CGSA Chapter 31

Chapter 31: The Peerless Genius Caroline

This challenge caused a bigger commotion than the incident during the examination. Not only did it alarm all the teachers, but even the vice-principal was also alarmed.

Wearing a white wizard’s robe was the extremely gorgeous vice-principal “Caroline”, who arrived like a goddess from above the nine heavens as all the people bent down and bowed their heads.

Caroline has been proclaimed as the Eastern Nation’s most beautiful person constantly for 20 years. With her disposition and beauty, how could an ordinary person directly look at her?

Her inky cascading hair and the ink-black eyes are even more of a deterrent.

In the four nations on the continent, who didn’t know about Carolyn, the vice-president of the Carles Wizard Academy who possessed an Immortal Body which could summon three elements wind, water, and earth. She is truly the first person to be considered an exceptional genius in the wizarding world. Naturally, her hair and eyes could be silver, blue, or brown, but never black.

Currently, there is only one belief… Only at the realm of the tenth-grade wizards could one control the distinct features of a wizard and change the color of their eyes and hair as they please.

Of course, Chu Ye was an exception.

Since she appeared, Caroline’s gaze did not leave Chu Ye. When everyone thought that she would severely scold or punish Chu Ye, she walked to the already unconscious Boling Chenzhu without speaking a single word.

They only saw her right hand gracefully with a magnificent style unmatched in her generation.

Azure water strands, similar to a tender lily-white hand, gently caressed Boling Chenzhu’s burns. When it touched his skin, Boling Chenzhu’s mangled flesh miraculously healed and turned into a scab in an instant. Even his right shoulder where the bone was previously exposed slowly began to grow new flesh at a rate that was visible to the naked eye.

All the students widened their eyes in shock. Such powerful healing water magic can only be easily displayed to its maximum power by a proud and capable person such as Caroline, but what was more surprising to everyone was… at the time the magic was cast, Caroline’s back did not have the bright ring of light which revealed the rank of the wizard.

As it was like this, no one could figure out what kind of realm she has reached!

One can only say that it was unfathomable!

Ignoring the shock and reverence in the eyes of everyone, Caroline gracefully turned around, and only one step went to the top of the platform, which was already suffering from foaming at the mouth and cramping the limbs.

“Heavens, reducing the ground into an inch…” Caroline merely took one step to reach the arena that was a hundred meters away. This abstruse and profound earth magic could dispel large curse-type spells. The students in the audience were once again in an uproar.

With the wave of a hand, azure water strands entwined again and caressed Murong Chang. However, in the next second, Carolyn, who acted noble and unperturbed this whole time, couldn’t help but change color.

Even the students below the stage didn’t dare to brazenly open their mouths.


Because, under Caroline’s treatment, Murong Chang, who was already dying from pain, seemed to have experienced more pain than before. As she was twitching, she madly turned and rolled around on the ground. Her stiffly clawed fingers ferociously clutched her body to the point that they caught onto the flesh with the blood flowing. Her skin has become so wounded that there was no intact skin left on her body but she still couldn’t let out a sound due to the pain.

The so-called “those who wish to survive will not die”, there was none that have done so.

Caroline’s beautiful eyes once again looked to Chu Ye. There was a bit of authority in the voice: “What have you done to her?” Even she actually couldn’t cure it?

“It is nothing, the pain will last for three to five days.” Chu Ye answered in neither a servile nor overbearing way. In the end, she added, “If an external force wishes to aid her, it will only prolong the pain.”

“Hiss…” Having heard what was said, all the people were sucked in a breath. In their minds, Caroline was a god, the most beautiful and powerful goddess. If not even a god could decipher Chu Ye’s means, one can well imagine how terrible Chu Ye is. Suddenly, they looked at Chu Ye with a little more fear and alienation.

Caroline’s pretty eyebrows lightly furrowed and no longer asked Chu’s way of deciphering. As several teachers rushed over to the stage in succession, she said: “Take the two back to the clinic and then notify their clans.”

She stepped down from the arena, faced Chu Ye and ordered, “You, follow me.” After that, she simply left in advance.

All the students immediately bowed and sent themselves off, not daring to show a little bit of neglect.

Chu Ye awkwardly looked at Boling Chenzhu who still hadn’t woken up. Although his injury was already healed under Caroline’s treatment, the large black scab that was left behind was the type that was shocking and tragic to look at, especially since the face that was once peerlessly handsome has already… changed beyond recognition.

Lanxi Liuhua gently picked Boling Chenzhu up and told Chu Ye: “You should go, the vice-principal, she… is not simple. You must be careful. I will take good care of Boling Chenzhu, you need not worry.”

“We will look after him too.” Ming Yuexin and Little Liuxing also nodded.

Ming Yuexin looked at Chu Ye with sincere worry and concern.

Only at this time, Chu Ye wasn’t in the mood to think about it, and gratefully nodded to the three people. “Thank you.” Finally, she shot a profound look at Chenzhu before turning away to leave.


Office of Carles’ Vice President!

Caroline was sitting on the big chair for the vice-principal, her eyes unwaveringly looking straight at Chu Ye as she knocked on the door and entered the office. There was a dominant aura around her that was neither haughty nor arrogant.

If it were a normal person, they would’ve already grown apprehensive and feel physically and mentally at a loss on what to do under the gaze of Carolyn’s silent but vivid gaze. There were innumerable precedents of this. Unfortunately, this time, the object was Chu Ye.

“I hope you don’t mind if I sit down as I answer your questions.” Although seemingly requesting permission, the truth was that there was no room for discussion because Chu Ye was already sitting in front of Caroline.

Caroline’s brows slightly raised, and the corners of her mouth actually raised in a meaningful smile. “Young girl, has anyone told you that you are quite arrogant?”

“No.” Chu Ye was shaking her head very seriously. In her past and present life, there was truly no one who dared to say something like this to her face.

Caroline seemed to be amused by Chu Ye’s earnest expression and softly laughed. Soon after, she got back to the main point: “Do you know that you have already caused a gigantic disaster?”

“I know.” Chu Ye nodded. At present, not even speaking of the Murong clan, it was likely that even the Boling clan would not let her go. After all, Boling Chenzhu’s injury was because of her.

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  1. What disgusting ! She acts all high accepted the challenge but in the middle of the fight gets distracted then with her man bullied the enemy. Not really good! Also she was the first to fight unfairly. Suddenly attacking someone when the match haven’t officially started.


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