CGSA Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Murong Chang

The so-called blood contracted magical beast is when a human and a magical beast form a blood contract. From then on, its life will be tied to its contract owner, and it will become a blood-contracted magical beast.

Speaking of blood-contracted magical beasts, it was unavoidable to mention the beast-taming wizards, an alternative existence that is above elemental wizards!

After a magical beast is captured by a human, it isn’t immediately possible to form a blood contract, but after being tamed by a beast-taming wizard, when its formidable mental strength is oppressed to its lowest state, humans could conduct a blood contract with it. If it isn’t, it could counterattack and the gains wouldn’t make up for the losses.

In this way, a beast-taming wizard must be mentally strong and his own strength must be better than the magical beast itself. Otherwise, if he isn’t careful, there was a danger of being counterattacked, which could turn him into an idiot. In severe cases, his spirit could shatter and he would die.

If there was an elemental wizard in 10,000 ordinary people, then 10,000 elemental wizards may not be able to produce beast-taming wizard!

That’s why, since ancient times, there have been very few beast-taming wizards. In the entire Eastern Nation, the number of known beast-taming wizards could be counted with 10 fingers.

This has steadily established the incomparably high status of beast-taming wizards, which are considered more prominent and revered than the four types of elemental wizards.

“It turned out that it was just a second generation of X who was arguing that his father was a beast-taming wizard…” Chu Ye glanced at the self-conscious girl with disdain and then her gaze fell to the girl straddling the golden-striped tiger.

Because of her cause of death in her previous life, every time the current Chu Ye saw a tiger, she couldn’t help but subconsciously feel an ineffable hostility and disgust.

“This young lady, it would be better to just whisper. Murong’s seventh miss, Murong Chang, is famous in Bian City for being rude and unreasonable. Whoever offends her would not die, but would be stripped of their skin. The delicate and charming girl standing in front of Chu Ye pulled at Chu Ye’s sleeves, gesturing to her to be careful and to not stir up the fire.

With a smile, Chu Ye politely informed her that she would always be friendly to people who are kind.

Finally, the golden-striped tiger’s heavy footsteps stopped in front of the girl who had just spoken with Chu Ye. On the back of the tiger, Murong Chang domineeringly said, “You, go back!” Her tone was extremely arrogant.

The girl was slightly startled, then immediately understood that this Murong Chang wanted to cut in line. Not daring to talk, she obediently lowered her head, truly planning to step back.

However, Chu Ye stepped forward to block her retreat. For a moment, the girl was stuck in a difficult position and carefully looked at Chu Ye and then at Murong Chang, finding it difficult to emit cold sweat.

“Ah?” Chu Ye did this so obviously, Murong Chang herself could see it. She coldly stared at Chu Ye, her eyes already filled with impatient rage. “You better get back at once.”

Chu Ye ignored her cold voice. “If you want to apply, go line up!” What a joke, wanting to cut in line in front of her.

The people who were originally behind her painstakingly waited for more than half a day but didn’t dare to speak up. When they heard, Chu Ye’s simple but reasonable words, they also fearlessly displayed indignant expressions. The dissatisfaction in their whispered discussions gradually grew.

“You…” Listening to the people’s discontented arguments, Murong Chang’s face changed, and she pointed at Chu Ye with hatred. “Fine, very good, you dare to talk to me like this, come…”

“Who dares to move?” She hadn’t finished speaking when she was interrupted by Chu Ye’s imposing voice. “You are Murong’s seventh young miss, right? If you want to act out the temper of an eldest young miss, please go back to your Murong clan. This is the Carles Wizard Academy. How is this a place where you can willfully show such atrocious behavior? Teacher, you say so too, right?”

Chu Ye simply kicked this hot potato (problem) to the interview teacher who didn’t speak up all this time to stop the ruckus.

The interview teacher somewhat glared indignantly at Chu Ye. The reason why he didn’t speak up was that he didn’t wish to provoke the Murong clan.

One should know that in Bian City, the Boling clan is called the most powerful wizard clan, while the Murong clan is the next most powerful clan, not someone a small teacher can offend.

But with so many eyes, he looked at her and upheld justice. He didn’t want to open his mouth, but he was obliged to give a small smile and stand up. He spoke in as moderate a tone as possible, “Murong Chang, you are a student of the fifth-grade class of the Fire Department, but this is the admissions point for the wind wizards…”

Meaning: Murong Chang, aren’t you misstepping? It doesn’t matter whether you misstepped. The admissions point for fire wizards is over there, please go there.

However, it was obvious that Murong Chang, who was infuriated, wouldn’t consider his feelings at all. It was only because Chu Ye said that this was the door of Carles, the best wizard academy in the Eastern Nation. She was afraid that her father wouldn’t be able to keep her place here. Considering it over and over again, she clenched her teeth and pretentiously said, “Whoever said that students of the Fire Department cannot sign up here, you open your eyes wide to see what this is!”

She gently closed her eyes and stood still with her arms spread out. Then, above her hands were two faint cyan balls made out of the wind element. Her head had fiery red hair but in the shocked eyes of everyone, an inch of it turned into the silver color of wind wizards. Suddenly opening her eyes, a silver light flashed through them and her fiery red eyes turned silver.

“Wow!” All the people present were in an uproar.

“Heavens, this is that rumor of the sacred body which can gather two elements into one body…” The people were emotionally moved.

Under normal circumstances, a wizard can only sense one element, either wind, water, fire, or soil. Within one thousand miles, there will be one sacred body that can gather two elements.

Immediately, even those from the other 3 departments; the water, fire, and earth students and teachers all successively came over. Some even gave up their front spots in the line where they have been waiting for half a day and marveled at her with shocked faces as they tried to squeeze through as if they have discovered a new continent.

Faced with the sensation caused by herself, Murong Chang was immensely pleased with herself and disdained to shoot a glance at Chu Ye. After jumping down from the tiger, she pushed the girl in front of Chu Ye and entered the wizard aptitude test site with her head high.

Self-confident and acting like she was in the right, she imperiously cut in line. This was the first time Chu Ye saw such a thing. Supporting the girl who nearly fell, she wanted to rush forward again.

The girl quickly pulled her back and shook her head with a light smile. “Forget it. It is better to have fewer things than many of them. We can’t afford to offend her. If the young lady [1] felt that she interfered with your group, then she would let the young lady sign-up first. In any case, I’m not in a hurry.” Contrary to what one might expect, the girl was a person who tries not to offend anyone. She didn’t anger both sides.

[1] The young lady refers to Chu Ye. She was talking in third person.

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