CGSA Chapter 48

Chapter 48: A Little Fishy

Chu Ye held her dagger with her posture perfectly upright and turned with her expression and eyes bitingly cold. As a drop of blood dripped from the tip of the glistening dagger, a bloody red demonic flower blossomed from the barren soil.

In the eyes of others, she had rushed up for a direct physical confrontation with the savage black bear, but it wasn’t.

Less than half a chi away from the savage black bear, Chu Ye’s knees hit the ground with her upper body leaning forward. Making use of the momentum, she dangerously slipped between the savage black bear’s limbs and, with the sharp dagger in her hand, unrelentingly cut through the now-exposed belly of the savage black bear.

This trick looks simple, but it is actually extremely dangerous. Whether it was the distance or speed, if there was even the slightest miscalculation, one could end up getting crushed to death.

Putting oneself in a life-or-death situation, only extreme thrill seekers like Chu Ye would dare to do it.

Even Lanxi Liuhua, who had been calmly spectating from the sidelines, broke into a cold sweat as he watched the fight.

His fiancée was really wild!

It seems that if he wants to surrender to her in the future, it wouldn’t be just a little bit difficult.

Chu Ye wiped the blood on the dagger and turned to look at Lanxi Liuhua. “Hello, Honored Teacher, can you show us how to extract core crystals from magical beasts?” 

Lanxi Liuhua blinked, then immediately smiled and walked over. She was insinuating that he should come over to help.

Without saying another word, he raised his right hand, and a blue water blade suddenly split open the head of the already dead black bear. A large brown core crystal suddenly tumbled out from the area between its eyebrows. It was clear and shone in extraordinary splendor; it was pretty.

Chu Ye stooped down to pick it up and found a lot of big ants not smaller than a grain of rice congregating together. Moreover, they were incessantly crawling around her feet with two of them climbing up her shoe.

Chu Ye swung her foot, causing the two ants to be flung away, but she still didn’t feel at ease.

“We will move on.” On his side, Lanxi Liuhua cast a “Water Ripple”, and Little Liuxing immediately came to his senses.

After that bloody ordeal, Little Liuxing and Xiao Zhenzhu clung to Lanxi Liuhua and weren’t willing to part with him.

Lanxi Liuhua shook his head and chuckled. Although the school had issued the task of gathering 10 magical beast core crystals, for the 1st and 2nd-grade students, they were only to carry a mentality of experiencing the world. The school’s targets for tempering are only the 3rd, 4th and 5th-grade students.

“It’s a little fishy.” After 15 minutes, Chu Ye finally couldn’t help but speak out.

“What’s fishy?” Lanxi Liuhua asked from the side.

“Look at the ground.” Chu Ye intently stared at the inconspicuous little black dots on the ground.

“It’s only ants.” Ming Yuexin’s complexion looked much better. It was because of vomiting too much that her face still looked slightly green but it didn’t affect her beauty.

“You’re not getting it. They’ve been following us the whole time and… it seems that their number is increasing.” Chu Ye frowned. Ants may be small, but their quantity was also a terrifying existence.

“I wouldn’t have thought of it if you didn’t mention it. What you said is true.” Lanxi Liuhua looked solemn. He had been focusing his attention on detecting any large and dangerous magical beasts in the vicinity and had no time to pay attention to the ants on the ground.

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