CGSA Chapter 50

Chapter 50: We Will Go!

After persisting for half an hour, all five of them were injured and tired. The most critical thing was that even Lanxi Liuhua’s magic power was running out.

For a magic teacher, even if their grade is higher, their magic power will always be finite. The only difference is that the higher their grade, the greater their magic power and their reserves.

As more wounds appeared on his body, Lanxi Liuhua became more and more dismayed, and his forehead beaded with sweat. “How can this be? Locusts have previously always had a cowardly temperament. Once they come across an enemy that was even the least bit stronger than them, they will immediately turn around and escape. Why are they acting so abnormally today?”

Like not wanting vomit to enter their stomachs, they wouldn’t give up until they die. They dauntlessly advanced in wave upon wave without end.

Any powerful wizard would be dragged to their deaths.

In fact, Lanxi Liuhua still had some doubts in his heart. From the beginning until now, Chu Ye didn’t seem to have any signs of exhaustion. Moreover, the more intense the fight, the more powerful her magic is.

This fighting endurance is definitely not something that a third-grade wizard should possess.

As she listened to his words, Chu Ye agreed. “You’re right. These ants seem to be stimulated by something.” She asked herself whether she had messed with them, but Chu Ye couldn’t recall anything.

Not waiting for the two to talk again, the ground underneath the feet suddenly trembled and made cracking sounds before a crack split open. A fourth-grade locust that was a meter long broke out from the crack, forcibly breaking their formation apart.

Drilling the ground was apparently one of the locust’s skills.

One locust, followed by a second, a third, a fourth…

Chu Ye’s five-person group were forced to move away from each other, no longer able to help one another.

But in this way, Chu Ye suddenly discovered a pattern – these locusts seem to be only targeting her.

Because she was separated from the other four, all the locusts had given up attacking them and joined forces in order to kill her.

“You go ahead!” Chu Ye ordered without any hesitation.

She noticed that Lanxi Liuhua’s magic power was quickly depleting. The four of them continued to stay with her, they would all suffer.

“Chu Ye…”

“Sister Chu Ye…”

Ming Yuexin, Little Liuxing, and Xiao Zhenzhu called out in protest. They wanted to rush up to assist Chu Ye.

However, Lanxi Liuhua stretched his arms out to block their path, looking like he had struggled for a millennium. The voice of Lanxi Liuhua contained some trembling. “No one is allowed to pass. We… will go!”

“Eldest Young Master…”



Hearing this, Ming Yuexin, Little Liuxing, and Xiao Zhenzhu all looked at Lanxi Liuhua in disbelief.

Chu Ye also fiercely lifted her head. Her silver eyes gazed at Lanxi Liuhua with a complicated expression before the corner of her mouth lifted up in a sneer.

I obviously told them to go, and they simply agreed to it, that’s all.

But, why is there… a feeling of disappointment in her heart?

Lanxi Liuhua didn’t speak nor look at Chu Ye again. He lifted Little Liuxing’s small body and placed him in Ming Yuexin’s arms. He then held onto Ming Yuexin with his left hand while carrying Xiao Zhenzhu with his right hand. He turned and speedily ran away. After a few changes in direction, they soon disappeared into the shadow of the withered tree.

Chu Ye’s heart was previously still slightly throbbing before suddenly calming down. It was as if something silently shattered. She ferociously swiped the blade in her hand that was filled with wind elements, and the head of a third-grade locust was sent flying. Green blood sprinkled the atmosphere as Chu Ye became fiercer and more vicious.

Out of the blue, she once again remembered 001 in her heart.

In the end, there was no one who treated her the same way as 001 in this world. This meant that she could be reckless, even with her own life.

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  1. Hello! I just finished binge reading this Light novel and am absolutely loving it! Thank you so much for translating this novel *Is a sucker for reverse harem tropes*


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