CGSA Chapter 44

Changed Ninth Heaven Pagoda to Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda. It’s literally a heavenly pagoda with nine floors. Sorry, I don’t read ahead since I’m basically machine translating this. I just read as I edit so my initial interpretation was wrong.

Chapter 44: Entering the Pagoda

“You…” The girl was speechless with anger, but she didn’t have the courage to act against Chu Ye. She snuck a peek at Chu Ye, and went to An Fen’er. “Fen’er, how do you feel? Can you walk?”

“I can still walk.” An Fen’er swallowed a mouthful of blood and nodded. Although Chu Ye’s strikes weren’t gentle, they weren’t deadly.

The girl didn’t speak anymore. She simply pulled An Fen’er up and turned to walk back to her own room.

Looking at the back of the two women walking away, Chu Ye gently frowned. It’s over just like that?

Things seemed a bit unusual. She believed that this was a pretense and that they will definitely go to a teacher. How can one expect such a simple ending?

She indifferently raising her eyebrows. Whether they want to fight or not, if they want to play tricks, she is always ready to entertain them.

It’s just that at the moment, it’s not a matter of beating them up a few times.

Turning around, entering the room, and closing the door; a series of actions that can be done all in one breath, very easy.

Seeing as all the people involved have left, all the students watching the excitement also dispersed, but they didn’t forget to take a step back and look at Chu Ye’s door.

One night, nothing else happened.

On the second day, all the teachers and students assembled, and after eating too early, they headed for the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda.

The Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda is divided into 9 floors.

If one were to look up from the outside, it is 9981 meters long, 9981 meters wide, and 9981 meters high, with no side a meter shorter or longer. The precision of the dimensions was astonishing to see!

However, this was just its external appearance. Inside is a whole new world.

For thousands of years, no one knew how wide, how long, or how high the interior of the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda is because no one has ever been able to walk from end to end.

Once a person enters the tower, it is like entering another space, another world. It was vast and seemingly lacking any boundaries.

Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda’s East Gate automatically opens once a day at 8 o’clock in the morning.

As it is an important location in the nation, the Eastern Nation stationed many military forces, and anyone who wants to enter and exit the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda must pay 10 gold coins in exchange for an entry-exit pass.

As for Chu Ye and others, the school had already prepared in advance, so there was no need to worry about it.

When a group of 48 teachers and students arrived at the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda’s East Gate, there were already more than 50 wizards and warriors lining up to pay for an entry-exit pass to the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda.

Chu Ye caught sight of Huancheng who was dressed in black, expressionlessly standing at the back of the line.

Chu Ye suddenly understood. It turns out that he needed 10 gold coins yesterday, just to be able to get into the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda.

Chu Ye didn’t take the initiative to say hello. Thinking about it, she wasn’t really very familiar with him.

After waiting for 15 minutes, it was finally eight o’clock.

The light curtains on the East Gate doorway of the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda automatically split from the middle and opened to a big opening.

As the opening widened farther and farther until the light curtains were completely pulled apart, a door nine chi wide and nine chi tall (1 meter = ~3 chi) was revealed.

In the middle of the doorway was a thin layer of water ripples, which concealed everyone’s vision. People standing outside the pagoda’s entrance could not see the slightest bit of the interior of the pagoda.

The East Gate opened, and nearly a hundred wizards and warriors continuously rushed out from the inside. Each and every one of their clothes were tattered and they all looked disheveled. There were only a few people who were clean and tidy. At first glance, one would understand that they had experienced extreme danger inside.

Eventually, when there were only a few people coming out from the entrance, Chu Ye and the other 100 people began to line up in order to enter.

When she completely passed through the water ripples that were in the middle of the doorway, Chu Ye felt an ice-cold feeling running through her body, as if the time and space were twisting. After she blinked, she already found herself in another world!

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