CGSA Chapter 14

Chapter 14: I Will Support You In The Future

When Chu Ye returned to the inn, Lu Shi had already looked up outside the door. She saw Chu Ye finally returning and immediately greeted her.

“Lili, did you see your father? How is he, is he still alright? What did he say to you when he saw you? Did he… mention me? Did he say we can… come back?” Lu Shi pulled at Chu Ye’s hand, asking several questions in one breath. Her eyes were full of expectations.

“I saw him. He is ok. He didn’t say anything to me. He also didn’t mention you, and even more, hasn’t said that we can go back.” Chu Ye very simply answered her questions one-by-one, seeing Lu Shi’s face grow paler and paler. The more she listened, the more she lost hope. In the end, she kindly added, “Because he didn’t recognize that I was his daughter.”

“What?” Lu Shi was surprised. “How, didn’t you take out the jade pendant I gave you? That jade pendant was something he personally gave to you back then. There is no way he wouldn’t recognize it.”

Chu Ye shrugged. “Since he couldn’t recognize me, why should I acknowledge him? As for that jade, I’ve already pawned it.” Chu Ye raised the bag of gold coins in her hand.

“Lili, how could you do this…” Lu Shi sighed in frustration, looked at Chu Ye’s indifferent face, feeling anxious enough to burst into tears, and whimpered. “Without the jade pendant, how will you acknowledge your ancestors and return to your clan? Even if you don’t wish to do so, that jade also serves as the engagement token between you and the Lanxi clan’s eldest son, Lanxi Liuhua. If you don’t have it, the Lanxi clan won’t acknowledge you. You would lose your last trace of hope to live a good life.”

Chu Ye reluctantly shook her head. She was very aware of Lu Shi’s feudal way of thinking, that a woman without a man to depend on would not be able to live, but today, she wanted to tell her that without a man, a woman can live more comfortably.

Pulling against Lu Shi’s hand, Chu Ye brought her into the room and closed the door. She then gently closed her eyes and began to carefully sense the wind elements in the air.

For a moment, there was no wind in the closed room.

The sleeves of Chu Ye’s dress flapped in the air. Her black hair danced wildly, and then in front of Lu Shi’s shocked eyes, an inch of it turned a bright silver. After opening her eyes, a silvery light flashed and the previously indigo pupils also changed to a complementing silver color, pure and bright, erasing fear in the soul.

“Heavens…” Lu Shi’s trembling hands covered her mouth that was about to scream. Although she was not a wizard, she once lived with the Boling clan, the best wizard clan, for a whole ten years so she was no stranger to the wizard business.

Silver hair and silver eyes, these were features that only wind wizards can have!

“Lili, you can actually sense the wind element. This is great, this is really great. My Lili can finally become a wizard…” Lu Shi tried to calm the excitement she felt in her heart and gently stroked the silver hair hanging down on Chu Ye’s shoulders with a pleasant surprise.

Chu Ye slightly raised her lips in a smile. “You should be convinced this time. We don’t have to rely on any man at all, and tomorrow, I’ll go to apply in Carles Wizard Academy, the best wizard school here. I believe that I will surely be admitted.”

“En en en.” Lu Shi nodded repeatedly while crying tears of joy.

For more than a decade, because Boling Yili was unable to become a wizard, she bore pressure and suffered under cold stares, tormenting her into near insanity. Now, the bitterness has finished and the sweetness begins [1].

“Right now, I will only ask you one question,” Chu Ye solemnly said, “Are you still thinking of going back to the Boling clan?”

Lu Shi momentarily muttered and immediately shook her head. “No!” Regarding Boling Canglan, she couldn’t say that she didn’t hold affection for him, but it has been buried under years of resentment. The reason why she still wanted to go back was simply to give a home to her daughter, but now, it seemed that there was no need for it.

“That’s good. In the future, I will support you.” Chu Ye sincerely promised.

Tomorrow will be a brand new beginning.


Blue skies, cloudless weather.

The Eastern Nation’s best wizard school – Carles Wizard Academy’s door had an overwhelming atmosphere. At this moment, there was a vast amount of people with a boiling cauldron of voices. Inside and outside the three floors of the academy, not one drop could trickle through (impenetrable).

Because today is the last day of admissions.

At the main entrance’s open area, there were four temporary preliminary assessment points, each recruiting different people: wind, fire, water, and earth wizardly students.

Right now, Chu Ye was standing in line at the temporary recruitment of the wind department.

Looking at the hundreds of people standing in front of her in the line, Chu Ye crossed her arms and waited patiently, but the slightly knitted eyebrows showed that she was actually in a very bad mood.

The preliminary assessment of the Carles Wizard Academy was very simple, but also very harsh. The person who is applying must not only be extremely talented but must also be born from nobility. If he isn’t a nobleman but his talent can meet the demands of Carles, then there must be a letter of recommendation from a powerful noble.

Be that as it may, how many civilians can wait for a chance to get to know a nobleman?

Moreover, in the eyes of a vast majority of the high-ranking nobles, they found it beneath their status to look at these ordinary civilians. How can they be willing to write recommendation letters for the children of inferior civilians?

So in general, the Carles Wizard Academy was actually a luxurious aristocratic school. They may also have grassroots students (no noble background), but they are extremely rare that you could count them all with one hand.

Time slowly fade away while she was waiting. The midday sun was as bright as gold.

Finally, there was only one girl left in the long queue in front of Chu Ye who was almost as big as her.

The others were either qualified or unqualified. The qualified entered the campus of Carles while the unqualified dejectedly left, waiting to return next year.

The girl was wearing a pretty goose-yellow cheongsam. Her stature was petite and exquisite, and her face was fresh and charming. It was the kind of delicate beauty that can raise the strong protective desires of men with one glance.

“Clan? Name? Age? Grade?” The teacher who had interviewed for most of the day obviously had no more patience and asked directly.

The girl’s tiny pink mouth was about to answer, but unexpectedly, there was sudden commotion behind them.

Chu Ye turned to stare at the golden-striped tiger, whose head was up to four meters tall, stride unhurriedly. Meanwhile, on top of the golden-striped tiger sat a sexy and enchantingly beautiful young lady with red clothes, red hair, and red pupils. Behind her was a group of 10 wizards wearing wizard’s robes.

Such a battle group is not too big, and everyone will voluntarily give way to them.

“Heavens, that is Murong’s seventh miss…”

“Look, that gold-striped tiger under her body, that is her blood-contracted magical beast…”

“Ah, only the Murong clan can come up with this type of style.”

Immediately, a discussion filled with envy and admiration burst out next to her.

Translator’s Notes:

[1] The bitterness has finished and the sweetness begins – the hard times are over and good times are just beginning.

They use too many adjectives. Not like I can say red-clothed, red-haired, red-eyed, sexy, enchanting, and beautiful lady because it simply looks and sounds horrible. Not that I’m confident that my version was any better.

These people also seem to like monochrome fashion; all red, all blue.

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