CGSA Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Lady Zanhua

“Everyone, I am truly embarrassed. The opening time of the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda’s East Gate has already passed. You have to wait until tomorrow if you wish to enter the pagoda.” The garrison soldier responsible for guiding Chu Ye and the others felt apologetic towards the senior teacher as he spoke to him.

“No matter. We will stay at a nearby hotel for one night and come back tomorrow morning.” The senior teacher seemed to have foreseen this and was not surprised.

As she fought to get rid of her dizziness, Chu Ye had only found out that it was already noon.

Even though it seemed like a moment for her, they had actually spent several hours in the spatial transmission array.

This utter powerlessness that’s similar to brainwashing made Chu Ye shudder. Magic was indeed extensive, profound, and unfathomable!

After leaving the garrison area, the senior teacher unhesitatingly walked into a luxuriously decorated five-star hotel with the other teachers and students in tow.

As the best aristocratic school in the Eastern Nation, Carles never had a shortage of money.

After taking 48 luxury suites, the teacher gave each student their room number and key and said a few words. Everyone was free to stroll around the vicinity of the hotel but should remember to return before 7 pm.

Once the students understood, they all scattered like an explosion.

Coming to a new place, he (or she) naturally wanted to go have a look around.

Because of the existence of the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda’s East Gate, the town attracted an innumerable amount of powerhouses to come and take their chances. Over time, an independent town gradually formed here, which many people call East Gate Town. 

Lanxi Liuhua originally wanted to accompany Chu Ye, but Chu Yeyi had a thought that if it seemed like Lanxi Liuhua was together with her, those two bum beetle tag-alongs, Little Liuxing and Ming Yuexin, would undoubtedly follow after. Even worse, the other two people in their 5-man group, Xiao Zhenzhu and An Fen’er, would likely also want to join in. With so many people together, there was no way she would be able to act freely, so she refused without hesitation.

Leisurely wandering around East Gate Town alone, Chu Ye also bought dozens of days worth of water in passing and stored it in her golden lock. Although the water rations are the teachers’ responsibility, who could guarantee that unexpected incidents wouldn’t happen after entering the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda?

Preparedness averts peril. It was advantageous and harmless.

The next step was to pick a few handy weapons, and Chu Ye went into East Gate Town’s Weapons Street.

On Weapons Street, all sorts of weaponry, from the most dazzling to the most strange, everything you could think was there.

After selecting a few balanced short-range weapons and depositing them in the gold lock, Chu Ye was about to leave but suddenly stopped by a bend in the street, staring directly across her.

The young boy was dressed in black and had a well-defined face that seemed as sharp as a knife and as clean as jade. His clear jet-black eyes were akin to gems but were also cold like the night. He was kneeling on the ground with his head lowered, and in front of him was a black sword, displayed like an item for sale that was waiting for buyers.

“It’s him?” Chu Ye raised her eyebrows. It was that callous boy who had a duel with the wolves that day in the Human and Beast Fighting Ground.

After mumbling to herself, Chu Ye went up to him.

“Excuse me, are you looking to sell this sword?” Chu Ye asked with a smile.

“Yes.” He looked up and stoically gazed at Chu Ye.

“How much?”

“10 gold coins!” The teenager swiftly announced a price.

Chu Ye was slightly surprised. She bent over and picked up the sword on the ground. Its clean and shiny blade told her that this youth cherished it very much and would wipe it every day. A tinkling sound emanated from the blade’s edge, along with a chilly light ray that appeared directly in front of her face, and Chu Ye inwardly couldn’t help but shudder and gasp in admiration. “Good sword, a good sword indeed.” 

This sword was probably not just an ordinary sword. In fact, there was a very good possibility that it is a sword of the spirit rank.

When the teenager heard Chu Ye’s praises, his originally ice-cold face finally loosened and formed a faint smile. If the person who bought the sword was one who was knowledgeable on swords, they wouldn’t disgrace his sword.

“Such a good sword yet sire is merely selling it for 10 gold coins. What a pity.” If this were to be placed in an auction sale, then selling it for more than ten thousand coins wouldn’t be a problem.

“I only need 10 gold coins at the moment. Once I earn 10 coins, I will redeem this sword which is why I will only sell it for 10 gold coins.” The teenager’s expression is absolutely serious.

Chu Ye lightly hummed. “So what you’re saying is that you’re just temporarily mortgaging this sword?”


“That’s quite strange. If I bought it and left, how will you find me?”

“The sword’s spirit will recognize its master and as its master, I can also sense its location.” The young man actually didn’t care to conceal this matter.

Chu Ye couldn’t help but smile. If it wasn’t sold, then he would return to his line of business in the future. This boy has quite the temper.

At the same time, Chu Ye could also discern that the teenager currently needed the money very badly. Otherwise, as a warrior, how would he be willing to sell his weapon which was equivalent to a warrior’s second life?

Without any further words, Chu Ye’s fingers touched the lock storage and took out ten gold coins. Just as she was about to say she was buying it, a white jade arm suddenly emerged from behind him, and the sword in Chu’s hand was taken away.

Covered with a heavy rose scent, the woman was approximately 30 years old with blue eyes and hair, distinguished eyebrows, and hair tied up with a silver flower hairpin. She wore an amorous flame-red muslin dress that was unusually revealing; the neckline was rather low, and two-thirds of her snow-white bosom was exposed, which undulated with each breath. Such unspeakable temptation would doubtlessly attract souls.

Following her were two young men who both had remarkably pale skin and slim build, but they didn’t look as outstanding as the one selling the sword.

“Handsome little brother, I, Lady Zanhua, will buy this sword.” The self-proclaimed Lady Zanhua’s coquettish eyes held a trace of flirtatiousness as she stroked the sword in her hand and assessed him with her soul-attracting eyes. Her voice was extremely gentle.

Chu Ye scowled and rubbed her nose. She wondered whether the woman had poured a whole bottle of rose perfume on her body. It was practically enough to kill an elephant, but what really made Chu Ye angry was her condescendence.

“Auntie, do you have any eye problems? Can’t you see that I wanted to buy this sword first? Do you understand what “first come, first serve” is?” Chu Ye mocked. As she was speaking, she held out a hand and snatched the sword back from Lady Zanhua’s hands.

Who would have thought that the sword wouldn’t even budge one bit and was still firmly in her hands? Chu Ye was shocked. She had used all her strength, but the result was that she was unable to seize it.

“Who are you calling auntie?” Lady Zanhua used a finger to pinch the sword and was still as stable as Mt. Tai. She narrowed her eyes and cast a sidelong glance at Chu Ye was slanting. Her pupils had dangerous light to them.

She greatly loathed people who involved her age when speaking. Chu Ye’s deliberate call of “Auntie” had hit the nail on the head and touched her sore spot.

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