CGSA Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Thousands of Locusts

“Hey look, those ants are so big!” Little Liuxing suddenly shouted as he pointed at the roots of a dead tree ahead of them.

Everyone followed his finger. Their size was no smaller than that of a thumb. Their bodies were completely black and had an otherworldly shine.

“That’s even bigger!” Xiao Zhenzhu also cried out, pointing to somewhere farther ahead.

They saw an ant that was as big as a person’s fist crawling rapidly. Its body was completely red and had a different type of otherworldly shine.

However, as the people carefully scrutinized the bigger ant, more and more large ants continuously climbed on its back. In the end, they appeared to only be baby ants, which were of different colors and whose chirps were ear-piercing.

“Not good, we have encountered an ant colony.” Lanxi Liuhua’s expression became serious. “We must leave this area at once.”

Although most of these ants have not yet become magical beasts, those larger baby ants were already first-grade magical beasts, which are called locusts.

For a seventh-grade wizard like Lanxi Liuhua, first-grade magical beasts are simply nothing; with the wave of a hand, he could easily crush them to death. However, that is merely on the basis that there were only a small number of them. Currently, in front of them were around 100 locusts, and their numbers were still increasing. They had no choice but to retreat.

Lanxi Liuhua protected Little Liuxing and Xiao Zhenzhu on his left and right. In order to open up a pathway, Chu Ye and Ming Yuexin flanked them while walking ahead, forming a triangle formation so as to quickly break out of the enclosure. 

With their dazzling magic and its large-scale effectivity, the ants and locusts blocking the road were all flung away. The five people were unhindered the whole way and continued to walk ahead.

It’s just that they didn’t expect that the increase in speed of all the locusts would be this fast. They emerged from all directions and surrounded the five in a tight circle. No matter how Chu Ye, Lanxi Liuhua, and Ming Yuexin cooperated and jointly killed those within two kilometers away from them, they couldn’t manage to kill the entire ant colony.

All they could see was an incredibly dense mass of ants of varying sizes. The sight numbed their scalps and made their hearts feel sick. The noisy chirps of the locusts were unbearable to their eardrums and made them feel dejected.

But what caused the greatest headache for Chu Ye and the others was that as the numbers of the locusts were increasing, their grades were also rising. Second-grade, third-grade, fourth-grade, and even some fifth-grade locusts have appeared with the vast expanse of locusts.

Chu Ye, Lanxi Liuhua, and Ming Yuexin’s killing spree didn’t make them retreat. Instead, they fought more bravely and advanced dauntlessly in wave upon wave, not at all fearing death.

Little Liuxing and Xiao Zhenzhu who were being protected in the middle of their formation were scared to their bones. As their parents’ darlings, they had always been treated like royalty. How could they have experienced such dangerous situations before? They were overly terrified to the point of not being able to cry nor breathe. The two small faces were pale as they woodenly followed the footsteps of the other three. 

Today’s events were bound to be engraved in their memories for the rest of their lives.

But at this time, no one could spare any time to console them.

After using magic for an extended period of time, Ming Yuexin was the first to feel the strain. Her magic gradually became slower and weaker. Finally, she had already exhausted almost all of the magic within her body, causing her to excessively vomit and her green face to turn to a sickly white.

“Ming Yuexin, don’t be stubborn, exhaustion of your magic power will only lead to another person that we need to protect.” Chu Ye’s voice rang coldly.

Three whirlwinds were released, and three second-grade locusts were sent flying. Chu Ye found the time to take out three longswords from inside her lock storage and stuffed them into the hands of Ming Yuexin, Little Liuxing, and Xiao Zhenzhu. She then looked at Little Liuxing and Xiao Zhenzhu and spoke in a serious tone. “With so many locusts, you have to know how to defend yourselves. Do not forget that you are also a wizard. If you don’t have the courage to use a sword, then you don’t deserve to be a wizard.” 

Little Liuxing and Xiao Zhenzhu tightly held onto their swords with their two small faces filled with resolution. A strong heart was formed. They wouldn’t retreat again.

Now, only Chu Ye and Lanxi Liuhua have the capability to use large-scale offensive magic. The two of them stood at the front and back and simultaneously dealt with both the left and right sides, but their speed in breaking out of the enclosure had become slower all of a sudden.

From time to time, there would be one or two locusts that broke into their circle of defense, attacking the three in the middle.

Fortunately, the issue that was weighing heavily on Little Liuxing and Xiao Zhenzhu’s mind had been lifted, the three people all used their swords to stab the locusts that slipped through, piercing their intestines and splitting their stomachs open. It was a tragic sight.

However, even if they were passionately fighting, how can they defeat thousands upon thousands of locusts without resting?

After persisting for half an hour, all five of them were injured and tired. The most critical thing was that even Lanxi Liuhua’s magic power was running out.

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  1. Thx 4 the updates:) With more action the story is getting more and more interesting as it goes along. Can’t wait to see what comes next.


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