CGSA Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Wind Needle Torture

“Why, do you think the tenth grade is the peak of existence?” Caroline seemed to see through Chu Ye’s mind at a glance.

“Are you saying it isn’t?”

“Of course not,” Caroline denied without hesitation, saying, “Let me tell you, a wizard can only be truly called a wizard when he reaches the tenth grade. A tenth-grade wizard is not at the peak of existence, but merely at the starting point. You should know that beyond the tenth-grade wizard, there exist countless genuine powerhouses.”

“There are countless powerhouses above the tenth grade?” Chu Ye stared. Everything Caroline had said completely overturned her knowledge. For a long time, she had believed that a tenth-grade wizard was the peak of existence, but actually, she was merely a frog looking up at the sky from the bottom of a well [1].

“In short, this is not something you can comprehend at present. I’m only giving you a little wake-up call. Don’t take the tenth-grade wizard as your ultimate goal. Look at the long-term.”

“Okay, I understand.” At the moment, Chu Ye’s heart contained unexplainable boldness and excitement. The sudden enlightenment made her comprehend many things. The road was long and endless, how could she be short-sighted?

Looking Chu Ye who had gained some understanding, Caroline nodded with satisfaction. Sure enough, this child could be taught, she didn’t choose the wrong person.

She paused, seeming to have suddenly remembered something, coughed, cleared her throat, and then said: “I am very curious about what you did to Murong Chang to actually make suffer in so much pain to the point of wishing for death?” Even she had her hands bound and was unable to do anything about it.

Chu Ye faintly smiled. It seemed like she had long known that Caroline would ask her about this matter and so did not shy away from it. Instead, she fearlessly recounted:  “The wind elements are controlled by the mind and can be turned into a blade edge, a sword, and naturally a needle too. And I precisely condensed the wind elements into sharp and slender needles and inserted them into Murong Chang’s acupuncture points in the veins and arteries.”

As long as she hasn’t died and her blood is still circulating, these elemental needles would always glide and roam around inside. The more she struggled, the more she would suffer. That kind of pain of blood boiling and flowing in reverse was sufficient to break her will to survive.

There was no air nor wind in the bloodstream. These wind elements that were condensed into needles would not dissipate for three to five days. Moreover, once an external force were to try to help her, these fine elemental needles would circulate faster and more intensely.

It is reasonable to say that after listening to such a perverted and cruel torture method, even if one’s face hadn’t turned deathly pale from fright, his face would at least change color.

However, Caroline only thoughtfully nodded after listening to it. “A creative punishment. I don’t know if I can improve the wind elemental needles that eventually dissipate to make them into actual solid needles. What would the effect be? It would surely be wonderful.”

Having heard what she said, Chu Ye’s previously smug face suddenly stiffened. Looking at Caroline’s noble and beautiful face, she used to feel that she was very evil, but she was clearly just a kind-hearted white rabbit.

Compared to Lanxi Liuhua, Caroline was even worse.

After coming out of Caroline’s office, Chu Ye was anxious to rush to the school’s clinic.

Perhaps because it was already time for class now, the distant Chu Ye could see no one in the clinic. She wanted to walk forward, but suddenly a blue light flashed. Lanxi Liuhua silently blocked Chu Ye.

“Don’t say anything, follow me.” Lanxi Liuhua embraced Chu Ye’s waist and used a flying technique. In a moment, Chuye flew to a big tree several hundred meters away.

“What are you doing?” Chu Ye’s cheeks flushed as she broke away from Lanxi Liuhua’s embrace.

“Shh!” Lanxi Liuhua’s slender index finger gently pressed down on Chu Ye’s lips. A clearly simple silencing motion, when done by him, held ambiguity.

Chu Ye stretched out her hand. The feeling on her lips that was akin to an electric shock made her heart start to uncontrollably pound.

“You can’t go to the clinic. Murong Clan Head “Murong Wan” and Boling Clan Head “Boling Canglan” are coming.” Lanxi Liuhua lowered his voice as he spoke. The hand that was held Chu Ye was hidden in his sleeves but was slightly trembling.

For the first time in his life, he was electrified.

The soft feeling of her frame made his heart limp.

Translator’s Notes:

[1] a frog looking up at the sky from the bottom of a well – an ignorant person with limited outlook and experience

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  1. I don’t like blushing blushing fl. She was a ruthless agent, she had experience with men. But now she is actually blushing because of teenager boy. how disappointing.


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