CGSA Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Deep-Sea Mermaid

“Today, I have to repay you tenfold of the pain I experienced on top of the Challenge Arena three months ago.” After that, her tone changed. She turned to Elder Rong and respectfully addressed him. “Elder Rong, please!”

Elder Rong slightly nodded and raised his hands without saying another word, conjuring two huge bodies of water similar to waterfalls. They flowed down and turned into two huge hands, individually trying to grab Chu Ye and Lanxi Liuhua.

This was intentionally controlling the water elements with one’s thoughts. It can be seen how powerful of an existence a tenth-grade wizard is!

With these water hands, it was clear that he wanted to capture the two alive, and then hand it over to Murong Chang to deal with them as she wished.

Even in their peak conditions, neither of them could take this attack, to say nothing of this moment when they were exhausted from the locust attack.

But the two of them immediately raised their left hands to block it.

This was because on their left hands, one had a silver bracelet and one had a silver armlet. Naturally, they aren’t just simple ornaments, but a protective spirit tool for emergency use.

The spirit tool was sacrificed, and in a blink of an eye, formed a wall of light in front of Chuye and Lanxi Liuhua to protect them.

In fact, on that day on the Challenge Arena in Carles, when she received Murong Chang’s “Fires of Hell” sneak attack, Chu Ye wanted to use this one-time protective spirit tool but Chenzhu unexpectedly stepped in front of her, using his own fleshly body to block that fatal attack for her.

This made Chu Ye feel touched but also regretful, so this time, she hardly hesitated to use it immediately.

However, the strength of a tenth-grade wizard is hard to block.

The two powerful forces fiercely collided. Although the two big water hands failed to break the protective wall of light in their first attack, the resulting strong atmospheric pressure was like a tiger coming down from the mountains and violently assaulting one’s face.

Chu Ye and Lanxi Liuhua flew back a few meters and were heavily slammed onto the ground, jolting their five internal organs. Both of them uniformly spat out a mouthful of blood onto the barren soil.

“Xiao Yao, show yourself.” At this time, Lanxi Liuhua took a bit of watery blood with his right index finger and middle finger, put them together, and pressed them on the space between his eyebrows.

The next second, a blue light burst out from in between his eyebrows, and a stunning blue figure suddenly floated in the air, covering the fronts of Chu Ye and Lanxi Liuhua.

It was actually a deep-sea mermaid with a human upper body and a fishtail for a lower body.

It possessed a near-perfect human figure for its upper body but had the appearance of a little girl of approximately 10 human years of age. It was obvious that she is still in her childhood stage.

But behind her were nine bright rings of light, which meant that she had become a ninth-grade magical beast during her childhood stage.

From this, it can be seen that the bloodline of this deep-sea mermaid is simply that of ordinary nobility.

“This is…” Chu Ye was shocked.

“She is my blood-contracted magical beast. Her name is Xiao Yao!” Lanxi Liuhua clarified. (T/N: Lit. meaning: little demon)

Chu Yeyi wiped the blood on the side of her mouth. Glaring at him, she questioned, “Why did you only summon her now?” When they were facing the locusts a while ago, if there was a ninth-grade magical beast helping them, they could have used her to escape and avoid their current disastrous situation.

How could Lanxi Liuhua not notice the blame contained in Chu Ye’s words? He quickly shook his head: “This is because Xiao Yao is in the process of attacking the tenth-grade barrier. Tenth-grade is a huge thing for magical beasts, the opportunity to breakthrough only comes in one in ten thousand, so I can’t disturb her so easily at this period of time but now I had no choice but to wake her up. I’m afraid that… she had missed this opportunity, and Xiao Yao would be incapable of becoming a tenth-grade magical beast in her entire life. I’ve… let her down.”

Lanxi Liuhua deeply blamed himself. If he had the capability to escape from these circumstances, he absolutely wouldn’t have done this.

Chu Ye knows that she was in the wrong, but at this time, any comforts would be useless. For a time, she didn’t know what to say.

At this time, the little demon used her long fishtail to gently rub Lanxi Liuhua’s back. Her blue eyes without any trace of impurity appeared to be silently coaxing Lanxi Liuhua not to be sad.

The Elder Rong and Murong Chang standing in front of the wooden house above became alarmed upon seeing Xiao Yao in the sky.

Especially Murong Chang.

The reason why the Murong clan could always live above the Lanxi clan and maintain their status as the second most powerful wizard clan in the Eastern Nation wasn’t due to the tyrannical strength of their Murong clan, but rather because of the one or two beast taming experts that appear in every generation of the Murong clan. This made it feasible for almost all of the children directly related to their clan to have their own blood-contracted magical beast, causing the outside world to both envy and fear them.

Although Murong Chang didn’t have the talent to become a beast taming expert, she knew better than the average person. A magical beast that was already of ninth-grade in their childhood stage, such as this ninth-grade mermaid of a powerful bloodline, was unbelievably precious and rare.

Even her own blood-contracted magical beast was so far only a fourth-grade magical beast. Of course, it was still in its growth stages, so there was room for advancement to higher grades, but compared to Lanxi Liuhua’s blood-contracted magical beast, it was not merely a small difference.

It wasn’t simply a difference of one grade.

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