CGSA Chapter 38

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Chapter 38: I’ll Wait For You

“Ok, I won’t lift your quilt. Don’t worry, don’t worry.” Chu Ye took two steps back to show her sincerity.

“Go away! You go out, go out…” Chenzhu sobbed. He took the quilt and climbed back to the bed before curling up into a ball and squeezing himself into the corner of the bed.

“Ok, ok, I’ll go, I’m leaving. Don’t be upset, don’t be upset.” Chu Ye felt dejected as she walked out of the room because she could hear that at this moment, Chenzhu truly didn’t want to see her; to be more accurate, Chenzhu was afraid to see her.

Beside her, Lu Shi slowly closed the door, then pulled Chuye toward the center of the courtyard several meters away.

“Do you want to know why he’s here?” Lu Shi gazed at Chu Ye as she spoke.

“En.” Chu Ye nodded. Chenzhu had been quite surprised to find her here.

Lu Shi sighed. “On the day when you and Murong Chang were fighting in the challenge arena, the ruckus you caused spread not only in Carles but also throughout the entire Bian City. How could Mother not know? So since that day, I sent people to pay attention to the Boling clan’s movements 24/7. And indeed, two months later, Chenzhu left the Boling residence alone.”

How the Boling clan treated people who were already ruined or hopeless, there was no one else who understood better than her. How she and her daughter were driven out of the house was the best example.

“Then you brought him here?” Chu Ye questioned. If this was truly the case, at least Chenzhu didn’t suffer too much.

However, Lu Shi shook her head. “At first, he refused. From his expression, he was probably afraid of being seen by you. Even if he had to bear all sorts of bullying and abuse to the point of vomiting blood, he was still unwilling to follow me home until three days after where he was dying from starvation. I called some people to force him to come here.”

“What?” Chu Ye felt like her heart was being squeezed. She really didn’t expect that such a pure person as Chenzhu would such a staunch side as well. She was silent for a while, only staring in the distance before speaking up. “A person suffers devastating blows, dies in the silence, or is reborn in fire, experiencing the most despairing darkness in the world. Only then can one comprehend the true way to survive. ”

The old man lost his mare, but it all turned out for the best.

Who could say that Chenzhu’s experience this time would not bring unexpected gains in the future!

Chu Ye didn’t go back to her room to sleep and chose to sit outside Chenzhu’s door.

Speaking a few words after a sip of wine, for the first time since coming to this world, Chu Ye opened the doors to her heart, forcing it open, and talked about various things in her previous life.

At first, Chenzhu still listened wordlessly, but the more he listened to him, the more disturbed he became. The things mentioned by Chu Ye, the computer, mobile phone, pistol, nuclear bomb, submarine, and so on, he had never heard of any of them. There is something even more terrifying in this world than witchcraft?

Eventually, when he heard Chu Ye talking about her and Hitman 001’s final battle, Shen Zhu couldn’t bear his curiosity anymore and asked, “Between you and 001, who lost and who won in the end?”

Chu Ye was inwardly pleased. Chenzhu was finally willing to talk, but she also couldn’t help but feel stunned because Chenzhu’s question was difficult for her to answer. She stayed silent for quite a while before smiling bitterly. “We both won, but we also both lost.”

They have won each other’s true love, but they lost to fate. She died in a tiger’s mouth, and he returned for her without hesitation. It was likely that he also wasn’t able to survive.

Obviously, this deeply mysterious reply mystified Chenzhu. “To win is to win, to lose is to lose. How can you win and lose simultaneously?”

Chu Ye smiled and said nothing.

Staring up at the sky, she noticed that it was already bright with the early morning wind particularly refreshing.

“Chenzhu, it’s already dawn. I’ll be going to school.” Their day off was already over. The 40 students who were to be granted passage through the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda must return to school.

There was no response inside the room. The injured Chenzhu already didn’t easily open his mouth.

Chu Ye stood outside the door with a resolved gaze and said: “Wait for me, Chenzhu. I’ve heard of a kind of mystical object that can revive the dead and regenerate muscles and bones. Dealing with mere scars won’t be difficult for it. I will bring it back for you in ten days.”

“Really?” Hearing this, Chenzhu was tempted.

Actually, he had already made up his mind to wait for Chu Ye to leave before leaving himself. He will never let Chu Ye see this ugly side of him.

“Of course it is true, I never lie to people.” Chu Ye’s tone was firm. “That’s why you must be strong and wait for me to come back.”

“Alright!” As if he had experienced a millennium of struggles, Chenzhu finally changed his mind. “I’ll wait for you.”

This was because he truly wanted to keep watch over her and stay by her side. Of course, everything was based on his good moral character.

Chu Ye didn’t lie to Chenzhu. In this world, there is indeed a magical being that can revive the dead and regenerate muscles and bones, which is called an elemental sprite [1].

(T/N: The original word can pertain to an elf, fairy, sprite, spirit, genie… Creatures along those lines. I may change it in the future if I find more clues as to which would fit more.)

But the elemental sprite isn’t an ordinary creature. Aside from its miraculous healing ability, its greatest use is to raise one’s cultivation for a short period of time. It is a supreme treasure that all cultivators deeply yearn for. Unfortunately, it is typically impossible to find as they are very rare.

With deeply pinched eyebrows, Chu Ye traveled back to Carles. Once the 40 elite students were all present, they were taken to the school’s restricted room.

There was only one thing in the large forbidden room and that was the spatial transmission array.

Because this Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda is thousands of mountains and waters, the road is far away, don’t even speak of ten short days, even a hundred days of travel won’t be enough to reach there, so the spatial transmission array would come in handy.

Before entering the array, the school divided 40 top students into eight groups, each with five people consisting of one from the first grade to the fifth grade so that the combat strength of each group would not be very different from each other. The eight teachers joining in the trip would each lead a team.

When her own team was divided, Chu Ye couldn’t help but roll her eyes because Mingyue and the small meteor happened to be grouped with her.

The other two members were Xiao Zhenzhu, an eight-year-old girl and 2nd-grade student of the Water Department, and An Fen’er, a 5th-grade student of the Fire Department.

And the team teacher was, unsurprisingly, Lanxi Liuhua.

A party of 48 people was finally ready to step into the spatial transmission array.

With extraordinary splendor and thousands of rays of light, the transmission array activated. Everyone felt the sky spun, the inside of their brains empty, and once again opening their eyes, they found themselves already in a different place – the garrison area outside the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda.

The Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda is surrounded by the Eastern, Southern, Western and Northern Nations. The very middle of the four nations is divided into the East, South, West and North Gates.

The four undisputed nations each maintained one gate.

Moreover, there was no need to worry about the military forces of the other countries breaking into their own territory through the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda because, in the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda, one must exit through the gate they had entered. Otherwise, they can only perish inside the pagoda.

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  1. As always, thx 4 the chapter:) Yeah, that’s an tough one to figure out. Xuanhuan uses all those and more. The fact that it also boosts ones own cultivation temporarily also narrows it down some, to; Spirit, Sprite and Fairy. But, I’ve only heard of fairies that also have miraculous healing abilites of those 3. But, they generally have way more abilities than just those 2.


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