CGSA Chapter 29/30

There’s no chapter 29 in the raws so here’s chapter 30.

Chapter 30: Those Who Wish to Survive Will Not Die

If enough time was given to Lanxi Liuhua, he would be able to cast the seventh-grade water magic “Sky-reaching Waves”, which might still be able to compete with it, but at present…

It was already too late.

However, at this moment, a white figure was unexpectedly even faster than Lanxi Liuhua and dashed to Chu Ye’s side. Without any hesitation, he forcefully pushed Chu Ye aside, but taking her place as the target of the magic.

A bang sounded as “Fires of Hell” passed through Lanxi Liuhua’s water screen and Ming Yuexin’s wind wall and fiercely struck the right shoulder of the white-clad boy.

“Ah!” The boy let out a blood-curdling scream as his whole body was sent flying by several meters.

As he was in midair, the fire of hell freely spread across his entire chest. The fire horrifyingly grew even more intense and engulfed his matchlessly handsome face and the lustrous brown hair in the blink of an eye.

“Boling Chenzhu!” Chu Ye shouted in a pained voice, but nothing else could be done.

That’s right, the boy who suddenly rushed out to save Chu Ye was Boling Chenzhu.

“Water’s Ripples!” Fortunately, Lanxi Liuhua cast a seventh-grade water magic at this time, which spread all over Boling Chenzhu’s upper body that was already completely on fire.

After numerous grieving scoffing sounds, the fire on Boling Chenzhu was extinguished, and the next second, Bo Ling Chenzhu severely fell to the ground. (T/N: The hellfire made him float in the air.)

“Chenzhu…” Chu Ye promptly darted forward, but when she saw Boling Chenzhu’s eye-catching appearance, her pupils shrunk and she covered her lips with both hands, her body continuously trembling.

The other students watching on the side were taking heavy breaths and stepped back in fright.

Looking at Chenzhu, all the flesh on his right shoulder that had been struck by the fire of hell was burned and destroyed, exposing the white scapula (shoulder bone) inside. His entire chest and face were ruined and badly mutilated, and his brown hair also turned into ashes, which was dispersed into the air by the wind.

The previously handsome young man had now become a terrifying thing that is neither man nor ghost.

“Chenzhu…” After a slight stagger, Chu Ye quickly rushed over and grabbed Boling Chenzhu’s outstretched hand, but did not dare to help him up, fearing that his condition would be even worse.

“You…all right?” Chenzhu had difficulty opening his blackened eyes, which were burnt by the hellfire.

“I’m fine…” Chu Ye’s eyes felt hot and her nose felt itchy. This was the first time in her two lives that she felt so moved to the point that she was choked with emotion. “Stupid… The one who’s not all right is you…” He was injured to this extent yet he was still worried about her.

“I’m fine… I don’t hurt at all…” He truly didn’t feel any pain, because the extreme pain became numbness. The corners of his mouth rose slightly, and he forced a consoling smile. “Yesterday… I wanted to come to school to find you, but Elder Sister forbade me to go out. I was going to find you today after class… then I heard that you were here at the challenge arena… So I immediately rushed over, but I didn’t expect to be just in time to see you in critical circumstances… cough, cough… Seeing you safe and sound, I am relieved…”

As he was speaking, his voice grew smaller and weaker with time until finally, his hand drooped down and his head leaned back. There was no more movement.

“Chenzhu… Chenzhu…” It was as if Chu Ye’s heart was being squeezed. At this moment, the throbbing pain came back, the blood in her body was boiling, and a strong murderous aura emitted from her.

She stood up and turned around.

Chu Ye’s vengeful eyes were like that of a wounded beast. With step by step forward, she walked toward Murong Chang, who was on the ground due to excessive overdraft of magic. The sound was chilling as if it originated from hell. “I want to kill you!”

Everyone could see that Chu Ye was already shrouded with a genuine murderous aura, and their hearts all jumped in their throats.

Murong Chang, who was already severely weakened, was petrified, with her face looking like dead ash. Unfortunately, she currently didn’t even have the strength to stand.

Watching at the murderous Chu Ye getting closer and closer, she was finally scared, and dragged her body backward, sending a pleading gaze toward the students who were watching in the audience. Unfortunately, no one expressed a desire to go up the arena and rescue her.

Finally, just as Chu Ye was still a step away from her, a slender jade-like hand suddenly pulled at Chu’s left arm.

“Don’t be reckless. A fifth-grade wizard wouldn’t easily die like this. Boling Chenzhu only lost consciousness. Calm down a bit, Murong Chang is not someone you can kill nor cripple.” Lanxi Liuhua’s gentle and suave voice reached Murong Chang’s ears, pleasant to hear. It was like listening to the most beautiful and openhearted voice of Buddha in the world.

However, right when she thought she was saved, Lanxi Liuhua’s next words made her heart, which didn’t have time to rejoice, suddenly drop to the abyss and into hell.

“Just slap her however you want to eliminate your anger.” After that, Lanxi Liuhua released Chu’s hand and then under Murong Chang’s despairing eyes, strode down from the arena and headed for the seriously injured Boling Chenzhu.

The cruelest thing in the world is to give a person hope but suddenly extinguish it personally with one’s own hands. This would drive a person mad from desperation more than not giving them hope from the start.

Right now, Murong Chang was in a similar situation.

Staring at the sudden rise and fall of Murong Chang’s expression, Chu Ye’s mouth raised up in a merciless smile. Did she think that Lanxi Liuhua would save her?

How naively stupid.

After the last instance with Boling Huashan, no one understood Lanxi Liuhua better than her. He seemed cultured and kind-hearted, but he was the most two-faced (black-bellied) and ruthless bastard.

This kind of candy would give you a slap in the face, giving you hope then personally crushing it. The black-bellied accomplishment of pushing you into the deep abyss has been brought to the point of perfection. To be acclaimed as such, even she could only be ashamed of her inferiority!

However, Lanxi Liuhua’s words reminded her that even if she wanted to kill Murong Chang, she couldn’t do so in a situation where many people were watching.

As the second most powerful wizard clan in the Eastern Nation, the Murong clan has hundreds of people and its strength cannot be belittled, but her current self couldn’t fight.

Since she couldn’t kill nor cripple her, then she will let her be. If she wished to survive, then she wouldn’t die.

As a former outstanding secret agent, she ordinarily extorted confessions from enemies in order to obtain important intelligence. As time passed, with regards to some “special” techniques that can make people wish they were dead but not let them faint, which cannot be disclosed, Chu Ye could be described as someone rather knowledgable.

And so a bizarre scene happened. There were no violent punches and kicks like the audience had expected. Chu Ye was merely throwing ordinary slaps, making Murong Chang dizzy and unable to distinguish left and right.

However, just when Murong Chang’s nerves grew sluggish, Chu Ye suddenly pounced and with both hands flying over her body, delivered a series of light slaps. The cyan-colored wind elements between her ten fingers as they scattered were very strange.

Once all the actions were done in one go, Chu Ye, whose face was like cold frost, got up and stepped back.

In the next second, Murong Chang, who was originally already slapped stupid, bulged out her eyes, and her blue veins rose up as if suddenly suffering under tremendous pain. Her ten fingers deeply clawed at the ground, madly scratching at it even as her nails tore off and dripped blood. A scream couldn’t even come out of her throat. Her facial features were twisted from the pain, and her forehead was sweating like rain until finally, she twisted on the ground and was left twitching.

Such a painful and appalling sight, all the people present were simply staring, absolutely horrified.

Chu Ye raised her head and sneered. No longer glancing at Murong Chang, she turned and walked down the arena.

The people below the arena were convulsing with fear from the horrors of the method because they couldn’t distinctly see, what Chu Ye had done to make Murong Chang suffer so much pain that her voice left her?

Translator’s Notes:

Oh no! What a sacrifice. I feel like Boling Chenzhu’s going to be one of the innocent cinnamon rolls in the bunch.

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