CGSA Chapter 46

Chapter 46: The Adventure Begins

“Now, everybody will stand with their respective five-person groups.” The teacher spoke again.

All the students immediately moved their eyes away from the space transmission array and looked for the teacher responsible for their own group and stuck with them. 

After a while, the eight groups were already neatly formed.

It was different for their team. There are only four people in Chu Ye’s group. In addition to Lanxi Liuhua, the teacher-in-charge, there are five people.

This was because the original 5th-grade student in their team An Fen’er, whose head was currently wrapped in white gauze, was standing with another squad. But whether intentionally or not, her eyes were always directed toward Chu Ye’s direction, filled with resentment. 

When Chu Ye looked at her and met her gaze, her face grew timid. Evidently, Chu Ye’s beating yesterday still gave her fear. However, the corners of her mouth were raised in a strange smile.

Standing next to her was that white-clothed girl who suddenly appeared and helped her last night. She fiercely pulled her sleeves, her eyes carrying a bit of warning.

An Fen’er seemed to be reminded of something, immediately averted her gaze and wiped the expression on her face, and did not look toward Chu Ye’s direction anymore.

Chu Ye’s eyebrows furrowed. What is their problem?

“The girl in white is called Bu Moli.” In front of her, Lanxi Liuhua abruptly spoke up out of nowhere.

Choosing not to comment, Chu Ye raised her eyebrows. It seemed that he knows about the fight between her and An Fen’er last night.

After a pause, Lanxi Liuhua said, “She and An Fen’er are both friends of Murong Chang. Their families are dependent on the Murong clan for survival.”

Chu Ye slightly shocked. They turned out to be Murong Chang’s friends. It is indeed true that birds of a feather flock together.

Suddenly, the distracted Chu Ye felt that she had ignored some of her own affairs, but for a short while, she couldn’t figure out what they were.

As she was contemplating on it, the voice of the senior teacher rang out. “As the top students in our school, this adventure is actually the school’s first special exam for you. For the next nine days, the assignment of each group is four first-grade magical beast core crystals, three second-grade magical beast core crystals, two third-grade magical beast core crystals, and one fourth-grade magical beast core crystal. During this period, each team teacher will only be responsible for ensuring that your lives are intact and will not deliberately assist you. Everything depends entirely on yourselves, understand?”

Every magical beast core crystal represents the need to kill a magical beast with the corresponding grade. This assignment is terribly difficult!

“Yes!” The students brightly responded with their faces filled with confidence and anticipation.

These flowers that have been protected in greenhouses all year long, they’ll be able to personally experience the passionate world outside. How can they not be excited?

“Very good, each group will be parting ways at this time. You can go as far as you can, but after nine days, you will come back here again.”


The eight groups cheered jubilantly and advanced towards eight different directions.

The Adventure in the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda officially started!


“Little Zhenzhu, are you thirsty? I have delicious pineapple juice.”

“Not thirsty!”


“Little Zhenzhu, are you hungry? I have a lot of delicious snacks.”

“Not hungry! ”


“Little Zhenzhu, are you tired? I have a blood-contracted flying magical beast, I can have it carry you on its back while flying.”

“Not tired!”


Along the way, the rich and glorious Little Liuxing took great pains to follow behind Xiao Zhenzhu of the Water Department’s 2nd grade, section 1. The spiritedly fawning and groveling little guy caused Chu Ye, Lanxi Liuhua, Ming Yuexin, who were behind him, to cover their snickering behind their sleeves.

The sweet-looking 8-year-old Xiao Zhenzhu ruthlessly refused to give him any face so the three couldn’t restrain themselves.

Today’s children make people gasp in surprise from their precociousness.

Then suddenly, Lanxi Liuhua stopped dead in his tracks.

“What’s wrong?” Chu Ye also immediately stopped.

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