CGSA Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Pay Respects To Me as a Teacher

“I know.” Chu Ye nodded. At present, not even speaking of the Murong clan, it was likely that even the Boling clan would not let her go. After all, Boling Chenzhu’s injury was because of her.

Caroline softly spoke, “You don’t seem to be afraid at all?”

“Because I have done nothing wrong.” Chu Ye had no fear. “Moreover, this is Carles.” What person didn’t know that Carles’s principal is the Eastern Nation’s Emperor, Shan Cheng!

Additionally, she and Murong Chang entered the challenge arena with both sides agreeing to it. She didn’t kill nor cripple her and hadn’t violated the rules of Carles; on the other hand, Murong Chang did not merely violate them by a little bit.

“It’s a pity that your wishful thinking is wrong.” Caroline shook her head. “Did you not know that the empress is named Murong Wuyao? She is Murong Chang’s beloved paternal aunt, who loves Murong Chang the most.”

“Ah?” Chu Ye mouth twitched, emotions flowing through her. She truly did not know that the current Empress of the Eastern Nation was Murong Chang’s aunt.

This time, the situation seemed to be a bit tricky.

It was very likely that because of this relationship with Empress Murong, even if the matter disturbs Emperor Shan Cheng, she wouldn’t be the least bit punished.

After only a moment of agitation, Chu Ye’s complexion became normal again. Fixing her eyes on Caroline, she said: “Vice Principal, you seem to have something to say. I don’t like to beat around the bush.”

Chu Ye didn’t believe that such a formidable person like Caroline, would be bored enough to tell her these irrelevant words, and from the moment she came in, Caroline, whether intentionally or unintentionally, wanted her to realize how unfavorable her situation was, as if hinting at something…

As expected, Caroline showed a smile capable of causing the downfall of a city or state. “Good. In fact, I want you to understand that at present you only have one choice.”

“Oh, please tell me.” Chu Ye frowned. Was she threatening her?

“Pay your respects to me as your teacher!” Caroline said with a slight smile.

“Ha?” Chu Ye was shocked without warning.

Caroline appeared to be very pleased with Chu Ye’s astonished expression and continued to say: “You just have to be my disciple. Let alone the Murong clan, even the Boling clan wouldn’t dare to act against you.”

“You really have such power?” Chu Ye stroked her chin thoughtfully.

From her blank stare, Carolyn was obviously bewildered by the novel words from Chu Ye. As a super powerful person who has been placed on a pedestal for a long time, she was not often asked such a question by anyone.

She didn’t ask. Even if she knew of her doubts, Chu Ye did not take the initiative to tell her.

“I don’t understand, why did you choose me?” Chu Ye first asked about her own doubts.

“Once the timing is right, you will understand.” Caroline’s words were shrouded with mystery.

Nonsense, those words were equal to not saying anything. Chu Ye was inwardly supercilious and felt that such a promise contained a hint of pressure. After a moment of irresolute muttering, she spoke again. “If you want to accept me as a disciple, shouldn’t you give me some benefits?”

“Benefits?” Caroline couldn’t help but laugh. “I, Caroline, will accept you as a disciple. That is your greatest benefit.” How many people would do all they can just to hope for such an offer?

“Oh?” Chu Ye rolled her eyes. She finally met someone who was more narcissistic than her.

Caroline was once again stunned because she found that she couldn’t make sense of what Chu Ye was saying.

But she still didn’t ask.

Gently taking off the diamond ring on her left middle finger and handing it to Chu Ye, she said, “This is a memory diamond ring. Inside are all the magic spells of the wind, fire, water and earth systems, and warrior fighting techniques. From the first level to the tenth level, everything that should be there is there. Take it and study them on your own.”

Chu Ye’s suspicion took over, “I am just a wind wizard. Fire, water, and earth, I don’t need these three systems of magic,. As for the fighting techniques of warriors, she was very interested as a former secret agent.

“Listen to me, there would come a day that you have a use for them. At that time, don’t you come to me with tears streaming down your cheeks.” Caroline mysteriously laughed again.

Chu Ye’s mouth twitched. “Sorry, the phrase “tears streaming down my cheeks” never existed in my dictionary.”

Caroline couldn’t stop herself from smiling. She didn’t fight with Chu Ye further on this issue and only sternly voiced out, “From today onwards, you are my, Caroline’s, sole disciple! However, this master is different from the ordinary master. Apart from the memory diamond ring I just gave you, I will not teach you anything until you reach the tenth grade. Understand?”

After listening to her, Chu Ye nearly fell down. “I understand your words, but I don’t comprehend. ”

Wouldn’t teach her anything until reaching tenth grade?

If she waited until she reached the peak of the tenth grade, what would she still need her to teach?

You want to be a master and benefit without doing anything?

“Why, do you think the tenth grade is the peak of existence?” Caroline seemed to see through Chu Ye’s mind at a glance.

“Are you saying it isn’t?”

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