CGSA Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Extreme Radiance

The girl quickly pulled her back and shook her head with a light smile. “Forget it. It is better to have fewer things than many of them. We can’t afford to offend her. If the young lady felt that she interfered with your group, then she would let the young lady sign-up first. In any case, I’m not in a hurry.” Contrary to what one might expect, the girl was a person who tries not to offend anyone. She didn’t anger both sides.

Chu Ye shook her head helplessly. The people involved are like this, what else can she do?

At this time, Murong Chang had already completed the test. The strong cyan light of her magic showed that her talent in the wind department was not bad.

“Murong Chang, Murong Chang. Wind talent: excellent, evaluation passed!” The interview teacher immediately presented to Murong Chang an admission letter to the wind department.

If he said that he was previously afraid of the influence of the Murong clan, then he has now folded just because of Murong Chang’s talent. The gift of being able to collect two elements into her body, her achievements in the future will be beyond measure.

Murong Chang took the letter with a pleased expression, handed it to a wizard bodyguard behind her, and walked toward Chu Ye in front of everyone’s gazes. “Today, this miss is in a good mood. I won’t lower myself to your level, but the next time you see me, you better take a detour, otherwise…”

She deliberately didn’t finish her threat and merely flashed a cold sneer before tossing her hair and leaving.

Sometimes, the spaces left for people’s imaginations were more terrifying.

But unfortunately, she met Chu Ye. There was nothing that could scare her. Piercingly gazing at Murong Chang’s back, Chu Ye had already remembered her in her heart.

Today’s scene, she would get her back sooner or later.

After Murong Chang left, Chu Ye let the girl take the test first. She was not Murong Chang, and she would not bully others.

“Recommended by the Lanxi clan, Ming Yuexin. Wind talent: Excellent. Rank: fourth-grade. Evaluation passed!” After the girl finished the test, the interview teacher read the results out loud and issued an admissions letter for the wind department. Of course, there was no dejected smile.

It turned out this girl was called Ming Yuxin, quite contrary to her character. Chu Ye didn’t expect that she was already a fourth-grade wizard and that she wasn’t nobility but was able to obtain a letter of recommendation from the Lanxi clan.

Chu Ye paid a little attention to it as the teacher put the letter down on the table. The impressive signature on the top was – Lanxi Liuhua.

Suddenly, in her heart, Chu Ye felt somewhat unhappy and wondered what the relationship between the girl named Ming Yuexin and Lanxi Liuhua was.

“Clan? Name? Age?” Finally turning to Chu Ye, the interview teacher’s face was slightly dark.

Because of Chu Ye, he nearly offended Murong Chang a moment ago. How could he still face Chu Ye with an amiable countenance?

“Chu Ye, 16 years old,” Chu Ye replied. She knew that a teacher who was made responsible for admitting new students, an arduous and unrewarding task, should be a nobody with little importance in this academy.

“Your clan?” The interview teacher saw that Chu Ye didn’t mention her clan and thought that Chu Ye came from an ordinary household and the impatience on his face grew even worse.

“What, did your vice-principal not tell you?” Chu Ye frowned. Yesterday, Boling Canglan very clearly told her that she could simply come to sign up and he would speak with the vice-principal of Carles Wizard Academy about the other matters. Even though he hadn’t looked at her talent, she didn’t believe that Boling Canglan was a man who doesn’t keep his promises.

After Chu Ye said this, the teacher suddenly remembered that this morning, the vice-principal especially told them teachers to be mindful of an enrollee student named Chu Ye. His dark face suddenly became extremely bright, his attitude not daring to show a bit of neglect.

In his opinion, a person who was specifically nominated by the vice-principal was not an ordinary person because the vice-principal was not an ordinary person himself.

Not mentioning Murong Chang, even the Murong clan’s head Murong Wan needed to show courtesy to Carles’ vice-principal to some extent.

Chu Ye didn’t pay attention to the interview teacher’s shameful blush, knowing that he remembered, but she was too lazy to talk to him. She directly entered the temporary magic array which was the testing area.

This kind of magic array was supported by the crystal nuclei of eight third-grade magical beasts and was outlined using the blood of a wind magical beast, resembling a yin-yang array, but it was more complicated and more unfathomable than the yin-yang array.

Chu Ye stepped into it and felt that the wind elements in the array were at least ten times greater than in the outside world.

What the examinee has to do is to condense these invisible and colorless elements into a substantial cyan light that outsiders can see at a glance. The brighter the light, the stronger the ability to summon wind elements and the better the natural talent.

Chu Ye closed her eyes and started to feel the wind elements. The cyan light in the magic array gradually became more and more bright and dense until the entire magic array turned into a profound shining blue crystal. It was likely that the wind elements inside the eight third-grade magical beasts in the magic array were completely summoned by Chu Ye.

Such an incredibly bright radiance immediately attracted the eyes of everyone. Originally, because Murong Chang left, the people who returned to their original positions once again turned their heads to the wind magic array. Who could have such superior talent?

The interview teacher sitting next to the magic array clearly felt the frighteningly turbulent wind elements in the array. When he couldn’t stand it anymore, he shouted for her to stop at once. “It’s fine already. Talent is exceedingly superior, the examiner has passed. Chu Ye, stop already, come out quickly…”

It was a pity that Chu Ye, who was already showered by the dense wind element, couldn’t help but want to scream invigoratingly.

As a result, the cyan light grew more magnificent until the open area near the school gates of Carles had been illuminated and everyone couldn’t bear to keep their eyes open. Eventually, some people were unable to resist their fear and retreated. In their view, the magic array looked like it was about to explode.

They waited for quite a while but the anticipated sound of an explosion didn’t come. Suddenly, the blindingly bright cyan light faded away.

Everyone slowly opened their stinging eyes, but saw Chu Ye already walking away from the magic array with an insipid expression and taking the wind department’s admissions letter from the stunned interview teacher. Under numerous stares, he calmly stepped into the gates of Carles Wizard Academy!

From beginning to end, all the people at the scene couldn’t see how the incomparably intense cyan light in the array disappeared, but when they entered the magic array to check, there were no traces of energy left inside the array. The precious crystal nuclei of eight third-grade magical beasts were all cracked and split open, and the formerly bright cyan color became a dead black.

In short, this wind magic array was, without speaking, destroyed.

The next chapter may be a bit late since I need to study for a test.

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