CGSA Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Fatal Retaliation

This is definitely a master.

It’s just that his manner of speaking wasn’t good. Chu Ye and Lanxi Liuhua’s face slightly changed at the same time.

“Seniors, because of an encounter with a locust colony attack, we juniors have mistakenly entered into your noble land. We did not intend to disturb. If the seniors don’t like it, we will immediately leave.” Lanxi Liuhua said as slowly as possible, casually holding on to Chu Ye and wanting to pass through the Water Screen Boundary.

Although there were innumerable amounts of locusts outside of the Water Screen Boundary idly waiting for an opportunity, the thousands of ants are waiting for the rabbit and haven’t left,  he would rather face the group of locusts than face this elderly man with a golden mask.

Because he could unquestionably sense that this elderly man is a tenth-grade wizard, far more terrifying than the locusts outside.

However, it is easy to come in but difficult to leave.

Lanxi Liuhua and Chu Ye simply couldn’t pass through the Water Screen Boundary, similar to how the locusts outside couldn’t enter.

At this time, the woman wearing the silver mask voiced out, “Elder Rong, since this young fellow Lanxi Liuhua disregarded your wise words, it’s better to let them both stay!”

Her voice was extremely young but possessed a deliberate sharpness that made people unable to hear her original voice, but the gloom was abundantly clear.

Chu Ye and Lanxi Liuhua are both shocked and glanced at each other.

This person actually knows Lanxi Liuhua’s name?

And she deliberately changed her own voice. It can be assumed that she is an acquaintance of theirs.

“Do you know him?”

“Never heard of him.”


“Me neither.”

The two people stared at each other as they had a silent conversation with their eyes.

Hearing this, the golden-masked Elder Rong slightly muttered to himself and seemed to be considering something.

The silver-masked woman said again: “Elder Rong, if the Lanxi clan, which is said to be the third most powerful wizard clan in the Eastern Nation, loses a talented young master like Lanxi Liuhua one day, I presume it will be similar to the situation with the most powerful Boling clan, whose newly appointed young master had received a mental injury. They will inevitably have internal turmoil and infighting, and this scene is what my father wants to see. Is this what you’re saying? ”

Her voice was intentionally kept low, but she didn’t know after Chu Ye had awakened her talents in the Earth system, her hearing had undergone a qualitative change. If she paid a little more attention, she could hear every word they were saying.

The golden-masked Elder Rong nodded thoughtfully. “Fine, this old man owed your father a favor and will pay it back in full today.” As he spoke, his gaze was like a torch, and he shot toward Chu Ye and Lanxi Liuhua dozens of meters away.

Filled with a heavily murderous aura.

Chu Ye’s hand that was holding Lanxi Liuhua’s couldn’t help but tighten, and her mind was running at a rapid speed. These past two days, she had always felt that there was something she had overlooked, but she previously wasn’t clear as to what it exactly was. Suddenly, as Chu Ye connected the words of the young silver-masked woman just now, a light flashed in her brain. She finally figured everything out!

“Murong Chang!” Springing up, Chu Ye suddenly shouted out a name.

The most powerful Boling clan and the third most powerful Lanxi clan have internal issues. Naturally, the one who will be the happiest is the second most powerful Murong clan.

Sure enough, the silver-masked woman was stunned and spoke out in alarm. “You… how did you recognize me…”

This time she didn’t alter her voice. It really was Murong Chang’s voice.

“You yourself told me.” Chu Ye sneered. She was originally only guessing.

Murong Chang just confessed without a fight and happened to confirm her guess.

“You…” Murong Chang suddenly had a sense of shame at being played by someone. She took off the silver mask, revealing a beautiful face. “I’ll let you see how this lady can be. The same day next year will be your day of sacrifice.”

Facing Murong Chang who was fuming in rage and wishing to kill her herself, Chu Ye laughed and mocked her. “Murong Chang, did you plan for a long time just for today?”

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