CGSA Chapter 19/20

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IMPORTANT NOTE: For some reason, chapter 19 was skipped. There is no Chapter 19, so I just indicated it like this. This is the same with chapter 22.

Chapter 20: Do You Dare To Bet?

Chu Ye’s eyes suddenly flashed with a trace of slyness. Pointing a finger towards the boy, she said, “Why don’t we have a bet? I bet that the boy will win. If you lose, you will have to take off all the accessories on your body…and give it to me.”

(The author can’t help but jump out: Hey, this is too unscrupulous, conning the little brat’s things…)

“What if I win?” The boy heard that someone wanted to have a bet with him and his eyes shined.

“Whatever you want!” Chu Ye smiled in an attempt to look more affable.

She will absolutely not lose. She didn’t know why, she just felt that the young man would surely be able to win, and her intuition had always been accurate.

“Ok, I am betting with you!” The boy smiled, revealing two cute little tiger teeth. “Let’s pinky promise.”

“Ok, let’s pinky promise. No backing out.” Chu Ye suddenly felt a pinch of guilt. Swindling such an adorable brat made her feel a little uncomfortable, but when she thought of the boy wickedly screaming for the cyan wind wolf to bite off people’s little **, that rare guilty feeling dissipated without a trace.

As Chu Ye talked to the little boy, the fierce battle inside the fighting grounds had reached the climax.

The cyan wind wolf spat out three sharp wind blades three times without any pause, forcing the young man to dodge and to be stuck in a dilemma. It ferociously jumped towards him. Its claws, gleaming with a cold light, scratched at his clean, jade-like face, and its bloody mouth went to bite his slender and fair neck.

“Oh!!!” The still cheering nobles in the audience couldn’t help but suck in a breath. If the cyan wind wolf succeeded, it was likely that the young man wouldn’t be able to survive.

A few people and magical beasts die in the fighting grounds every day. These high-ranking nobles have long been accustomed and used to it. After momentary regret was cheerful talk and laughter.

However, the situation in the fighting field suddenly reversed. The cold face of the young man flashed with a trace of determination. He saw that he wouldn’t be able to avoid the cyan wind wolf’s attack and instead, seized the opportunity to punch out.

This punch was too quick, too sudden, too vicious, too accurate. Complacent and sure of its victory, the cyan wind wolf merely thought of the person in front of it as a flower until a big fist was already by its snout.

“Ka ka…” The creaking sound of bones shattering.

“Wu…(whimper)” The wolf didn’t even have the time to let out cries of lament, only a muffled whimper when the huge wolf’s body was sent flying back by four to five meters, slammed onto the ground, and died.

Which part of the wolf was the hardest?

Without a doubt, it was the head!

If one punch from that young master could shatter a cyan wind wolf’s prized head, it was clear that his strength was great and cannot be estimated by ordinary people.

*Crash* The cyan wind wolf’s abrupt death sent the nobles into an uproar.

As you know, most of them bet that the cyan wind wolf would win.

“Hey hey hey…” On this side, Chu Ye leaned towards a face looking as dumb as a wooden chicken. He still hasn’t recovered from the shock of the death of the wolf. “Take it off! I won’t allow you to break our promise.”

“Humph! I will take it off. I will definitely not go back on my word.” The little boy unwillingly snorted and raised his head to glare at Chu Ye who had her eyebrows raised. Finally, after repeated stomping, he began to take off the accessories from his body one by one.

At this moment, there a sudden shout of surprise not far away. “Found him, found him! Eldest Young Master, the Little Young Master is there.”

Hearing voices, Chu Ye subconsciously looked up and saw Lanxi Liuhua, who looked picturesque with his blue garb, somewhat urgently walking over with the guidance of a small servant.

When the little boy saw Lanxi Liuhua coming, he acted like a mouse catching sight of a cat and immediately hid behind Chu Ye’s bottom in fright.

“Ah…” Chu Ye suddenly sweated. It turned out that this brat was actually Lanxi Liuhua’s younger brother?

“It’s you?” Upon seeing Chu Ye, Lanxi Liuhua’s azure eyes held a trace of surprise in them, and then his eyes fell on the valuable accessories the little boy had just put down on his seat.

“Truly coincidental!” Chu Ye faintly reddened, a rare sight for her. There was a kind of carefulness often seen when someone doing bad things was caught red-handed.

“It is indeed very coincidental.” Lanxi Liuhua looked at the blushing Chu Ye and smiled. It was the smile of someone who clearly knew the situation and gave his tacit mutual understanding.

Then, he angrily glared at the little boy hiding behind Chu Ye and reproached him. “Xing Xing, you’re still not coming back?”

“Brother…” Lanxi Liuxing cautiously called out. He then drooped his small head and walked towards Lanxi Liuhua with the image of an obedient child.

“You are not allowed to run around alone in the future, or else I will tell Father and Mother to make them ground you for three months.” Lanxi Liuhua gravely reprimanded.

Lanxi Liuxing repeatedly nodded, admitting his mistakes.

“Boom!” At that moment, the crisp sound of a beating gong could be heard and another human and beast fight began again.

In the field, it was still the callous young man and the beast was still a cyan wind wolf, like before. But unlike the previous one, there were ten wolves this time, each with a large body, ferocious eyes, and was not inferior to the previous third-grade cyan wind wolf.

“Oh! Oh! Oh…” The whole audience cheered. With ten enemies, this would be truly exciting.

Numerous people lay down their bets.

Although the young man won before, in this fight, most of the people still bet that the magical beast will win.

Ten cyan wind wolves, they didn’t believe that the young man wouldn’t die from their bites.

“Wow!” One look at the ten wolves and Lanxi Liuxing’s pretty and big eyes brightened. He proudly turned to face Chu Ye and said, “I still want to have a bet with you, and I still bet that the wolf will win. If I win, you will return those things I gave you. Do you dare to bet?”

“Do you dare?” Chu Ye shot back. “Can you still make a bet?”

In fact, she didn’t want to bet because this time, she was not confident that he would win. After all, there were a total of ten wolves.

However, Lanxi Liuhua was nearby, and she found it embarrassing to win his younger brother’s thing and run with them.

Moreover, she didn’t think that Lanxi Liuhua would allow his brother to bet with others when he is this young.

It turned out that she had once again mistakenly evaluated him.

Lanxi Liuhua stroked Xiao Liuxing’s head and with an elegant business-like smile, said, “The set of accessories on Liuxing is worth at least 200,000 gold coins in the market. Here is the 200,000-gold banknote. I will stand in for Xing Xing.”

After speaking, he took out a 200,000-gold banknote from his sleeves and showed it to her.

Having heard what was said, Chu Ye’s face remained calm and collected, but in her heart, she was already a spectacular mess, not because of Lanxi Liuhua’s extravagance, but because of the value of the things the little brat took off … 200,000.

In her opinion, weren’t they just some jade, gold, and silver?

Even if they were top-grade crafts, they would at the most be worth three to five thousand gold coins. How can they be worth 200,000?

However, Lanxi Liuhua said so. She also didn’t want to question it in his presence and she unaffectedly smiled and agreed. “Good, it’s settled!”

Even if she were to lose, she wouldn’t feel heartache. Those originally weren’t her things.

What you do for love *sighs*

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