CGSA Chapter 35/36


Chapter 35/36: What You Seek is the Mistress Position

As the 40 spots were filled one by one, Caroline finally announced that she had received passes to the Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda for 40 people, who will have a day off today in order to prepare for tomorrow’s trip, before disbanding the most meaningful morning assembly in three months.

Under the envy of all the students, the 40 students who were called to join the tip walked out of the school gates in high spirits.

“Chu Ye, wait for us.” An excited tender voice came from behind.

Chu Ye, who was walking ahead, didn’t need to look back. She already knew who was calling for her. With her eyebrows slightly furrowed, she continued to walk forward.

“Big Sister-in-law, my [1] little sister-in-law is calling you, did you not hear it?” The tender voice was filled with wicked teasing. Lanxi Liuxing ran to Chu Ye’s side, bouncing around like a cute little rabbit.

Chu Ye was a somewhat intelligent person. Once she heard him, she knew that Little Liuxing understood what big sister-in-law and little sister-in-law meant. Raising her hand, she unceremoniously flicked Little Liuxing’s head and glared at him, saying: “Don’t talk nonsense, little demon, be careful of your butt.”

Little Liuxing had been very resistant to Chu Ye calling him “little demon” all this time, but no matter how much he repeated it, Chu Ye didn’t bother to correct herself. Over time, he slowly also accepted it. Touching his sore little head, he restrained his small face and said: “Did I say anything wrong? Could it be that you are willing to give the Big Sister-in-law position to Little Sister-in-law?”

Because of Little Liuxing’s statement about little sister-in-law, Ming Yuexin, who was behind them and flushed with anger, suddenly changed color. She quickly caught up to Chu Ye and hastily explained, “No no no, I have never sought to be the Lanxi clan’s Young Madam, I really haven’t. Chu Ye, you have to believe me.”

“En, I believe you.” Chu Ye slightly nodded. She also added, “You can only seek at the position of Little Three.” (means concubine/mistress) [2]

“Little Three?” Mingyue is suspicious, what is little three?

“You can rest assured that even if you’re interested in becoming a Little Three, I don’t wish to accompany you.” Chu Ye sneered.

Lanxi Liuhua is nominally her fiancé, and it’s not like she doesn’t feel anything towards him. However, if Lanxi Liuhua can’t guarantee that she will be his sole partner for the rest of their lives, then she will not let this marriage continue. She will already close the curtains. (T/N: Hmm Chu Ye, better tell that to your future self. You got quite a lot of future husbands.)

She will never struggle for love.

During the speech, everyone had already left the school.

Seeing that Ming Yuexin was still trying to keep up with her own pace, Chu Ye suddenly stopped. “The Lanxi residence is over there, not here. I’ll say it one more time, you’re not allowed to follow me again.” After saying that, she faced front and left.

Ming Yuexin awkwardly smiled. She was embarrassed to catch up to her and halted, watching with open eyes as Chu Ye walked farther and farther away. That unaffected and unbridled back held something different that she herself couldn’t sense.

Little Liuxing lowered his head and then looked at Ming Yuexin thoughtfully. Nibbling on his finger, he said: “Sister Mingyue, I find you very strange.”

Ming Yuexin was surprised and quickly looked back, “In what way am I strange?”

“The person you like isn’t my older brother, why are you always bothering Sister Chu Ye?”

That one question sobered her up. Ming Yuexin trembled in confusion and suddenly felt like a basin of cold water was dropped on her head as her face paled.

This quick realization that she seemed to have switched targets. She then remembered that on the first day she had met Chu Ye, Chu Ye told her about “sexual orientation”. Could she be pertaining to her…

Ming Yuexin did not dare go down that train of thought. She turned around and ran off in a flurry. No, not possible, she definitely liked Lanxi Liuhua, absolutely not possible…


“Achoo!” Chu Ye was unable to suppress sneezing twice.

“One means a curse, two means someone is thinking of me, and three means a cold. Is someone thinking about me?” Chu Ye thought in boredom. The path underneath her feet was not toward home but instead toward the Boling clan house.

Chu Ye hadn’t seen Chenzhu since March, because Chenzhu hadn’t returned to school since that day. Chu Ye had tried to enter the Boling house several times in order to see him but was blocked at the gates.

The same was true for Murong Chang. She heard that she was expelled from Carles, which Chu Ye knew should be at Carolyn’s insistence. Otherwise, with the Murong clan’s power, how would she not be able to return to school?


Half an hour later, Chu Ye appeared in front of the gates of Boling clan’s official residence.

The two rows of gatekeepers at the gates immediately looked like they were facing enemies, all of them fixing their attention on Chu Ye and entering an alert state.

This was because in the last two times that Chu Ye had wanted to enter the residence to visit their young master, although unsuccessful, it also caused a lot of disturbances. It was no wonder that when they saw Chu Ye again, they were immediately on their guard.

“This big brother, please do me a favor to announce that I, Chu Ye, in the name of Caroline, have come to visit your young master and at the same time, ask your young master to return to school in order to participate in the school’s quarterly 10-day trip.” This time, Chu Ye spoke with a calm heart and pleasant countenance.

In any case, Caroline was her master, but borrowing her name should not be excessive.

Sure enough, once they heard Caroline’s name, the face of the warriors’ team leader showed a bit of reverence and then a bit of awkwardness. “The young lady (T/N: referring to Chu Ye) is telling the truth. It’s not that we don’t want to announce, but Young Master… he has already left the Boling clan.”

“What…” Chu Ye was astonished. “When?”

“A month ago.”

“Why did he leave?”

“I don’t know.”

“When is he coming back?

” I don’t know.”

Chu Ye’s face suddenly frosted over. “Brother, are you trying to fool me?”

“I don’t dare, what I have said is the truth. If the young lady still doesn’t believe, I can swear an oath.” What a joke, who would dare lie to someone sent by Caroline.

Chu Ye finally left.

Oaths in the Autonomous Wizard Continent aren’t that simple. Once the oath is made, they would be subjected to the rules of the heaven and earth. If their oath was even slightly false, they will be obliterated by the rules of heaven and earth. It is quite serious.

Therefore, the average person is not willing to swear an oath. Once one is willing to swear, this proves that he was not lying.

Chu Ye then questioned: “Is his injury fine now?”

“The injury of the Young Master is already fine, but… his entire face looks horrifying and is no longer handsome.” Speaking of this, the team leader couldn’t restrain the deep regret on his face.

Chu Ye was shocked, with her picturesque eyebrows creased. Although she had already guessed it, to hear it was inevitably still saddening. She made a great effort to pacify her emotions before asking: “Did he leave any message when he left?”

“None! “The captain of the warrior truthfully replied. In the end, he hesitated and added: “However, the Young Master’s expression when he left wasn’t good, as if… he was very desperate. ”

On that day, when the formerly handsome, pure and kind-hearted boy who had become someone that resembled neither human nor ghost passed by him, he clearly felt strong despair from the boy.

It was more of silent despair than a feeling of death.

Translation’s Notes:

[1] 人家 – has a multitude of meanings; usually means “one’s family”. In this particular sentence, Liuxing is referring to himself as “one” or “person” (acc. to the dictionary), so I just used “I”.

[2] 小三 – literal translation is “little three”, but it refers to a concubine or mistress. I’m guessing that’s where the name came from since a mistress is the third party in a relationship.

That went dark pretty quickly. Ugh.

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  1. I forgot this is a harem novel. You have to love contradicting MCs, insisting to be the only one then having fun with all the pretty boys. Still enjoying it so far though

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  2. yes! so she will have a harem. I thought the polyandri tag was mistakenly put. I truly hope she have a harem so that none of the boys will be sad. I actually don’t like harem novel, but if it is reversed harem then it’s ok, because fl always tries to be fair, not like men who treat women in their harem purely as a plaything.


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