CGSA Chapter 43

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Chapter 43: Relentless Harassment

Ten fingers grabbed An Fen’er’s thick red hair and violently pushed her head down. At the same time, Chu Ye bent her right knee, and with a dull banging sound, An Fen’er’s clean forehead painfully slammed onto Chu Ye’s hard knee cap.

“Ah!!!” Anfen screamed.

She couldn’t manage to put up any resistance at all. “Bang! Bang! Bang!” With another three banging sounds, Chu Ye was hardly gentle when she did it again for three more times.

Then An Fen’er was thrown out the door and on the hallway in a manner akin to throwing out a dead dog.

“Thump!” As she painfully landed on the ground, An Fen’er’s screams became weak because at this time she was already badly bruised and seeing stars, her head dizzy. Let alone casting magic, she couldn’t even distinguish where east, south, west, and north were.

“Sh*t…” The numerous students who had stuck their heads out of their rooms couldn’t help but reveal themselves.

Anfen, who lay bloodied on the ground and didn’t even have the strength to sit up, looked at the ever-calm and composed Chu Ye, who seemed as if she hadn’t done anything. Everyone swallowed and fiercely spat out.

Too f*cking domineering!

Without any preface and any signs, if you were at odds with her, she would start to beat people up.

You are a noble eldest young miss, you are a mighty fifth-grade wizard. Offend her and she would not delay in beating you up, yet after using the most straightforward and barbaric way, she was beaten up to the point of not even daring to let out a fart.

Finally, everyone remembered the battle between Chu Ye and Murong Chang in the challenge arena three months ago. The fervent worship in their eyes increased, along with a little bit of fear, while their gazes toward An Fen’er were filled with pity and contempt. 

Serves you right. She dared to beat up Murong Chang, how could she be afraid of a no-name like An Fen’er?

People are so strange. Society often blindly chooses to respect the winner and scorn the loser. At present, everyone acted the same way.

“Waa…” Not only did they not help her after getting beaten up, but they also scorned her. An Fen’er, who had somewhat recovered her thinking capability, suddenly pounded on the ground and bawled loudly.

Everyone sweatdropped, and the contempt in their eyes became even worse.

Chu Ye was directly ignored.

“Go in.” Pushing Ming Yuexin’s back, she made her go back into the room.

Ming Yuexin gratefully looked at Chu Ye, her above average chest vigorously moving up and down, seeming as though she had a lot of things to say. Finally, she only spoke out one sentence: “Chu Ye… thank you.”

“No need, I was merely afraid that you would disturb my sleep.” Chu Ye indifferently replied as she slightly raised her eyebrows. Holding her shoulders, she turned around, wanting to go back to her own room.

“Ah, I will fight you…” Unexpectedly, An Fen’er, who was badly battered and previously howling like a wolf, rolled about, hugged Chu Ye’s right leg, and bit down.

All the people immediately felt a fierce chill.

Everyone could see that because Chu Ye violently hitting her head onto her knee, An Fen’er’s mental faculties were temporarily in a state of disorder and there was simply no way for her to use magic. Who would have thought that she would have used her mouth to bite instead?

The results were as envisioned.

With a distressed shriek, Chu Ye kicked An Fen’er five to six meters away and harshly fell on the ground. A mouthful of blood sprayed out and sprinkled the white corridor.

Chu Ye’s eyebrows were furrowed because in that split second An Fen’er was kicked, she seemed to smell some kind of strange fragrance.

Very light, very light.

So light she almost couldn’t pick it up.

“Aiya, how deadly! Really, how could you- how could you use such a heavy hand…” Suddenly a girl dressed in white “righteously” stood up and indignantly pointed at Chuye.

The strong jasmine perfume emanating from the girl’s body directly assaulted her nostrils while Chu Ye was trying to sniff that extremely faint fragrance from a moment ago. One unmindful and hard sniff caused her to choke. “Achoo! Achoo!” As she sneezed twice, she quickly pinched her nose and took two steps back. She looked at the white-clothed girl with a look of displeasure. “Do you like to make yourself so fragrant? It’s incredibly smelly.” Truly unlucky. Within one day, she ran into two women who had an abnormal fondness for perfume.

One rose fragrance.

One jasmine fragrance.

How vulgar!

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  1. Thank you… hehe one after another this ladies coming out, I wonder what will Chuye do next after knee-slamming-forehead a person?


  2. ancient version of perfumes and colognes…ugh i hate it when someones smell takes up the whole damn area. makes me wonder if they even bothered to shower and are just covering up their stink

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