CGSA Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Throwing You Down Can’t Kill you

Looking at Murong Chang who flew her way up to the arena, Chu Ye who was still below the arena was incessantly surprised.

Governing wind flight? (T/N: Is the translation right? 御风飞行)

Murong Chang could actually use governing wind flight?

Murong’s wind magic had only just awakened. How could it be possible for her to use a flight technique that can only be handled with the capabilities of a fifth-grade wind wizard?

The only explanation was that… Murong Chang had a treasure on her like a spirit device that could help her freely fly for a short time.

At the thought of this, Chu Ye no longer dared to have any trace of scorn in her heart.

The Murong clan is the second most powerful wizard clan of the Eastern Nation. Their clan’s direct descendants were probably armed to the teeth with all sorts of equipment. It looks like this seemingly fair test is actually not that fair!

Immersed in her thoughts, Chu Ye was about to go up to the ring, but she incidentally discovered that she couldn’t see Lanxi Liuxing, who had originally always been by her side. She didn’t know when this had happened.

It was unlikely that this little demon would be pushed to the back, and Chu Ye’s gaze can’t help but roam around in the crowd to look for him.

It was only just a while, but in the arena, Murong Chang had already been waiting quite impatiently, with her eyes directed at Chu Ye. Filled with contempt, she spoke especially loud. “Still not coming up? Could it be that you’re scared?”

Everyone below immediately followed Murong Chang’s line of sight toward Chu Ye. After the astonishment was deep sympathy and pity.

Chu Ye’s eyebrows imperceptibly furrowed. At this time, she wouldn’t be able to deal with Lanxi Liuxing. With a flick of her sleeve, she strode forward with her head held high, calm and composed, and went up the platform step by step.

Compared with Murong Chang’s high-profile governing wind flight, Chu Ye’s method of entering was rather inferior in terms of grandeur, but with her calm demeanor and self-confidence as she rose up to the arena, no one gave out even a tiny bit of disdain nor mockery.

Nevertheless, in the eyes of Murong Chang, it was too unsightly. Not saying anything further, both of her hands spread out and already began to summon wind elements. The lone cyan halo behind her back showed that she was indeed a first-grade wind wizard.

Unfortunately, Chu Ye didn’t think about using magic to fight with her from the start.

At the sight of Murong Chang’s punch, Chu Ye also moved, slightly bending down with a speed similar to that of an arrow in flight and dashed toward Murong Chang.

For Murong Chang, it was too late to summon the wind elements, She felt a blur in front of her; Chu Ye had already leaped up above her head. Seeing that astonishing jumping power without the support of any magic whatsoever, the eyes of the students watching this popped out.

And then an even more choking scene happened.

With her body still in mid-air, Chu Ye suddenly extended her right hand and grabbed Murong Chang’s thick silver hair. In the next second as her feet touched the ground, she flipped Murong Chang 180 degrees and slammed her to the ground using force from her waist.

(I guess this means Chu Ye used her waist to give herself more momentum and slam Murong Chang even harder?)



Accompanying the muffled sound of something hitting the ground was Murong Chang’s pained screams. Half of the summoned wind elements around her body broke off and scattered, dissipating into the air.

“Hiss…” Everyone in the audience sucked in a breath. This was the first time they have seen such a move. Moreover, the person being beaten was Murong Chang, but they didn’t know it had only just begun.

The hand grabbing Murong Chang’s hair still hadn’t released it. Without pause, she again lifted her up, and by exerting force from her hips to her waist, swung her overhead and smashed her to the ground.



Murong Chang’s five senses already ached.

Compared to her back and butt that had continuously been colliding with the ground, her head felt more painful.

One should know that Chu Ye was gripping her hair with all her strength. Her entire scalp felt like it was being torn off, and her eyes were seeing stars.

Unfortunately, Chu Ye still had no plans to stop.

Her experience in past battles told her that at this moment, if she started off leniently, then Murong Chang would be able to get her breath back and the loser would likely to be herself.

Therefore, she would not give Murong Chang any time to do so, let alone give her the opportunity to use a spirit device.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” Numerous muffled thumps could be heard. Murong Chang’s whole body resembled a dead fish asChu Ye repeatedly slammed her to the floor of the arena. Finally, after throwing her down seven times to the left and right, Chu Ye loosened her fingers and tossed her dozens of meters away.

First of all, Murong Chang was afraid that if she was thrown down again, she really would die.

Secondly, due to that excessive force, her… waist hurts.

Silence. The whole audience was all dead silent!

All the people were stunned.

Each and every one of their mouths was wide open, big enough to squeeze in a duck egg. They looked up at the relaxed Chu Ye in the challenge arena, dumb as a wooden chicken.

Translator’s Notes:

Hahaha. Simply tyrannical. Murong Chang does resemble a newly caught fish where you have to slam them on a hard surface in order to stop them from wiggling and escaping to the water.

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