CGSA Chapter 40

Hello! So… I’ve been gone for a few weeks, but I’m back with a new chapter. Expect another MIA from me in less than 2 weeks because I’ll be going on a (roughly) month-long vacation with my family. Sorry!

Chapter 40: Resident

Chu Ye’s heart pounded as she suddenly felt a suffocating sense of oppression.

This was the pressure of the strong on the weak.

Chu Ye had to admit that this Lady Zanhua who appeared out of nowhere currently wasn’t someone she can make an enemy out of.

Reason was telling her that this woman was not to be trifled with.

However, she has never been one to act servile and compromise.

She tried to look apologetic as she smiled. “Ok, I was wrong to call you Auntie. On account of your age, perhaps I should call you Da Shen.” (T/N: Wife of father’s younger brother. How am I supposed to translate that to a proper-sounding way to call someone in English?)

With Chu Ye’s vicious eyes, she had already discerned that although the lady of the flower looked no more than 30 years old, her real age was likely to be far from what her appearance suggests because practicing magic has another advantage for women and that is youthfulness and beauty.

There were even rumors that upon reaching the 10th-grade realm, one would stop aging and would stay young until death.

“Pu.” As the words came out of her mouth, and the spectating crowd that she didn’t know were already surrounding them suddenly burst into laughter.

Although Lady Zanhua’s mature bearing and charm were very enticing, Chu Ye’s coldly refreshing and graceful nature was more intimidating so everyone was involuntarily biased towards Chu Ye.

“You…” Lady Zanhua looked very angry but on the contrary, laughed. “Since you’re courting death, then this lady will help you.”

As she spoke, her five fingers curved into claws, which were gleaming with the deep blue color of water magic, and fiercely shot towards Chu Ye’s throat as fast as lightning.

However, Chu Ye had already prepared to protect herself when she provoked her. Her hands rapidly crossed in front of her chest to block, and a solid wind wall appeared in front of her body. She also quickly drew back.

At the same time, three rings of light symbolizing a third-grade wizard appeared behind Chu Ye.

“A teeny little third-grade wizard dares to act proud in front of this lady. Truly doesn’t know to fear death.” Lady Zanhua’s mouth formed into a disdainful sneer, and behind her emerged glaringly dazzling rings of light. Circle after circle superimposed, and unexpectedly, there was a complete set of ten.

“Tenth-grade wizard!” Chu Ye’s eyes widened in astonishment. Although she had sensed that this woman’s cultivation was not low, she didn’t imagine that she would be a powerful tenth-grade wizard.

In the entire Eastern Nation, there are only a handful of tenth-grade wizards. Those who are capable of becoming ten-level wizards are big characters that stand at the peak of the continent and are revered and admired by thousands of people!

Only at this time, there was no time for extra thoughts because the wind wall that she had condensed with her stored-up power was shattered by Lady Zanhua’s five fingers.

Soon after, her sharp nails were suffused with blue water magic, and continue to unobstructedly grab at Chu Ye’s beautiful face.

“Stop!” With the mark of a thousand gunshots, an icy shout fiercely sounded, following which a deep purple warrior qi approached to strike, aiming to behead Lady Zanhua.

Lady Zanhua was startled and immediately pulled back her hand and retreated a few meters. The beautiful pair of eyes indignantly glaring at her was the young man’s.

Because the person who just attacked her was him.

He calmly walked to Chu Ye’s side, stopped right in front of her, and stared into Lady Zanhua’s eyes without fear. He held the sword horizontally in front of him. Who knew when he had taken the sword away from her. “My sword won’t be sold to you.”

His voice was cold as ice, and his grandeur was as stunning as a rainbow. The nine purple warrior halos behind him were exceptionally blinding.

Lady Zanhua clenched the empty hand that previously held the sword. Her flirtatious face suddenly dimmed. “Dear young fellow, this lady actually didn’t notice it. You’re already a ninth-grade warrior at such a young age. Very good.”

She was slowly drawing back. Although a tenth-grade wizard was already an extremely powerful existence, a wizard is vulnerable when in proximity to same-grade warriors. He is a grade lower than her, but the ninth-grade warriors were already considerably terrifying existences.

“In the future, don’t let this lady see you again.” Lady Zanhua ground her teeth. Who would’ve expected that in the next second, she would turn around and sharply slap the two pretty boys behind her, who stayed silent during the entire encounter? “Still not leaving, you two wastes?”

They immediately nodded their heads in agreement and then hurriedly followed, not daring to make any complaints.

Watching the back of Lady Zanhua as she angrily left, Chu Ye clutched her shoulders and thoughtfully whispered to herself, “Who is that Lady Zanhua? I have never heard of her before.”

“She is a resident of the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda’s second floor.” The teenager coolly responded.

“Resident of the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda’s second floor?” Chu Ye was puzzled. “What do you mean?”

“It is a long-term residence inside the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda.” The boy spoke as insipidly as the wind.

Chu Ye heard a storm in her heart.

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