CGSA Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Boling Huashan

Once she heard her calling her sixth sister, Boling Huashan’s body trembled and her face revealed a trace of panic. Then she gritted her teeth, the expression on her face looking a bit colder. “I didn’t think that your life would be this firm. That’s right, I pushed you into the water that day. Since you didn’t die at that time, then today… you must die!”

As she was speaking, she slightly bent her head down and stretched out and unfolded her hands, making the wind wizards’ gesture for summoning the wind element in the air.

“Wait, I really don’t understand. Even though we didn’t come from the same mother, we both still have the blood of the Boling clan flowing in our veins. Why must you try to push me to my death?” Chu Ye said with a wounded face. Her feet didn’t retreat backward but actually walked toward Boling Huashan.

What was a wizard best at?

It was controlling the elements in the environment, long-distance AOE attacks, so if an ordinary person wants to escape in front of a wizard, the probability is zero.

The only way to survive is not to retreat but on the contrary, to advance because for a wizard to summon the elements in the air, a buffer time is needed. Her weakness is that she cannot let her opponent get close to her.

For Chu Ye, who was nimble, getting close enough to fight back was her specialty.

Unfortunately, Boling Huashan did not attach importance to Chu Ye, who had always been regarded as a waste by the clan. More accurately,  she still thought that the current Chu Ye was still the former Boling Yili.

She was like a proud peacock and contemptuously smiled. “It is uncanny to blame Father for arranging you to be betrothed to Young Master Lanxi. Let me ask you, an idiot who can’t even sense any element. How are you deserving of Young Master Lanxi, who has both outstanding looks and talent? As long as you die, in order for the Lanxi and Boling families to become political allies through marriage, Father will let me act as your substitute and take your place.”

With a glance three years ago, she lost her heart to that man who was as gentle as water, promising that she would get him.

“It turns out that you killed me just for a man. You said it earlier, I gave him to you. Was it necessary to kill me?” In her mind, Chu Ye couldn’t help but lament on Boling Yili’s misfortune. From Boling Yili’s memories, she knew nothing about her and Young Master Lanxi’s arranged betrothal. It was really dying unjustly.

But she wouldn’t think about it right now, because, at this moment, she was only 10 steps apart from Boling Huashan.

“The man that I, Boling Huashan, like doesn’t need anyone else. You will die.” Boling Huashan looked fierce as a sharp one-chi (~1 ft.) wind blade condensed in her left hand, ruthlessly striking at Chu Ye’s head.

Behind her back appeared four cyan rings of light, revealing that she was already a fourth-grade wind wizard.

Chu Ye suddenly did a backflip and dangerously dodged the blade. Not saying anything further, she charged at Boling Huashan the next second, as quick as a leopard. Her right hand turned into a fist and with momentum like the sound of thunder, punched at her.

Boling Huashan’s maneuver failed, and she changed color. How could she have thought that this woman who didn’t even have the strength to truss a chicken a few days ago would now become so nimble? But she was not Chenzhu, she was vicious and merciless and had no little amount of actual combat experience. Seeing her dodge the green light, she had already constructed a wall of wind in front of her and them immediately retreated.

“Bang!” With a sound, Chu Ye’s fearfully powerful punch, originally coming at Boling Huashan’s face, was intercepted and suddenly struck a solid wall of wind.

“Ssss…” Chu Ye suffered pain and took two steps back.

However, this was a momentary achievement as the retreat several meters back was already enough for Boling Huashan to once again summon the wind element.

“Wind Arrow Rain!” With a shout, six wind arrows flickering with a faint green light shot towards the middle of Chu Ye’s eyebrows, her throat, solar plexus, lower abdomen, and two legs.

As soon as the wind arrows were sent out, Boling Huashan’s complexion turned pale, and her body was slightly swaying.

One should know that the “Wind Arrow Rain” was a fifth-grade magic. In a moment of desperation, she used fifth-grade magic which exceeded her own power as a fourth-level wizard, and the price paid was to temporarily consume the wind elements in the body.

At such a close distance, the speed of the wind and arrow was instantaneous. Even if Chu Ye was more flexible and nimble, it was impossible to evade.

As death was approaching, Chu Ye had to admit that using mere force against magic was like using a fist against bullets; it was simply courting death.

However, the expected pain did not appear. At the sign of imminent peril, six sky-blue water silks [1] abruptly came out, catching and stopping the six wind arrows sent by Boling Huashan.

Whether it was the wind arrows or the water silks, they were both condensed from the elements in the air. The two sides collided and with a slight pause, they simply slowly melted into the air, turning back into colorless and intangible elements before disappearing from sight.

The six wind arrows pierced the surface of her ice-cold skin, which made Chu Ye feel murderous. She didn’t even pay attention to the six water silks that suddenly saved her and didn’t stop as she once again charged into Boling Huashan.

Boling Huashan, a wizard who overdrew her magic, was currently equivalent to an ordinary woman with no strength. How can she still ward off Chu Ye’s attacks? She only felt a flash of a figure and then her slender neck was grasped by an icy hand that seemed to have come from hell, ready to take a life.

Chu Ye was filled with murderous spirit and her eyes were severe. The five fingers around Boling Huashan’s neck suddenly tightened, growing tighter and tighter.

Boling Huashan could not even make out a single sound. Her entire face was blood red, and her eyes became blank. It was evident that Chu Ye’s fingers had great strength.

“Let’s be merciful!” A pleasant male voice unexpectedly sounded out. The voice stopped and a person arrived. With a blue light, a handsome blue-clothed, blue-haired, and blue-eyed man showed up by Chu Ye’s side.

“It was you?” Chu Ye felt slightly surprised. This man was exactly the one who bought her jade in the pawnshop with 1000 gold coins. She halted her movements but did not release Boling Huashan. Eyebrows raised, she spoke again. “Just a moment ago, it was you who saved me?” “Yes!” The man slightly nodded.

Chu Ye wanted to say thank you but suddenly seemed to think about something. “You are the one she called Young Master Lanxi?”

She remembered the time at the pawnshop when those group of starry-eyed idiots talked about some Young Master Lanxi. It couldn’t be this coincidental, right?

Lanxi Liuhua softly nodded again. “Yes!”

The succinct reply made Chu Ye frown.

“Save…me…” Then Boling Huashan saw Lanxi Liuhua back away as if he was seeing the last vestiges of her life. She was afraid, she was really afraid.

Just now, Chu Ye’s piercing gaze at her screamed of death. She suddenly realized that she had offended not a human, but a devil.

She got it wrong, really got it wrong.

[1] Silks [练/練] – I’m not entirely sure what shape the water elements were condensed into, but I imagine it to be sort of like strings or ribbons. When I searched the word, it (questionably) means white silk. Well, I’ll just go with it.

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  1. I like mc, she is decent character. She give her step sister chance, but she provoked/ trying killed mc for strange man. She deserved dead. No wonder boling family are such selfish, greedy, disgust.

    thank for chapter.


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