CGSA Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Step-by-Step Plan

Facing Murong Chang who was fuming in rage and wishing to kill her herself, Chu Ye laughed and mocked her. “Murong Chang, did you plan for a long time just for today?”

Pleased with herself, Murong Chang smirked. “Naturally.”

“You submitted to the humiliation for three months, didn’t seek any trouble, and quietly accepted Carles’s order of withdrawal from school. Last night, An Fen’er was to forcibly take Ming Yuexin’s room and cause a huge fight with me, and then released the essence of a queen locust, leading to thousands of locusts frantically trying to kill me.” Chu Ye enumerated all of her plans. “However, after doing so much, you still didn’t feel at ease, and ultimately entered the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda in person, making a request to a settler on the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda’s first floor. You really think so highly of me!”

Chu Ye knew that there must be a demon at work as early as the time the locust colony was abnormally trying to kill her.

Also thinking of the ants, after categorizing the locusts, there were the mighty locusts, worker locusts, and soldier locusts.

There was no doubt that the queen locust is the central leader of the entire locust colony.

Among the queen locusts, the most charming one is the most respected, similar to the human race’s honor of the ninety-five, the emperor of a country. (T/N: it’s a symbol of the emperor; 九五之尊)

As the most charming queen locust who had the highest prestige, its four limbs exudes a mystical fragrance from the inside. This type of delicate fragrance is something that all locusts cannot oppose. They would be willing to bend to a task and spare no effort without hesitation, even if their bones are broken.

But what if this scent that is exclusively unique to the most charming queen locust is present on a human being?

Without a doubt, this person would become the target of all the locusts.

Last night, An Fen’er deliberately took Ming Yuexin’s room, arrogantly made a big fuss in front of Chu Ye, which angered Chu Ye to the point of beating her up, and then finally acted shamelessly as she hugged Chu Ye’s leg and bit it. In fact, at that time, she had already secretly scattered the essence extracted from the hindbrain of the most charming queen locust onto Chu Ye’s boots.

She was very clever and didn’t choose to scatter it on Chu Ye’s clothes, because the clothes were changed every day, but the boots were only changed at least every two to three days.

However, in order to prevent the essence’s fragrance from oozing out as it was being scattered and prevent it from being detected, there was Bu Moli whose entire body was covered in a jasmine scent that is strong enough to smother an elephant to death.

The timely appearance of Bu Moli was to make use of the strong jasmine perfume on her body to mask the smell of the queen locust’s essence.

It was no wonder that An Fen’er and Bu Moli didn’t find trouble nor fight with her after what had happened. It turned out that the two had evidently already prevailed in their scheming.

Afterward, An Fen’er refused to be with Chu Ye and their other group members on the grounds of her being injured and even separated herself from today’s dangerous circumstances without any trace.

Thinking of this, Chu Ye tightened her jaw and clenched her fists.

The feeling of being schemed against was really unpleasant!

“Tsk, tsk, tsk!” Murong Chang clicked her tongue while shaking her head, and then remarked. “You know, what I hate the most about you is that you are incredibly smart but still vicious and ruthless and as poisonous as a spider. It’s enough for this world to have one of this type of woman, which is me. As for you, you shouldn’t have come to this world, and you definitely shouldn’t have messed with me. Today, I have to repay you tenfold of the pain I experienced on top of the Challenge Arena three months ago.”

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