EWRCFC Chapter 10

Because I like this novel a lot, I translated a chapter of it. If no one picks it up, I’ll continue posting if I ever find the extra time to do so, which would be very rare since right now, my posts for CGSA are lagging. I can’t even handle one novel.


Chapter 10: Strategy? The Cruelty of “Survival of the Fittest”

With the words from Xiao Ziling, Li Yongjun, after consulting with several other people, decided to follow behind Chu Zhitian’s team after seeing the opportunity to do so.

“Little Ling? Little Ling?” Li Yongjun’s greeting called Xiao Ziling back from his annoyance. “What are you thinking about? When I called you, you didn’t respond at all.”

“Nothing, just some thoughts about that group.” Xiao Ziling pointed to Chu Zhitian’s team.

“Oh, that is a very strong group in our neighborhood. They saved a lot of people on the first day of the apocalypse. Everyone admires them.” Li Yongjun replied thoughtlessly.

“Ah, Brother Li, do you know him?” Xiao Ziling was surprised. He was actually the only one who didn’t know of the current situation.

“Of course, on the first day when people weren’t aware of the situation outside and went out, they were almost eaten by the zombies. Fortunately, because of Chu Zhitian and a few other people, many people were able to survive. I didn’t expect that merely two days later, Chu Zhitian’s team would already be this formidable. There are quite a lot of people I don’t recognize.” Li Yongjun was somewhat envious.

It must have been on the day when he entered the Crisis State. Xiao Ziling gloomily sighed and regretted missing the opportunity again.

Near noon, several teams wishing to scrounge for supplies arrived by the entrance of the supermarket. At this time, Chu Yutian’s team dispatched people to ask each team to send a representative in order to discuss the plan. By now, the scattered individuals have also formed a team.

Soon, Li Yongjun returned and brought back information on the direction each team is responsible for. Chu Zhitian’s team is in charge of breaking the door open. After breaking the door, the zombies would predictably rush out. This would be the time for everyone to fight to the death.

Gao Qijun sneered at their actions. He refused to cooperate with Chu Zhitian and acted like he was surrounded by garbage. He secretly felt indignant. He told his men not to move, ready to see Chu Zhitian act like a joke.

“Deputy Leader Chen, should we just ignore Gao Qijun like this?” The newly joined Wu Qingyun was somewhat uneasy.

“Don’t be afraid, there is Brother Chu. That kid wouldn’t dare to play any dirty tricks.” Chen Jingwen unconcernedly answered.

“Oh!” Wu Qingyun no longer spoke, but he was inwardly skeptical.

At this time, Chu Zhitian stood up, turned around, and said to someone: “Haozhe, it’s all on you.”

“Brother Chu, leave it to me.” Dong Haozhe scratched his head and smiled. He was an extremely well-built youth at the age of 22 or 23, and his rough face always had an honest smile, similar to the “reliable older brother next door”.

Dong Haozhe stopped at a distance of about 10 meters away from the gate, with his right palm facing the supermarket doors. Xiao Ziling stealthily put on sunglasses and activated Spiritual Eyes. He could clearly see that Dong Haozhe’s right hand speedily gathered near-transparent energy. When it reached a certain limit, Dong Haozhe released it from his right palm, causing a powerful airflow to rush out in a straight line.

“Boom…” With a loud noise, the glass on the door shattered everywhere. The zombies originally crowding by the door were bombarded by this force and were sent flying. For a short while, there was no one near the doors.

Shortly, the zombies inside the mall were attracted by the loud noise and charged toward the door.

“Get ready to fight!” Chen Jingwen shouted to remind everyone that the battle had begun.

The zombies smelled the delicious flesh and excitedly raved, scaring many people out of their wits. Although the people who came here have already attacked and killed zombies before, the threat of one or two zombies, compared to a large group of them, gave people an entirely different feeling.

Li Yongjun’s Adam’s apple bobbed in his throat as he swallowed a mouthful of water, clenching the firefighting ax in his hand. The pressure of the zombies rushing in like a tide made the veteran tense.

“Kill!” No one was sure who yelled, but the survivors and the zombies finally fought in close combat.

Xiao Ziling took out his knife and fluttered around left and right, quickly clearing the zombies around him. Although the plan was very good, the survivors also have strong and weak points, one of which was that one side was already swallowed up by zombies. From the endless screams, one could tell that many of the people fighting at close quarters have lost their lives.

While disposing of the zombies, Xiao Ziling cautiously scanned his surroundings and saw Chu Zhitian’s team using Dong Haozhe as an arrowhead and rapidly forcing their way to the inside. He quickly left the zombie corpse behind and disappeared. Gao Qijun’s group, who originally wanted to take advantage of the situation, didn’t expect Chu Zhitian to advance so quickly. He wasn’t able to react due to the lack of preparation. He was blocked by the zombies, and the split opening was again sealed off.

Fuck! Gao Qijun cursed and could only command his men to fight the zombies and try to open the passage again.

Xiao Ziling suddenly understood Chu Zhitian’s plan. They needed people to act as bait to attract the zombies, and everyone else was exactly that.

The situation was urgent. If they couldn’t break through again, the smell of blood on the ground would attract all the zombies on this floor. It would be difficult to leave by that time. Xiao Ziling no longer hesitated and loudly shouted: “Brother, let me.”

Li Yongjun shot a glance, but the body reflexively turned to the side. He only saw the glint of a knife, before the zombies in front of Li Yongjun suddenly split open and became a pile of flesh and blood.

“Follow me!” Xiao Ziling took the lead and killed his way through, forming a path amidst the sea of zombies together with Li Yongjun and the team. One of them reacted too slowly and was grabbed by the zombies around him, only managing to scream before quickly being eaten.

The zombies in the mall were basically all piled up at the door, but once Xiao Ziling’s group came in, the zombies chasing them lessened. They relaxed and breathed a sigh of relief.

“Damn!” By this time, Li Yongjun also understood Chu Zhitian’s plan and was furious.

“Survival of the fittest, this was the real intention of Chu Yutian’s strategy.” If they truly didn’t care about the people’s lives, Chu Yutian’s team could directly blow up the door and kill their way in. The rushing zombies would then instantly surround the unprepared people, and the number of deaths would be higher. After all, there’s a difference between being prepared and being unprepared. Of course, Chu Zhitian’s team would have a harder time, but looking at their clearing speed, it wouldn’t be too difficult.

Furthermore, each team was responsible for a small area. The pressure of the zombies was equally divided among the various teams so this would reflect on the strength of the teams. As long as the strength of the team exceeds that of the zombies, they can kill their way in. Those who paid the price are those who have no strength. In this apocalypse, the weak people who didn’t die today will die tomorrow. Survival is this cruel.

“Actually, everyone’s chances are equal.” Xiao Ziling’s words silenced Li Yongjun. Indeed, everyone in each team was under the same pressure. Their life and death depended on themselves.

“If it weren’t for Xiaoling, I am afraid we would have all died there.” Li Yongjun still had a lingering fear in his heart.

“This is also the test of the mind, people who clearly understand their strengths and know how to choose will be able to survive. Chen Jingwen used such a minor plan in order to teach everyone, the way to survive in the apocalypse.”

The words of Xiao Ziling once again made everyone silent, except for Cheng Rong’er who suddenly burst into laughter.

Everyone stared in confusion. Cheng Rong’er stretched his hands out and abruptly pinched Xiao Ziling’s cheeks. He pulled a few times and said: “This kid is too adorable (meng), even with such a taut face as he lectured us.”

Xiao Ziling’s face was not really very convincing. Lecturing about something would definitely give out a bit of an adult aura, but Cheng Rong’er being met with cuteness (meng) momentarily overturned that. Everyone looked at Xiao Ziling’s face, which still hasn’t shed off its childishness, and then associated it with the speech just now. Some of them didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. That perilous fight made it hard for everyone to break away from the tense atmosphere. They didn’t even notice that the person who gave this argument was Xiao Ziling.

Xiao Ziling once again wore defeated expression on his face, bitterly smiling. Can’t a person with a childish face make an argument? This is too fraudulent.

In the wake of Cheng Rong’er’s laughter, the stifling pressure in everyone’s hearts greatly lightened. The group of people then rushed up the third floor without delay, where the food section of the supermarket was located.

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