CGSA Chapter 41

Changing epee to just plain sword.

Chapter 41: I’m Not Interested In Women

“It is a long-term residence inside the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda.”

The boy spoke as insipidly as the wind, but Chu Ye could hear a storm in her heart.

What kind of place is the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda?

It is the uttermost dangerously mysterious location on the entire continent. Once people go inside, they must strike the twelve spirit points, and even then, they may not necessarily be able to leave in one piece. Yet this Lady Zanhua actually dared to live inside the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda, and on the second floor at that, which is more dangerous than the first. She is indeed not a simple character.

As Chu Ye was in a conflicted mood, the boy suddenly changed the subject and asked, “You, still want to buy the sword?”

Chu Ye momentarily gave him a blank stare before breaking into a laugh. “Of course!” She then handed over the already sweaty 10 gold coins.

“Here!” The young man took the money with one hand and handed over the sword with the other, with concealed reluctance in his eyes.

Chu Ye reached out to take it. He spun and walked away.

“Wait a minute.” Chu Ye suddenly voiced out. He turned back in suspicion but only saw Chu Ye’s raised hand before the sword that had been taken from his hand a moment ago was immediately thrown back to him.

“This… what does this mean?” Grabbing the sword that was returned, the boy was full of doubts and wonders.

“Thank you for lending a hand a while ago. This is just a very small compensation, so don’t refuse it.” Under the bright sunlight, Chu Ye bore a sincere smile.

The young man was startled and looked at the sword in his hand. The corners of his mouth also turned up in a clear but slightly bitter smile. “Okay, I’ll accept.” Setting aside his reluctance, the most important thing for a warrior is his sword.

Chu Ye returned the smile, turned and walked away.

Suddenly the voice sounded behind him young again, “I am Huan Cheng. What’s your name?”

Huan Cheng?

Chu Ye staggered. Why not be called Guo Jingming?

(T/N: Huan Cheng is a book by Guo Jingming, a real-life author)

She turned her head and simply said, “Chu Ye!”, and then truly walked away.

Watching Chu Ye gradually disappearing into the crowd, Huan Cheng held 10 gold coins in one hand and the black sword in the other. His cold gaze held a little more gratitude as well as… a bit of gentleness.

She clearly gave him 10 gold coins, but she did it so naturally and without traces. She had been looking out for his face and manly pride!

“Chu Ye!” Huan Cheng drooped his head and softly murmured.

Perhaps… they could still see each other again.

When Chu Ye returned to the hostel, the sky was already dark.

Chu Ye’s room number is 518. When she passed by Room 517, she saw Ming Yuexin standing alone in front of the door with her head hung down and her shoulders trembling, twisting her fingers and looking like she was sobbing.

Chu Ye’s eyebrows furrowed a little but pretended not to see and walked to her own room, and took out her key to open the door.

But sometimes it isn’t the people who look for trouble, trouble finds them.

When Ming Yuexin heard the sound of the door unlocking, she raised her head and caught sight of Chu Ye. She quickly wiped away the tears on her face, walked up to Chu Ye and pitifully spoke. “Chu Ye… Is it alright for me to sleep with you tonight?”

Chu Ye paused in the middle of unlocking the door, twisted her head, and fixed her gaze at the tearful Ming Yuexin, eyebrows raised. “I’m not interested in women.”

“Ah?” Ming Yuexin looked muddled before bashfully flushing red and waving her hands in front of her. “I… That wasn’t what I meant. I just don’t have a place to sleep. I… I…”

Seeing her unknowingly woeful appearance, Chu Ye resisted the urge to laugh with great difficulty and coolly said: “I was joking.”

Ming Yuexin patted her scared little heart, and cautiously glanced at Chuye, “You…”

“You said you don’t have a place to sleep? Didn’t the school provide a room for everyone?” Chu Ye opened the door and walked straight into the room. Although Ming Yuexin always interfered between her and Lanxi Liuhua, Chu Ye didn’t hate her and she wasn’t sure why.

Probably because she could perceive that Ming Yuexin’s friendly treatment toward her came from the heart and was not at all a hypocritical show of affection.

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