CGSA Chapter 21/22

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The author has no chapter 22 and skipped right to ch. 23, so I just labeled the title like this so that people won’t think I missed chapter 22. The same goes for Chapter 19 previously

Chapter 21: The Sword That Astonished The Audience

Just as they spoke, the magical beasts in the fighting grounds had already moved.

Ten huge cyan wind wolves, with ten pairs of cold eyes, fiercely stared at the young man and stalked towards him.

Unlike the common magical beasts, the cyan wind wolf was a magical beast with high intelligence. In their eyes, the young man was already meat in their mouths and cannot escape so they weren’t in a hurry to kill him. They wanted to slowly torment him and tear away his life force bite by bite to take revenge for killing their comrade.

The young man didn’t look at them. Dressed in black from head to toe, he looked up at the sky above him and whispered to himself.

There were just too many spectators on the scene, and the screaming noises completely drowned his voice, so no one heard what he was saying.

Aside from Chu Ye.

Of course, she didn’t hear it but “saw” it.

As a remarkably outstanding agent in her previous life, Chu Ye not only knew 17 foreign languages but also lip reading.

Looking at the shape of his mouth and learning the words spoken, what the young man said was: “Ya, the sky is already this dark, I should go back.”

Chu Ye raised her eyebrows in suspicion. At this time, he still had the frame of mind to think of going home? Would he still be alive when he stepped out of the fighting grounds?

But the facts once again let Chu Ye understand that the true meaning of the phrase “You can’t judge a book by its cover”.

With a flash of cold light, the young man, who had all this time been carrying an sword wrapped in black cloth on his back, suddenly unsheathed it.

There were no complicated moves, no dazzling colors, only a wave of dark violet light, carrying total annihilation with it. It passed through the necks of the ten cyan wind wolves and then rippled as it exited.

The ten wolves abruptly stopped their charge, and three seconds later, the head of the leftmost wolf fell onto the ground first, immediately followed by the second wolf head, third wolf head, fourth wolf head…

As if it was planned, the ten heads of the wolves separated from the body and fell to the ground in succession. In a flash, blood sprayed everywhere like a spring.

Time seemed to have stopped at that moment as the audience fell into a common silence.

All the people gaped with their eyes opened wide. They forgot to scream, forgot to cheer, forgot everything. In their eyes, there was only a cold boy standing all alone in the fighting grounds and holding the sword.

Ten cyan wind wolves, that is ten third-grade cyan wind wolves. In the blink of an eye, their heads were cut off by the young man as if he were slicing tofu. They didn’t even have the time to scream or make a sound.

“Ninth-grade warrior… it’s a ninth-grade warrior…” Lanxi Liuxing’s puerile voice sharply sounded, breaking the silence in the audience.

“Heavens… he’s really a ninth-grade warrior…”

“Yes, I saw it very clearly a moment ago…”

“The instant he brandished his sword, nine rings of light appeared behind his back…”


Suddenly, the entire scene was out of control. The nobles all stood up to talk about it in astonishment, and the eyes of the young man became more and more worried.

Although the status of warriors is not as honorable as that of wizards, the warriors who were above the seventh grade were different. The reverence they receive is never less than the wizards. It was necessary to know that the warriors who have reached the seventh grade have incredibly terrifying combat power when fighting in close range. Perhaps even the ninth-grade wizards don’t dare to go near them.

What’s more is that before their eyes, such a young person had the unbounded capacity of a ninth-grade warrior.

At this moment, the nobles completely tossed the outcome of their bet into the back of their minds. All they thought about was on how to persuade this callous young man to join their own clan.

Unfortunately, he himself still looked emotionless. Pulling back the sword on his hand, he returned it back to its sheath with the flash of a cold light and calmly withdrew from the fighting grounds.

Another battle between man and beast has ended!

“Because I have to go home, the sword had to be drawn out.” Gazing at the direction where he disappeared, Chu Ye whispered to herself. The excitement in her heart cannot be suppressed.

Strong, this was strong!

This was the first time in this world that Chu Ye has truly witnessed such a powerful lethal force. It was comparable to the modern nuclear warheads.

After she arrived in this world, the blood-boiling wildness and madness which was previously absent have been awakened.

She wanted to become strong, truly strong!

Thinking of this, the road in Chu Ye’s heart instantly became clear.

She was so immersed in her thoughts that she ignored Lanxi Liuhua even as he called out to her several times.

Lanxi Liuhua shook his head with a chuckle. He understood Chu Ye’s present frame of mind.

Thus, no longer disturbing her, he pulled at the insincere Lanxi Liuxing in order to leave in advance, leaving behind the manservant who previously came with him.

When Chu Ye recovered from her own thoughts, the aristocrat visitors of the fighting grounds were all already nearly gone.

Chu Ye just realized that Lanxi Liuhua and his brother were gone.

“This young lady, the Eldest Young Master and the Little Young Master have already left.” The youthful manservant cleverly spoke in a timely manner.

Chu Ye whispered and then turned around, wanting to lift her feet and leave.

“Young lady, please wait.” The manservant promptly offered all of Lanxi Liuxing’s accessories, as well as the banknote for gold. This was what the young lady won from the Eldest Young Master and the Little Young Master. Please accept it.”

Chu Ye only then thought of this matter, as she was rather deep into her thoughts a while ago. She held out her hand to take the things from the hands of the hands of the youthful manservant, and saw that on top of the gold bank note, shaped like a crescent moon and transparent like gelatin with the front and back engraved with a vivid “鸯”, was the jade pendant Chu Ye pawned in the pawn shop yesterday.

“This is?” Chu Ye lightly picked up the jade pendant and looked at the young manservant.

The manservant quickly explained with a smile. “I am also not very clear. Just a moment ago, the Eldest Young Master told me to exchange the 200,000 gold bank note for some scraps and then remove a 1,000 gold bank note, but set aside this jade pendant, saying the young lady would understand once she saw it.”

Chu Ye listened to Lanxi Liuhua removing a 1,000 gold banknote and definitely understood immediately.

The ransom of the jade pendant was exactly 1,000 gold coins!

But that Lanxi Liuhua was extremely impatient. Is he not afraid that she wouldn’t want his engagement token?

Chu Ye felt that this was a bit strange. When she lost in her thoughts a while ago, Lanxi Liuhua could completely take away his gambling losses, but he didn’t do so and instead left behind his attendant to remind her to collect these things.

Could it be said that when Lanxi Liuhua put out 200,000 gold coins, his intention really wasn’t to win back Lanxi Liuxing’s valuable accessories, but to gift her some wealth that she can accept without harming her self-esteem?

Now that she thought about it, Lanxi Liuhua, who was a seventh-grade wizard, couldn’t have not seen the true strength of that man in the fighting grounds.

This confusing affair became clear once again.

Holding the things in her hand which suddenly felt heavier, Chu Ye took a deep breath and secretly promised in her heart: Lanxi Liuhua, today’s assistance, one day, I, Chu Ye, will definitely pay you back!

She had never been an unreasonable person. She nimbly took the 200,000 worth of wealth and rose up to walk towards the betting area. After recovering her composure, her thinking ability was frightening.

She didn’t forget the 1 gold coin she placed as a bet. According to the odds, the fighting grounds should give her 100 coins.

Even though when compared to the hundreds of thousands worth of thing she had at hand this 100 gold coins were merely a drop in the ocean, no man doesn’t like more money and Chu Ye also agrees!

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  1. Oh my, such an amazing novel~ I’m so glad to discover this gem. Thank you!!! 😆 He’s very smooth to return her the Engagement Token. Lol


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