longer, we might probably fall into a trap again. ”

All of Chu Ye’s thoughts were rapidly running at this moment.

Suddenly, her eyes stopped at the side of the East Gate of the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda – the large-scale space transmission array.

Lanxi Liuhua followed Chu Ye’s gaze and then suddenly exclaimed, “You couldn’t be thinking to…”

“Yes!” Chu Ye’s eyes narrowed, twinkling with a resolute light. “Murong Chang certainly wouldn’t think of it. We will go to the second floor of the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda.”

“But… that’s really crazy.”

The second floor of the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda. One should know that it is ten thousand times more dangerous than the first floor.  Frequently, the sixth and seventh-grade wizards that go in wouldn’t even have their bones left.

Chu Ye was only a third-grade wizard.

Together with fourth-grade Ming Yuexin, second-grade Xiao Zhenzhu, and first-grade Little Liuxing.

Each and every one of them all equally belongs to the cannon-fodder rank. Who knew what sort of situations would arise should they enter the second floor?

At this moment, Lanxi Liuhua had to re-evaluate Chu Ye again. In order to escape a difficult situation, she would unhesitatingly jump into another abyss. These types of crazy actions, it was likely that only crazy people like Chu Ye are capable of doing them.

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  1. thank you for the update. I guess because she does the craziest things, it makes her a difficult opponent to predict. Who knows, she might reach a break through.

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