CGSA Chapter 28

Chapter 28: A Crafty Counterattack

Each and every one of their mouths was wide open, big enough to squeeze in a duck egg. They looked up at the relaxed Chu Ye in the challenge arena, dumb as a wooden chicken.

No one could have thought that the battle would end so quickly in this way.

One must know that previously, most of the people who fought against Murong Chang in the challenge arena, whether they were a boy or a girl, ultimately left the arena in a half-dead state.

Of course, this didn’t mean that she was an exceptional genius who was invincible in combat in the school, but rather, even if someone could defeat her, he wouldn’t dare to do so.

Although the students who entered Carles were mostly born from nobility, these noble families have to respect the Murong clan as the second most powerful wizard clan.

“Pa pa…” At this moment, it was unknown who clapped first, but everyone was pulled back by his terrific spirit. Immediately afterward, thunderous applause followed from all sides, growing increasingly louder and fiercer.


“Good hits…”

“So awesome…”

All the students present cheered and screamed, acting like they were all on stimulants as they furiously waved their hands up in the air.

On the stage, Chu Ye turned her attention toward the first person who applauded.

With blue clothes, blue hair and picturesque beauty, it was Lanxi Liuhua.

And beside him still standing up in a timely captivating laugh… was Ming Yuexin.

Elegant as jade, exceptional in appearance, a pretty as a flower, touchingly lovely. Looking at her, Chu Ye couldn’t stop herself from scowling.

Standing in between the two of them was the small Lanxi Liuxing. Right now, he was facing Chu Ye with an adorable little grimace.

Chu Ye can’t help but relax and smile. It turned out that this little devil ran to look for Lanxi Liuhua. Was he afraid that she would lose?

As she considered this, her fondness for Little Liuxing increased by a bit.

However, at this moment, Murong Chang, who was already half dead and bloodied from being thrown down, motionlessly lay down on the ground. Her silver long hair turned into a fiery red inch by inch. Her hands that appeared to be powerlessly hanging onto the ground were actually the gestures for summoning the elements…

But no one noticed the change, because everyone’s eyes were on the victorious Chu Ye, including Lanxi Liuhua, Ming Yuexin, Little Liuxing.

Chu Ye was interested in Little Liuxing’s funny grimace and was about to walk down the arena.

“Fires of Hell!” Ghostly anger fiercely resonated through the audience.

The moment before, the still “corpse-like” Murong Chang soared up. Countless flames raged around her body, gathered on top of her palm, and condensed into hellfire.

“Go to hell!” Murong Chang, whose body was covered in blood and hair in disarray, currently had a sinister face. With a wave of her hand, the hellfire immediately shot like lightning toward Chu Ye who could not turn around in time.

Murong Chang lost control of her emotions and almost went crazy. She not only violated the promise and revealed her identity as a fifth-grade fire wizard but also used Fires of Hell, a seventh-grade fire magic, which could only be properly handled by seventh-grade wizards, at the cost of burning her own life force.

“Ah…” The audience was incredibly shocked. Some of them screamed in panic.

“Be careful…” Under the stage, Lanxi Liuhua also cried out in alarm. With a wave of his right hand, he quickly cast a thick water screen to directly face Murong Chang’s “Fires of Hell”. He also did not hesitate to rush forward to Chu Ye.

Ming Yuexin also whitened in fright, but was to cast a fourth-grade wind wall in the shortest time to block “Fires of Hell.”

It was a pity that “Fires of Hell” was an authentic seventh-grade magic that Murong Chang summoned at the expense of her life force. How can it be a simple magic that can be warded off by spells cast in a moment of desperation?

If enough time was given to Lanxi Liuhua, he would be able to cast the seventh-grade water magic “Sky-reaching Waves”, which might still be able to compete with it, but at present…

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