CGSA Chapter 51

Chapter 51: Awakening Talents in the Earth System

Fighting all alone, it was as if Chu Ye had come to Hell’s Asura. It was scorching as those frantic ants sent themselves to their deaths for a while.

It’s just that it’s hard to effectively defend against them when they suddenly emerge from the ground, bringing a lot of trouble to Chu Ye. Without any warning, the skirt of Chu Ye’s wizard robes had been torn into pieces. Her legs had also received several serious injuries to the extent that she left two bloody footprints on the ground every time she took even one step.

Chu Ye didn’t even blink. Her hand maneuvers were only fast and not slow, so she divided another part of her energy and paid more attention to her footwork. As long as she moved slightly different, she would immediately step back.

Using both the hands and the brain, this battle was bound to be very tiring, but Chu Ye gradually found that the situation had actually undergone an incredible change. 

Originally, she merely used her instincts to sense movements from underneath the ground. Gradually, she began to “see” the earthy nature of the ground more clearly to the point of “seeing” brown specks of light in the soil that were cheerfully dancing around like fishes that have freed themselves from the earth.

They are earth elements!

“I am a wind wizard, why can I “see” the earth elements?” Chu Ye’s heart was shaken.

Of course, what she “saw” was actually the spiritual induction.

Since she was capable of sensing these earth elements, then wouldn’t that mean she could also control these earth elements?

Not saying anything else, she followed her instincts and sternly yelled out, “Earth Spikes!”

First-grade earth magic!

“Chirp chirp chirp…” Several locusts crawling out of the ground screeched as they were pierced by the spikes that suddenly rose up from the ground. Firmly nailed to the ground, they twisted and struggled but eventually died.

Just after the earth magic was successfully cast, Chu Ye’s bright silver hair turned into a brown color at a speed that was visible to the naked eye. The same was true for her eyes; it turned from silver to brown.

The three cyan rings of light behind her back, which originally represented a third-grade wind wizard, also turned into a brown ring in the next second.

That is to say, Chu Ye turned from a third-grade wind wizard to a first-grade earth wizard.

“F*ck!” The typically calm Chu Ye couldn’t help but burst into curses.

Are you trying to infuriate?

A sudden change in magic system during a life-or-death crisis?

What made her want to vomit even more was that she had dropped from third-grade to first-grade.

Still don’t want me to live?

“Earth Spikes! Earth Spikes! Earth Spikes!…” In a moment of desperation, Chu Ye spread out her arms, and brown earth magic was cast all around her in layers upon layers.

A burst of “Shua! Shua! Shua!” sounds could be heard as numerous earth spikes emerged from the ground.

The locusts around her were stabbed in an instant. Of course, they were only some first-grade locusts. Locusts above first-grade, such as the second-grade, third-grade, and fourth-grade locusts wouldn’t be killed by first-grade earth magic.

There was no time to rejoice. Immediately afterward, Chu Ye sensed that there were two second-grade in the land underneath her feet preparing to insidiously break out of the ground for a sneak attack.

This time, Chu Ye no longer needed to hide.

The two earth spikes were instantly created and pierced through the two second-grade locusts that were still digging their way to the surface. Green blood immediately spilled on the pale soil.

But they didn’t instantly die. 

Chu Ye’s heart violently pounded. An even thicker earth spike emerged without any hesitation, and the two tenacious second-grade locusts were immediately killed. 

Gradual Earth Spike!

Second-grade earth magic.

Chu Ye was astounded. She obviously realized that she had advanced and became a second-grade earth wizard from a first-grade earth wizard.

Can somebody tell her what is going on? Chu Ye could not help but silently complain.

There seems to have understood something amidst the vagueness. Chu Ye’s mind is racing, trying to evoke the “Gravity Increasing Technique”.

Third-grade earth magic.

At that moment, the atmosphere seemed to have become heavier. The locusts’ movements became slower. 

From a second-grade earth wizard, Chu Ye had once again advanced to become a third-grade earth wizard.

In the midst of happiness, Chu Ye immediately applied the underlying ideas of “Gravity Increasing Technique” to cast “Earth Spikes Technique”. This time, even the second-grade and third-grade locusts didn’t escape their fate of being impaled.

“Earthly Spirit Bind!” Chu Ye cried out, wanting to cast fourth-grade earth magic. The result was… failure for no reason.

In the end, Chu Ye didn’t really understand what was going on, but she didn’t have time to ponder on it. Since she couldn’t use fourth-grade magic, she would just alternate between third-grade and second-grade magic.

At this moment, Chu Ye couldn’t help but feel grateful toward Caroline. If it weren’t for Caroline providing her all of the wind, fire, water, and earth magic spells, it would’ve been impossible to advance to third-grade within a few minutes even though she had awakened her talent in the earth system.

Was it possible that Carolyn had already anticipated this back when she accepted her as a disciple?

Chu Ye couldn’t help but be alarmed.

Sure enough, she deserved to be called a powerhouse.

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