CGSA Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Unable to Get Rid of the Shadow

Young Master Lanxi? Chu Ye briefly searched her previous memories, but could not find any information related to this person, but he seems to be like a godly horse. However, as long as he blocks her path, then he is not a good horse. She lifted her hand again to clap that woman’s shoulder and cried out. ” Heavens, look at your feet. There’s a mouse!”

The woman originally wanted to berate Chu Ye for being so annoying, but upon hearing the word “mice”, she didn’t have the courage to look down on the ground, only jumping up high and deafeningly screeching. “Ah, there’s a mouse!”

That moment, the woman stood like a fierce tigress, but it turned out that she was afraid of small animals like mice, snakes, cockroaches, and so on. This one scream aroused a thousand-layer wave and rapidly triggered countless screams.

“Ah…where’s the mouse…”


“Quickly run…”

A burst of chaotic fleeing followed as many women continuously rushed out of the door.

As a result, the previously overcrowded pawnshop became deserted with not a soul in sight. Chu Ye effortlessly walked towards the pawnshop window.

As she looked up, at that moment, Chu Ye’s heart forgot to beat.

The man in the window was wearing light blue robes and had long sky blue hair and blue eyes. Blue that was so hair-raising, unimaginably beautiful, and eye-catching, it got the people to feel like they were simply looking at an illusion, with the watery blue luster of his handsome facial features able to bewitch many people.

“This lady, you have driven out all of my customers. Surely, you must be pawning a rare treasure?” The man, who was practically clad in blue from head to toe, wore a gentle smile as he faced Chu Ye. His voice was really pleasant to the ear.

Chu Ye softly coughed, put away her beating heart, and assumed that he was the Young Master Lanxi that woman told her about a moment ago, who actually turned out to be a water wizard. She put the crescent-shaped jade pendant into the pawn window and asked, “How much is it?” Her words were concise, just like in the past.

When the man saw this jade, his blue pupils shrank a little. He took it in his hands to scrutinize it. He strangely looked at Chu Ye and sized her up from top to bottom for a long time before finally speaking up to question her. “May I ask for the young lady’s name? Where did this jade come from?”

“Chu Ye. It was handed down in the family.” In her mind, Chu Ye considered, could this man recognize this jade pendant?

The man softly made an “oh” sound, looking not at all convinced by Chu Ye’s words, but he still acted like a gentleman, and wearing a professional smile, he asked, “How much does this girl want it to be?”

Chu Ye thought for a bit. “1000 gold coins.”

“Good, deal!” The man looked unusually refreshed.

But his refreshingness made Chu Ye feel out of sorts. Wasn’t her price too high?

Going back on her words wasn’t Chu Ye’s style. After taking the gold coins and the ticket, she turned away and left.

Once Chu Ye left, the shopkeeper who had been standing behind the man the whole time cannot help but step forward. “Young Master, even though the craftsmanship of this jade is of first-class quality, it isn’t worth 1000 gold coins.” With its value being only 100 gold coins at most, it was truly heartbreaking.

Since it was the young master, he didn’t dare to brush away the young master’s face in front of a stranger, but the things that are accepted should be worth the money. This was his responsibility as the shopkeeper.

The man was still smiling as gently as water. He passingly took the check next to him and wrote in big strokes. His writing seemed like a swimming dragon, elegant and flowing. He then pushed the check in front of the shopkeeper, saying, “This is the advance check for the 1000 gold coins. By the end of the month, I will record the 1000 gold coins in my account.” After that, he took the jade pendant and left the pawn shop.

How can he not know that the Chu Ye’s pendant was only worth 100 gold coins at most, but…

The man gently took off the jade pendant hanging on his waist. It was shaped like a crescent moon and was as transparent as jelly. The front and back of the pendant were also intricately carved with a lifelike “鸳”.

Whether it be the quality or the craftsmanship, this jade pendant was almost exactly the same as that of Chu Ye’s. The sole difference was that the carvings are different; one is “鸳” and the other was ““.

When he put the two jade pendants together, it was exactly a perfect jade ring, and above the jade ring, the words 鸳 and 鸯 merged together.

“Could it be her?” He quietly whispered, his face solemn. He didn’t hesitate to follow the direction of where Chu Ye went.


After leaving the pawnshop, Chu Ye quickly felt that someone behind her was following her, but when she turned around, she wasn’t able to find the person following her. The keen instinct that she developed due to her previous life’s career as a secret agent was telling her that there was definitely someone behind her.

Now having money, Chu Ye originally planned to return to the inn where Lu Shi was staying, but now that there was an unknown enemy, she didn’t want to also get Lu Shi in trouble, so she began to walk in the opposite direction, intending to get rid of this person off her track.

But no matter how she tried to evade and hide, the feeling of being followed had still not disappeared. This time, Chu Ye had to become more serious. It appeared that the person following her was not that simple.

Since this was the first time she came to Bian City, Chu Ye was not familiar with the environment of the city. Unknowingly, she entered an artificial garden in the city. The garden was very large, and it was like entering a real forest. The trees became overcast and swaying.

“Come out!” Chu Ye knew that she wouldn’t be able to get rid of this person with her current strength, so she simply stopped, not moving.

Silence. The entire forest was silent with not a single shadow. Only the sound of the wind could be heard in this stillness.

But Chu Ye knew that this was merely an illusion.

Finally, after waiting for a few minutes, a graceful figure slowly came out from behind a big tree 50 meters away.

A purple qipao (cheongsam; a long dress), long silver hair, silver eyes. It was clear that the woman was a wind wizard, but at the moment, the woman’s beautiful and charming face had a chilling sneer on it.

“Boling Huashan!” Chu Ye was shocked. Then after slightly giving it a thought, it also wasn’t very surprising, but she didn’t expect that she would come this quick. She didn’t even have time to investigate.

“What, scared?” Boling Huashan’s expression was cold. Pointing a finger at Chu Ye, she said in a severe voice, “You are not called Chu Ye at all. You can deceive others, but you can’t deceive me.”

“I knew. When I returned to the Boling clan

, everyone didn’t know who I am, only you knew. This is because six days ago, you went through the trouble of coming to the remote Lu Village to see me. Furthermore, you mercilessly pushed me into the deep pond to watch me die with your own eyes, before leaving.” Chu Ye laughed like a ghost from hell. “Am I right, sixth sister?”

Once she heard her calling her sixth sister, Boling Huashan’s body trembled.

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    1. Nope. They are two separate symbols. Just spotted the error in the text. Oops.

      When you put the two characters together, they form a “word” in Chinese, which is Mandarin duck, a symbol of love in China. It’s also sort of equivalent to affectionate couples.


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