CGSA Chapter 23

Chapter 23: A Pile of Treasures

After leaving the fighting grounds, Chu Ye bought an elegant and quiet courtyard in the west of Qiacheng City [1]. She also employed a first-class female chef, two first-class maids, and four third-grade female warriors at high salaries in order to take care, serve upon, and protect Lu Shi.

In this way, she will be reassured if she has to stay inside the school for a long time.

For Lu Shi, who had lived a hard life for many years, finally experienced sweetness after the bitterness [2]. When Chu Ye brought her from the inn to this new home, she emotionally hugged Chu Ye for a while, sobbing.

To raise a daughter like her, this life was worth it!

At night, it was very quiet.

When Chu Ye was lying in bed, she couldn’t sleep. Her mind always showed the refined and beautiful face of Lanxi Liuhua, and she couldn’t help but take out the things she won from him.

Under the moonlight-colored night, her heart was unusually hard to calm down, and my mind was much more delicate than in the daytime. After only a few looks, Chu Ye found that the accessories that she won from Lanxi Liuxing actually had a faint color circulating through it, which was hard to see during the day but easy to detect at night.

Picking up one of the golden locks among them, Chu Ye slightly utilized her perceptivity to the wind element and immediately discovered something strange. There was actually space inside the golden lock. Although not very big, there were still at least three square meters of space, and stored inside was a lot of snacks, drinks, and children’s toys.

It was actually an extremely rare space treasure – a gold storing lock.

Chu Ye’s heart was shaken. She immediately picked the silver bracelet up again. With a little bit of perception, it was actually a protective spirit device. Even though the protective light screen can only open once, when on the edge of life and death, once was already enough.

Chu Ye felt a little excited and picked up the fine jade that Lanxi Liuhua previously wore on top of his head. At first glance, it turned out to be a memory spirit jade, which contained a lot of relevant information about magic, fighting skills and various kinds of magical beasts. Naturally, there are also manhuas that kids like to read.

In the end, it is the jadeite belt, which is even more incredible. It turns out to be a portable communication spirit device.

The communication device had a mother and child part. The part in Chu Ye’s hands was the child part, so whoever held the mother part of this spirit device can communicate with Chu Ye at any time.

This was like a modern wireless phone. However, this portable communication spirit device has a distance restriction. The lower the grade of the device, the lower the maximum working distance between the mother and the child.

“Damn, must the Lanxi clan be this awesome?” Chu Ye eventually could not help but burst into curses.

A six-year-old child was typically not armed to the teeth!

Although the quality of these things is not high, they were deliberately created with the shapes of children’s accessories. Since Lanxi Liuxing is very young, he wouldn’t be able to operate the higher-grade spirit devices.

But for ordinary people, everything here was a rare and priceless treasure. It was no wonder that Lanxi Liuhua could say that these things were at least worth 200,000 gold coins, which she did not agree at that time.

In a happy mood, Chu Ye immediately dismantled the four treasures from their original decorative model. With her ten fingers flew, she used a red rope to weave together the memory spirit jade, jadeite communication device, and gold storing lock, and a uniquely styled mix of jadeite, jade pendant, and gold lock waist accessory emerged.

After hanging it on her waist, she then wore the single-use protective spirit device (silver bracelet) on her left wrist. These things are hers now.

It was indeed someone stamping and destroying a pair of iron shoes without a need for effort [3]. She didn’t have to work hard.

Plopping down on her bed, Chu Ye was still unable to sleep for a while and then extended her finger towards the memory spirit jade, reading up on detailed information about this world’s magic, warriors and magical beasts. Among them, the first-grade wind magic spells interested Chu Ye the most.

At present, she was sorely lacking on this so she laboriously memorized them one by one


On the second day, early in the morning, Lu Shi went to cook a sumptuous breakfast for Chu Ye. Her daughter will go to school and can only come back once a month. She had been interdependent with her daughter all this time; how can she be willing?

Chu Ye lowered her head and took a bite of the delicious love-filled breakfast. She continuously listened to her caring pieces of advice such as eating properly and dressing warm enough, and a warmth that has long been forgotten to Chuye overflowed in her previously already dusty (lying unused) heart.

Even her biological parents in her past life have never shown care for her like this.

Slowly lifting up her head and looking at Lu Shi’s gentle and kind face, The innermost parts of Chu Ye’s heart couldn’t help but turn soft. She opened her mouth and subconsciously murmured, “Mother…”

Lu Shi, in her surprise, could only stare blankly at her. Ever since her “daughter’s” temperament underwent huge changes, she never called her Mother again. She felt gloomy in her heart, but she never dared to mention it. At this moment, she immediately rejoiced three times.

Looking at Chu Ye’s eyes growing softer, she felt that they no longer seem distant.

Chu Ye was also shocked at her own voice. She then bitterly laughed in her heart. Originally, in her past life, the deep desire for familial love always existed in her heart, but she was always neglected.

Simply smiling in an easy-going manner, she gazed at Lu Shi and told her, “Mother, I will not be by your side in the future; if you want to go out, you must take with you the four female warriors that I hired as bodyguards, and remember to put on your veil.

“Yes, Mother will do so, you feel at ease in school and properly study magic. You don’t have to worry about Mother here.”

Although Lu Shi is meek, she is not stupid. She knew that her daughter asked her to wear the veil in order to prevent her from being recognized by the Boling clan and avoid unnecessary trouble.

After all, Bian City was where the Boling clan had the most influence, which must not be underestimated.

“Rest assured, one day, I will definitely enable you to stand honorably in front of everyone. I will make the Boling clan deeply regret everything that they have done to you!” Chu Ye was serious. She has always fulfilled her promises.

From the moment she recognized Lu Shi in her heart, Lu Shi’s reputation was also her reputation.

Boling clan, Boling Canglan, you just wait for my move. That day won’t be too far away!

Translator’s Notes:

[1] 卡城城 – the first word can be pronounced as “ka” or “qia”. I chose to use “qia”.

Ahem, anybody know what kacheng sounds like in Hookien?

(It’s butt.)

[2] 苦尽甘来 – idiom: the bitterness finishes, the sweetness begins / the hard times are over and the good times have just begun

[3] 踏破铁鞋无觅处 – an idiom; somewhat means searching for something rare and hard to find, only to find it conveniently obtained or delivered on your doorstep.

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