CGSA Chapter 13

Chapter 13: I Won’t Kill Her

However, her voice once again aroused Chu Ye’s murderous spirit. Indigo eyes turned cold and her five fingers tightened up again.

“Spare her life!” Lanxi Liuhua repeated. He had an indifferent expression, making it hard to guess what he is thinking.

Chu Ye frowned. With regards to Lanxi Liuhua’s plea for leniency, she suddenly felt an indescribable dissatisfaction. She shot a glance at the man, voice somewhat chilly. “Is it possible… that you and she have committed adultery?”

“E…” Lanxi Liuhua was dumbstruck and stared at Chu Ye. She was truly a shocking person. He promptly explained, “This is the first time I met her.”

Indeed, 3 years ago, Boling Huashan fell in love with him at first sight, but he didn’t see Boling Huashan.

“Then why do you care whether I kill her or not? What are you worried about?” Chu Ye’s five fingers tightened, and Boling Huashan’s slender neck was squeezed even more. Since she was bent on coming to her own resting place, she will absolutely not be tolerant.

However, Lanxi Liuhua grabbed Chu Ye’s hand. “Even when all is set and done, she is your sixth sister!” The younger sister kills the older sister; this would not be tolerated.

When her wrist was caught by Lanxi Liuhua, Chu Ye was aware that she couldn’t reveal a single ounce of her strength. “But she wants to kill me. That time she previously tried to kill me, did she think about me being her seventh sister?” The older sister kills the younger sister; don’t tell me that this can be tolerated?

“Are you not living well right now? Where it is possible to let people off, one should spare them.” As he said so, the strength in Lanxi Liuhua’s fingers increased by a bit.

Chu Ye really wanted to rage that the real Boling Yili has already been dead long ago, but she would be asking for trouble if she did so. Compelled by Lanxi Liuhua, the five fingers clutching Boling Huashan’s neck involuntarily let go.

*Cough cough* She already had foam coming out of her mouth. After Chu Ye let go of her, Boling Huashan immediately fell to the ground with a severe coughing fit, slowly taking in some air.

Glaring at Lanxi Liuhua, Chu Ye gritted her teeth. “Ok, I didn’t kill her! Release me.”

Hearing this, Lanxi Liuhua slowly released Chu Ye’s hand. After he let go, Chu Ye’s feet moved. Obviously, the target is not him, but Boling Huashan on the floor.

“Ka cha, ka cha…” (Sound of something breaking/snapping)


Following the sound of bone shattering into tiny pieces was Boling Huashan’s miserable scream.

Boling Huashan’s left wrist was ruthlessly stomped on by Chu Ye, and all the bones on her left wrist were broken. No one would be able to withstand this kind of pain. Boling Huashan subconsciously raised her intact right hand to pull off Chu Ye’s foot, and the result…

“Ka cha, ka cha…”


Another sound of bone snapping, another blood-curdling scream from Boling Huashan ringing through the skies.

Because her right wrist was stomped on by Chu Ye.

Beside her, Lanxi Liuhua couldn’t help but move, pointing at Chu Ye, giving out complaints. “You clearly promised me…”

“Isn’t she not dead?” Chu Ye relaxedly raised her foot. What she implied: I didn’t kill her. I simply crippled her.

“You…” Lanxi Liuhua was once again struck dumb and helplessly shook his head, no longer bothering to rebuke her. He raised his right hand, and a drop of water went into Boling Huashan’s mouth, which was still wide open in a scream.

In a flash, Boling Huashan’s screams stopped despite her mouth still wide open, not a single sound came out.

Chu Ye was amazed and wanted to ask. Who knew that Lanxi Liuhua would suddenly step forward and embrace her slim waist…

“What are you doing?” Chu Ye was again alarmed, wanting to resist.

Lanxi Liuhua didn’t loosen his grip on Chu Ye’s hand but instead tightened it. However, upon touching Chu Ye’s perfectly lined, soft and delicate waist, he couldn’t restrain his trembling. Exerting his hoarse throat, he said, “If you don’t want to get caught, don’t move.” He heard the footsteps of several people. They must have heard her screams.

Extending his left hand forward, the sound of moving water could be heard at that moment. A blue cloud suddenly rose from his palm and expanded to become one meter in length and width.

The seven blue rings of light that appeared behind his back revealed that he was a seventh-grade wizard.

Chu Ye’s heart had a great shock. Such a young seventh-grade wizard was simply frightening. The way she viewed Lanxi Liuhua immediately changed.

“Go!” Lanxi Liuhua made Chu Ye jump on the blue cloud and then controlled the clouds to fly into the sky. They quickly disappeared from sight.

The only thing left was Boling Huashan’s despairing figure on the ground. Two drops of remorseful tears fell from her eyes. No words could express her sorrow at the moment. She originally wanted to grab her sister’s fiance, but ultimately, that sister and her fiance joined together to cripple her. Although she didn’t die, this was still more painful than death!


“Hey, what did you do to Boling Huashan just a moment ago?” In the sky, Chu Ye and Lanxi Liuhua soared through the clouds. Her heart felt light and free for once. This feeling of flying was more exciting than what she felt when she was operating an airplane in her previous life.

“It was nothing, just to get rid of her voice so that she won’t rattle on us later.” As he said this, Lanxi Liuhua’s face still held his usual elegant smile.

That gentle and easy-looking appearance made Chu Ye stagger and almost fall from the sky. She glared at Lanxi Liuhua, not able to say a word.

Although Boling Huashan was crippled by her, Chu Ye wouldn’t be able to escape responsibility so he also destroyed Boling Huashan’s voice to make her unable to write with her hands nor talk with her mouth. She would not be able to tell who injured her, permanently removing any troubles in the rear. (no worries about the consequences)

Who is someone that you can’t judge by his appearance?

She has finally seen him today!

She was almost deceived by this gentleman’s image, but he was clearly a black-bellied man.

It turned out that he was even worse than her!

“Where do you live, I will send you there.” Lanxi Liuhua asked her in a very gentleman-like manner.

But now, no matter how gentle the smile on his face was, Chu Ye no longer had the feeling of being in the spring wind and shook her head. “No need, just stop in the open space ahead.” She mustn’t go near this type of dangerous person.

Lanxi Liuhua also didn’t talk much and gently brought Chu Ye down on the open space.

“Many thanks for your assistance today. I will surely pay you back.” Chu Ye earnestly said, wanting to lift up her feet and leave.

“Wait.” From his bosom, Lanxi Liuhua took out the jade pendant that was previously Chu Ye’s. “I will return this to you.”

Chu Ye was slightly startled, then immediately shook her head. “When I have the money, I will redeem it.” With that, she unaffectedly turned around and left.

Although she now knew that Lanxi Liuhua is the original’s fiancé, she didn’t want to take advantage of him. Besides… Lanxi Liuhua also didn’t seem like a person who is willing to suffer.

“I will wait for you to come redeem our engagement token!” Lanxi Liuhua whispered to Chu Ye’s back, and the beautiful azure-blue eyes flashing with a subtle trace of interest.

This fiancée was very appetizing for him!

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      1. Thanks, must have slipped my mind ^^’ I only recalled that it would help her return to the family, which is why it was not so important for her and she could exchange it for money…


  1. What sort of logic is that? She survived two murder attempts (not really the first one though), so she should be benevolent and let her murderer go? What about the third time when he’s not there to stop her? Does she need to wait until she’s dead before she kills the responsible, and if so, can someone teach me how?

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