CGSA Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Because I am Your Fiancé

When facing these types of crawling magical beasts, earth magic is naturally the most lethal but once faced with magical beasts that can fly, the earth magic would somewhat pale in comparison.

Seeing that the locust colony can’t attack, the three fifth-grade locusts that were resting on the lifeless branches of the tree finally couldn’t wait any longer. Their two-meter bodies simultaneously moved, flying their way to Chu Ye, who was on the ground, from three different directions.

Yes, they were flying.

The difference between locusts that reached fifth grade and those that are of fourth grade or below, aside from their larger bodies, they also gain a pair of thin wings, giving them the ability to freely fly in the sky. 

After Lanxi Liuhua discovered that the locust colony’s assault, he didn’t escape to the air with the other four and fly away. This was because of the existence of these three fifth-grade locusts, so he dared not act rashly.

“Earth Wall, rise!” Chu Ye’s eyes looked around. Seeing three fifth-grade locusts moving at the same time, she trembled and immediately built up a three-sided earth wall, intending to block the three fifth-grade locusts’ attacks.

Unexpectedly, after hearing merely three low banging sounds, the three solid earth walls collapsed in 3 seconds under the sharp teeth of the three fifth-grade locusts.

The power of their attack became even more violent after a moment of pause.

“Wind Arrow!” Chu Ye promptly made a decision and acted quickly. Three wind arrows accurately shot toward the three fifth-grade locusts’ eyes.

As she used wind magic, Chu Ye’s originally brown hair and eyes caused by the awakening of her earth talents changed back to silver again.

The color of the wind system.

The scene is extremely mystical and extremely…strange.

If Murong Chang were here, she would definitely be intensely jealous because she could also use two magic systems and wanted to accomplish a smooth shifting between two different magic systems. It took her at least five minutes to shift. Where can you find someone like Chu Ye who could complete the switch in a moment whenever she pleases? Her technique can be rated as perfection.

But a certain party was still inwardly shaking their head as they sighed. Can’t one use the two magic systems at the same time? Wind magic on the left hand, earth magic on the right hand, that would be fun!

If this were to be heard by Caroline, it was likely that she would go out of control. 

One should know, even for someone as strong as her who can make use of three magic systems, it was impossible to simultaneously use magic from different magic systems. She never even thought about it.

“Ka! Ka! Ka!” After merely three crashing sounds, three fifth-grade locusts waved the two frontal limbs on their chests and effortlessly broke the wind arrow that Chu Ye had sent with all her strength.

In the next second, they were closing in on Chu Ye.

Chu Ye’s complexion slightly changed. They were indeed worthy of being fifth-grade magical beasts. 

With a solemn expression, she dodged the attack of the fifth-grade locust on her right side and slashed with her sword that was filled with wind elements towards the one on her left.

Like this, she undoubtedly couldn’t avoid the attack of the locust behind her.

However, Chu Ye already couldn’t manage so many things. She had already strongly resisted and had gotten seriously injured, yet she still has to kill one of the fifth-grade locusts.

This was killing a thousand while injuring eight hundred of your own. Were it not for her inability to retreat, Chu Ye would never do this.

However, just as the fifth-grade locust’s sharp legs were about to plunge into Chu Ye’s back, a sword with a faint blue shine appeared in that life-or-death situation and, with a sharp tinkling sound, cut off the frontal limbs of the fifth-grade locust.

Lagging behind was the graceful Lanxi Liuhua dressed in blue who currently seemed like an azure shooting star, drawn in the air, blue hair flying, blue dancing.

(T/N: I think that’s a pun. The pinyin of a shooting star in Chinese is liu xing, which is his little brother’s name)

Before he landed on the ground, he fiercely cast the seventh-grade water magic “Ice Needle Rain”, and the fifth-grade locust, who was still screeching in pain, was instantly pierced through as if it pinned down on a hedgehog. It was deader than dead.

The anticipated serious injury had not yet arrived but after seeing the flash of blue light, Chu Ye already knew who had come without turning around.

At this moment, her heart was trembling.

Only, her face was still as composed as ever. The offensive position of her hands remained unchanged. After that dangerously close call, the fifth-grade locust that she had been targeting was cut into pieces.

After another injury, Lanxi Liuhua finished off the last fifth-grade locust with his sword. However, his beautiful face was a little pale, and his slender figure was still weakly swaying even after he put away his sword.

“Lanxi Liuhua…” Chu Ye used a few moves to pluck the low-grade locusts in front of him before reaching out to support Lanxi Liuhua’s left arm.

“I’m sorry, I have to protect them because I am a teacher.” Lanxi Liuhua turned his pale face to stare at Chu Ye. His azure eyes were dark and serious. After making two trips without stopping for rest, his smooth jade-like forehead is covered with drops of sweat.

Chu Ye knew that he was apologizing for leaving her alone.

“Since you had left, why did you come back?” Chu Ye continued plucking up the low-grade locusts who weren’t amenable to reason and still wanted to attack. When she reached out to support Lanxi Liuhua, Chu Ye could clearly sense that the very little magic power remaining in his body was exhausted when he killed the two fifth-grade locusts.

For a wizard, exhausting their magic power is a very dangerous thing.

“Since I couldn’t take you, then I will come with you.” Lanxi Liuhua stared at Chu Ye. The heavens knew how much willpower he had to muster when he had chosen to temporarily leave her behind in confronting these locusts. At that moment, it was as if a knife was cutting his heart in pieces, but had to do it.

If he had delayed by another step, wouldn’t she have been killed by that fifth-grade locust?

At the thought of this possible aftermath, his heart felt as if it was being squeezed from sorrow and pain.

At that moment, he finally realized his feelings for her –

In this life, if she is alive, he also lives; if she dies, he will also die.

Faced with Lanxi Liuhua’s deep emotions, Chu Ye’s cheeks were hot and she felt a bit dizzy. “Why?”

“Because I am…” Lanxi Liuhua was saying before he suddenly stopped.

“Because you are a teacher?” Chu Ye remembered the reason why he had just chosen to protect Ming Yuexin, Little Liuxing, and Xiao Zhenzhu.

“No!” Lanxi Liuhua shook his head. “Because I am your fiancé.”

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