CGSA Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Water Screen Boundary

“No!” Lanxi Liuhua shook his head. “Because I am your fiancé.”

Chu Ye was emotionally moved.

In these few days with Lanxi Liuhua, she has been deliberately ignoring his affection, but at this moment, she finally had to face it.

Because he deserved it.

Gently taking Lanxi Liuhua’s hand, she smiled as bright as a blooming flower. It was similar to the spring blossoms after the ice and snow melted.

“We won’t leave anyone behind. We will get out of this together and alive.” There weren’t any pleasing words of love, but it was too good to be true.

Only when they get out alive, can the two have a future.

“Good!” Their ten fingers were tightly clasped, and Lanxi Liuhua’s smile was like a flower.

He understood that he and she had finally broken through something.

That after this moment, he was truly regarded as her fiancé, the man with her approval.

Following this was a bout of dark killing, during which the hearts of the two grew closer and closer.

However, the locusts are like a tide. There are too many of them to kill. Once one batch is killed, another one comes in. The two seemed to have fallen into an endless slaughter where they couldn’t stop.

Although it was quite strange that the magic power in Chu Ye’s body still hasn’t been exhausted and could still be used to fight for a long time, Chu Ye’s physical strength was unable to endure. Her right arm that was wielding the sword had sunk into a state of paralysis. Swinging her sword had become a completely mechanical action.

It was even worse for Lanxi Liuhua, who had already exhausted his magic power. His face was pale and his footwork was messy. The sweaty blue hair on his forehead stuck to his cheeks. Even the first-grade locusts dared to make threatening gestures at him.

“Look, there’s a wooden house ahead…” While she was doing her best to fight and seek a breakthrough, Chu Ye finally caught sight of an exquisite two-story wooden house that was built on top of a towering withered tree hundreds of meters away

On the spacious front porch of the wooden house, two people were standing with their hands on their backs, and their eyes seemed to be staring at Chu Ye’s direction.

“Settlers of the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda?” Lanxi Liuhua’s mind was shaken.

He turned his head and met Chu Ye’s eyes. Then, the two simultaneously sucked in a breath, fiercely erupted all the potential in their bodies, and fought their way toward the wooden house.

200 meters…

100 meters…

50 meters…

Finally, the two reached within 30 meters of the wooden house.

As soon as they entered within a 30-meter radius from the wooden house, a transparent watery protective cover was suddenly revealed. Chu Ye and Lanxi Liuhua went through it effortlessly, but the locusts closely pursuing them bumped against this watery protective layer. It was like encountering the toughest transparent wall in the world. No matter how much strength they exert, they weren’t able to break it. 

On the contrary, Chu Ye and Lanxi Liuhua were momentarily protected by this protective cover.

All their persistence finally became lax at this moment.

The two completely lacked image as they powerlessly sat on the ground.

“This is a tenth-grade magic, Water Screen Boundary!” Lanxi Liulan said with a serious face.

Then he raised his head and looked up at the big tree house.  The two were standing upright with their hands behind their back and arrogantly staring down at them.

Both of them were wearing masks, one gold and one silver, that only showed their eyes. From their body shape, they seemed to be a man and a woman.

“Tenth-grade magic?” Chu Ye was inwardly shocked and looked at the two people. From this, it seems that at least one of them is a powerful tenth-grade wizard.

However, among the people inside the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda, friends and foes are difficult to distinguish. One must avoid escaping from hell and then falling into another abyss!

Lanxi Liuhua had similarly serious face. After slightly adjusting his disordered breathing, he held out a hand to Chu Ye, stood up and looked up at the two people in the wooden house. He wanted to open his mouth to greet the other party with a few words of respect.

Unexpectedly, the man wearing a golden mask spoke first.

“This old man will only say it once. The man should leave, but the woman will stay behind.” The man with the golden mask’s voice was low and hoarse. Any listener would identify the speaker to be an old man, but the pressure in the person’s tone would make their hearts quake.

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