CGSA Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Drag Him Down and Beat Him to Death

It was more of silent despair than a feeling of death.

“Ah Wu, since when did you have such a loose tongue. You should be punished!” At this moment, a woman’s berating voice resounded.

The person appeared.

It was Boling Feiwu who held a mature bearing with her fiery red hair and rose-red wide-sleeved cheongsam. She came out with nearly ten guards behind her.

“Your subordinate should die. I ask the Eldest Young Miss give a punishment.” The team leader who was called Ah Wu turned ashen.

He had heard the name of Caroline, plus Chu Ye herself also possessed an extraordinarily graceful bearing, godly temperament, and enthralling charm. Of course, the most important thing was that Chenzhu was usually very respectful to them. He has always been grateful in his heart, so from time to time, he would say a few words to them.

“Your mouth should die.” Boling Feiwu slightly raised her head and coldly commanded, “Drag him down and beat him to death.”

As she spoke, her eyes wandered toward Chu Ye, the corners of her mouth raised in a mocking smile.

This was evidently a show of strength for Chu Ye to see.

It was not only Ah Wu’s face that greatly changed, but also dozens of warriors and protectors who stood guard with Ah Wu and followed Boling Feiwu showed astonished disbelief.

Chu Ye gave a sidelong look, along with a smile that didn’t seem like a smile.”Boling Feiwu, has anyone told you that you are not only naive but also incurably stupid?”

“What, I dare you to say it again… “Boling Feiwu nearly had a stomping fit from anger. This damn woman actually said she was stupid. Absolutely unforgivable.

Chu Ye sneered, “Isn’t it? Just for a show of strength, you would kill a loyal official who has been working for your Boling clan for several years? Could it be that their life isn’t a life, just a tool used to display your arrogance? If the future Boling clan will really end up in the hands of someone like you, I am afraid that everyone’s hearts will be trembling.”

Chu Ye’s words could be said to have gone through the hearts of Ah Wu and the rest of the warrior guards. Suddenly, they stared at Boling Feiwu with a little more than mild anger. One should know that their relationship with Ah Wu was good on a daily basis. Chu Ye could also make this out from their expressions.

“Very good, I actually underestimated you.” This sudden maneuver by Chu Ye was impossible to guard against. Looking at the clan guards who suddenly had a lot to share amongst themselves, she was itching to swallow Chu Ye alive. She said through gritted teeth, “You’ve seduced Chenzhu over and over again, but you want to enter my Boling clan’s gates. It’s a pity that Chenzhu was destroyed by you. He has now become a discarded pawn of my Boling clan, so you should wake up from your dreams.”

“Discarded pawn?” Chu Ye’s heart fiercely jumped. “What do you mean?”

Boling Feiwu smugly laughed. “In fifteen days, my Boling clan will hold a ranked competition among the younger generation. It may previously seem nothing more than a simple ranked competition, but it’s different this time. Do you know what’s the reward for first place? Hehe, I might as well tell you. The champion will be the new young master of the Boling clan. ”

Chu Ye’s pupils shrunk. “What about Chenzhu then? What have you done with him? You’re not even the least bit sad that something bad happened to him?”

“Sad? Why would I be sad? In any case, it was decided that I will be the Boling clan’s future mistress [1]. Whoever becomes the young master, it is all the same for me. As Chenzhu, we don’t know which corner he is hiding in. Maybe he was already deemed a monster by the people and was clubbed to death.”

Chu Ye remained silent.

This is the Boling clan. If you have talent, you are a treasure; if you have no talent, then you’re just a weed. Treasure and weed, there seemed to be a fine line between them, but they are actually as far apart as heaven and earth.

“Boling clan, you better pray that Chenzhu hasn’t met with a mishap; otherwise, I will surely smash this old den.” Chu Ye’s cold eyes swept over the Boling clan’s grand mansion, which was comparable to the imperial palace, and fell on Boling Feiwu. “You all, wait for me.”

After that, she angrily turned around and left.

After leaving Boling’s official residence, Chu Ye went straight back home.

Lu Shi was overjoyed and immediately personally served a table of small side dishes for Chu Ye.

But at the moment, Chu Ye wasn’t in the mood to enjoy them. After taking only a few mouthfuls, she simply put down her chopsticks and looked at Lu Shi. “Mother, I have something that I need to do. I have to go out for a while.”

After one month, she had only come back and visited Lu Shi once. She was currently anxious to find Lanxi Liuhua in order to ask him to use his clan’s influence to help her look for Chenzhu.

“Wait.” Lu Shi grabbed Chu Ye. “Before you go out, follow Mother first to go meet someone.”

Chu Ye was suspicious. “Who?”

“Follow me and you’ll know.” Lu Shi’s face held an unprecedented seriousness.

Contrary to expectations, Chu Ye was not at all surprised and nodded soon after. “OK.”

Chu Ye originally bought this courtyard just to give Lu Shi a place to live, so it isn’t big, but there are also ten rooms. Lu Shi, who was familiar with the hallways, took Chu Ye to the last room and stopped in front of it. “You go in and see him.”

Although Chu Ye was perplexed, she still didn’t hesitate to push the door open. Lu Shi stood outside the door and didn’t go in with her.

As soon as he entered the room, Chu Ye caught sight of a person that was curled up on the bed. The upper body of the man was wrapped in a thick quilt. A pair of long-legged were helplessly bent on his chest, and his body was shivering.

Chu Ye turned her head to Lu Shi and asked again: “Who is he?”

“You will understand when you lift up his quilt.” Lu Shi sighed.

When the person on the bed heard Chu Ye’s voice, the body violently trembled. The quilt shrunk to the corner of the bed, and the body trembled even more.

Chu Ye’s brows furrowed. Taking a few steps forward, she grabbed a corner of the quilt and tugged at it. Who knew whether the man was firmly holding onto the quilt, but Chu Ye unexpectedly couldn’t pull it open.

This further aroused the curiosity of Chu Ye. She then used both hands to grip the quilt and fiercely yank with all her strength. The result was… the man would rather be pulled down with the quilt and fall to the ground, not willing to expose his head from underneath the quilt.

After such a toss, the man’s head was still tightly wrapped up inside the quilt, but one hand was already exposed.

It was a hand that was as thin as a match and filled with scars. It was extremely ugly and terrifying.

Chu Ye’s heart pounded, and she tentatively called out, “Chen… Chenzhu?”

“No… I’m not…” The nervous and flustered voice fuzzily passed through the thick quilt.

His voice wasn’t clear, but Chu Ye immediately heard his voice.

“No, you are Chenzhu. Your hand… Why are you covering your head, let go…” Chu Ye grabbed the quilt and wanted to pull it open again.

“Don’t, please don’t…” Chen zhu’s cry for mercy held helplessness and desperation.

Chu Ye’s hand paused, and her heart sank to the bottom at this moment. She had already vaguely guessed that because of Murong Chang’s “Hell’s Fire”, Chenzhu was already destroyed, causing him to be ashamed to face people and unwilling to let her see his face that has become ugly.

Translator’s Notes:

[1] Mistress – the main wife of the clan head

*Concubine will be used to refer to any second or third wives if they show up in the future. In the past, the title of Mistress actually indicates that you have a high social standing.

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  1. This Boiling family is disgusting. I hope that Chu Ye will find a cure for Chenzhu and he will look normal again. With that, he will be able to have self-confidence and improve himself to face slap the stupid Boiling family that discarded him.

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