CGSA Chapter 18

Chapter 18: The Little Nouveau Riche Boy

Needless to say, it was forbidden by Boling Canglan or Boling Feiwu.

As she was immersed in her thoughts, Chu Ye was suddenly attracted by a very eye-catching plaque in front of her.

“Human and Beast Fighting Ground!” Five bloody characters were filled with fierce vitality. When people look at it, scenes of bloody battles between humans and beasts couldn’t help but emerge in their minds.

Under the plaque was the entrance gate, where four men carrying a sword were standing perfectly straight. Each and every one of their builds was thick and strong, and their eyes were calm and sharp. At first glance, they were all well-trained warriors.

Chu Ye merely stopped for a bit by the gate, and immediately one of the older middle-aged warriors stepped forward and greeted her. His tall body slightly bowed to Chu Ye as a courtesy, and with a professional smile, he asked, “Revered Wizard, may I ask if you wish to enter to watch the battle?”

Chu Ye was somewhat startled, and then her eyes looked like she thought of something and she nodded. “That’s right.”

“I feel very honored to be the one to show you the way. Please!” The middle-aged warrior gave an inviting gesture.

The so-called Human and Beast Fighting Ground, as the name implied, is a battleground between man and magical beast. It was a place for nobles to bet, gamble, pass the time away, and have fun.

If ordinary commoners want to enter inside to watch, they must pay a huge admission fee. Chu Ye was invited to the battleground for free because of her identity as a wizard.

The construction of the fighting arena was very simple and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. A large circular paddock was divided into three layers, with thousands of comfortable seats. In the middle was a 30-meter-long fighting ground, which was surrounded by a high-grade solid iron net designed to protect the wizards and to securely cage the fighters. The security measures seem to be done well.

As they entered, the mad cheers and screams were deafening. Hundreds and thousands of nobles in the audience were brightly dressed, wore jewelry, and had their hands dancing and feet stomping. There were few wizards among the nobles.

Because of Chu Ye’s identity as a wizard, the middle-aged warrior brought her to the second floor where the view was better and also led her to the betting area.

“Honorable Wizard, may I ask which side you wish to bet for?” The manager of the betting area asked with a smile across his face.

Wherever wizards go, people will revere and honor them.

Chu Ye did not immediately answer him, but instead turned her attention to the fighting ground below and saw that one person and one wolf were fighting very ferociously.

Under the light of the bright hall, Chu Ye could clearly see that the wolf was a third-grade magical beast. Its huge two-meter body was extremely nimble, and its mouth sends out sickle-like wind blades. This was a third-grade cyan wind wolf.

The person who confronted it was an eighteen to nineteen-year-old boy. His well-defined face looked as if it was cut from a knife and was as smooth as jade. His jet-black eyes shone like gems, as cold and charming as the night, watching the cyan wind wolf who was pressing in step by step, but his ordinary black eyes made it clear that he doesn’t possess the formidable killing power of a wizard.

No matter good his skills are, he wouldn’t be able to stand the vicious attack of a third-grade cyan wind wolf. Under the apprehensive gazes of everyone, he narrowly escaped quite a few times.

“Honorable Wizard, have you decided?” The manager once again asked, and then kindly reminded, “The odds of the man and the beast are 1:100.”

Meaning, Chu Ye betting on the third-grade cyan wind wolf is a wise choice. Moreover, based on the current situation in the fighting arena, everyone could see that the young man has fallen. There was no suspense in the outcome.

“I bet that the boy will win!” Chu Ye unexpectedly chose the unpopular side, and then ignoring the manager’s blank stare, didn’t hesitate to throw her last gold coin.

“Betting 1 gold coin?!” After coming down from heaven, the manager couldn’t help but cry out, staring at Chu Ye like she was an alien.

It was necessary to know that those who enter the Human and Beast Fighting Ground are some of the bored but affluent aristocrats. They often throw thousands of gold, even tens of thousands or hundred thousands of gold. He had been a manager for so many years. A bet of 100 gold coins was very rarely seen, let alone a bet of 1 gold coin.

This was the first time in his whole life!

“Why, you can’t?” Chu Ye had harsh eyes. “Do you have a minimum limit on the amount to bet in this fighting ground?”

“This…there is no rule…” The manager wiped cold sweat from his forehead and dared not say more, but in his heart, he silently cursed: All wizards’ temperaments were eccentric, and today, it was not worth witnessing it.

Who would have thought, it wasn’t that Chu Ye didn’t want to make a big bet, but rather…she had no money.

After betting, Chu Ye chose an empty seat not far away and fixed her eyes on that callous boy on the fighting grounds, calm and composed.

She had an intuition, and the ultimate winner will surely be him.

Because she saw in his ink-like eyes a whiff of a tough spirit. She also didn’t ignore the sword that had been on his back all this time, but it was wrapped in black cloth and not eye-catching at all.

“Bite, bite, bite, cyan wind wolf. Bite his stomach, bite off his little ***…” A young voice whose speech was, not surprisingly, endless, rang in Chu Ye’s left ear.

Chu Ye’s brow wrinkled. She turned her head and saw a delicate and lovely-looking six-year-old boy. He was facing toward the middle excitedly cheering and gesticulating. He wore an ornate silk brocade gown that was of the highest quality. On his head was a high-quality fine jade; on his neck was a lock made of pure gold; on his waist was a girdle made of glazed jade; on his wrist was a dazzling silver bracelet. An incredibly young boy was dressed like a nouveau riche.

There was not a lot of spectators who resembled the young boy.

Yelling in excitement, the little boy didn’t notice that his own screams had already disturbed Chu Ye, continuing to jump, shout, and dance, growing closer and closer to Chu Ye.

Chu Ye couldn’t bear the screams on her left ear and patted the little boy’s small shoulder. “Ok, don’t call out that cyan wind wolf. It will undoubtedly lose.”

“Who said so?” The young boy screeched again, twisting to glare at Chu Ye, finally quiet.

Chu Ye pointed at her own nose. “I said so!”

“Who are you? Who said that the cyan wind wolf would lose, the cyan wind wolf will win, will win, will win…” The little boy was anxious. With a burst of reprimanding footsteps, the numerous fine jade and gold and silver coins on his body also collided with each other through his movements, making a collision sound. It was pleasant to listen to.

Chu Ye’s eyes suddenly flashed with a trace of slyness. Pointing a finger towards the boy, she said, “Why don’t we have a bet? I bet that the boy will win. If you lose, you will have to take off all the accessories on your body…and give it to me.”

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