CGSA Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Carles Wizard Academy

In her heart, Chu Ye couldn’t help but feel that Boling Yili was worthless. They were only separated for 6 years, yet no one in this Boling clan appeared to have remembered her.

Well, if they didn’t recognize the original owner of this body, Boling Yili, then let her be reborn as Chu Ye in their eyes.

Thinking of that, Chu Ye slightly raised the corners of her mouth, exposing a playful smile.

“Boling Clan Head, has anyone ever told you that you’re actually pretty stingy?” She sat on the seat beside her and then lifted her right leg and gracefully folded it on top of her left leg, with her body somewhat leaning back. That calm expression, that self-confident smile, and that radiating inner nobility burned everyone’s eyes.

“What… What did you say? Daring to speak to my father like that, do you not want to live?” At this moment, Boling Feiwu suddenly felt threatened. The girl in front of her was extremely annoying and gave the illusion that she had the courage to dare meet them head-on.

Boling Canglan’s eyebrows were furrowed. Never before had someone ever used such a tone when speaking with him, but he didn’t rise to revolt. Instead, he smiled as he said, “What’s the matter?”

Chu Ye raised her eyebrows, showing no fear as she directly stared into his eyes. “What, are 1000 gold coins already very expensive to the Boling clan head?”

For ordinary commoners, 1000 gold coins was an astronomical figure. Unfortunately, for Chu Ye, whose former family’s wealth amounted to hundreds of millions, it was merely a drop in the ocean [1], simply not something to attach importance to.

Hearing what was said, Boling Feiwu disdainfully snorted. “You dare say that the original amount is too low. No matter how much you want, the Boling clan will still not give it to you.” This manner of speaking was particularly imposing.

Chu Ye frowned and then coolly laughed. She asked, “You actually asked me how much I want? Don’t tell me that Chenzhu’s life can be bought with money?”

“You…” Boling Feiwu felt stifled and couldn’t think of anything good to say so she just fiercely glared at Chu Ye, grinding her teeth.

“A very ferocious mouth.” Boling Canglan raised a hand to stop the already angry Boling Feiwu and spoke. “If you want anything, just say it.”

“It’s very simple.” Chu Ye raised her lips in a smile. “I only want a letter of recommendation for the Carles Wizard Academy.”

The Carles Wizard Academy, known as the best wizard academy in the Eastern Nation, has top-quality teachers, top-quality education, top-quality environment, and top-quality facilities. Everything was the best in the entire Eastern Nation.

However, since the academy was built because of a joint venture between nobles, Carles only accepts children of nobility. If you were from an ordinary family, even if you possessed outstanding talent, don’t even think of squeezing into Carles unless… you have a letter of recommendation from a powerful noble.

This was precisely the difference in status. In the Autonomous Wizard Continent, the statuses of the people are like an ancient Egyptian pyramid, strict and distinct.

Hearing this, everyone was stunned.

Boling Feiwu immediately sneered. “Do you think that with a recommendation letter from a noble, Carles Wizard Academy would accept you right away? That’s easy to think.”

Chenzhu, who had been standing silently by the side, lightly pulled at Chu Ye’s sleeve and whispered. “Carles is a wizard academy, only wizards…” He was implying that Chu Ye wasn’t a wizard so even if she had a recommendation letter, it wouldn’t help.

Chu Ye frostily shot a glance towards Boling Feiwu and then faintly smiled at Chenzhu. “I know. I have propriety.” No one else understood the situation better than her. Lifting her eyes once again to meet Boling Canglan’s gaze, neither submissive nor overbearing, she spoke. “Boling Clan Head, how about it, would you still reject such a simple compensation?”

Boling Canglan lightly picked on his brows and softly nodded. “A letter of recommendation is indeed nothing more than a simple letter. However, just as Chenzhu said, Carles only accepts wizards. Even if I carry heavy weight, that cannot be abused. In any case, I will have someone directly deliver the recommendation letter to the vice principal’s hands tomorrow, on the condition that you must pass Carles Wizard Academy’s entrance exam.”

One should note that even though Carles Wizard Academy was built by the nobility, its famous headmaster is the Eastern Nation’s emperor. If he were to give Carles Wizard Academy unprecedented shame by sending in an ordinary student, his act of kindness would not be reported.

“Good, it’s a deal!” Chu Ye raised a finger as soon as he said those words.

After that, Chu Ye didn’t stay for long and got up to leave. Chenzhu originally intended to see Chu Ye off, but Boling Feiwu’s icy face stopped him.

Boling Huashan, who had been silent all this time as if invisible looked like she was relieved from a burden the moment Chu Ye left through the main doors, constantly sighing in relief.

It was without doubt that these tiny moves showed that she had been secretly paying attention to her, Chu Ye. Turning over the thoughts in her head, Chu Ye had already vaguely pieced together a part of the situation, but at this moment she still cannot be certain.

Walking out of the house of the Boling clan, Chu Ye began to absentmindedly stroll around the bustling Bian City.

Touching a few copper coins in her purse and once again thinking about Lu Shi who had previously made arrangements in the inn, Chu Ye knew that her current priority was money. Where should she go to get money?

From the remote Lu Village to Bian City, Chenzhu paid all the costs of the whole journey. It wasn’t that Chu Ye didn’t think about accepting the reward of 1000 gold coins, but seeing Boling Canglan and Boling Feiwu’s noble and condescending faces, she really can’t keep her head down.

For merely 1000 gold coins, how can you buy out Chu Ye’s pride?

As she was passing through an elegantly decorated pawnshop, Chu Ye suddenly stopped, reached her right hand into her bosom, and took out a jade pendant that looked like a crescent moon and was as transparent as jelly. The front and back of the pendant were intricately carved with a lifelike “鸯”. [2]

Lu Shi gave her this jade pendant after she learned that she was going back to the Boling household, saying that it was possible to prove her identity as Boling household’s sixth young miss Boling Yili, but she didn’t know that from the very start, Chu Ye had no intention to recognize her ancestors and return to the clan.

Only slightly hesitating, Chu Ye stepped through the entrance of the pawnshop.

Before her eyes, she felt that this jade could be valuable.

Upon entering the pawnshop, Chu Ye’s eyes immediately widened. The inside of the pawnshop was crowded with people. To be more accurate, it was crowded with women.

Each and every one of these women was gorgeously dressed and looked bright and beautiful. They held one or two gold and silver ornaments in their hands, outdoing one another in pressing towards the pawnshop window. There was no lack of female wizards among them.

Chu Ye lightly scrunched up her eyebrows. Looking at these women’s clothes, it seemed that their masters had no shortage of money. And not only that but looking at them using all their strength just to move forward, it didn’t seem that those tiny ornaments in their hands were their reason for doing so.

She pulled at the woman in the corner who was trying to squeeze in from the outermost area and asked her. “Excuse me, what is happening here? Since there are a lot of people, why don’t you line up?”

The woman looked at Chu Ye like she was an idiot. “It is exactly because there are a lot of people that everyone doesn’t want to line up. You should know that Young Master Lanxi is not always here. It was very difficult to come today, and this is also an inspection job. At most, he will only stay for ten minutes. If you want to line up, I reckon that by the time it’s your turn, you would have ceased to catch even a glimpse of Young Master Lanxi’s shadow a long time ago. Well, I won’t speak with you any longer. I have to go to the front.” After speaking, the woman again vigorously tried to press into the crowd.

[1] a drop in the ocean – original text was “one hair from nine oxen” (九牛一毛)

[2] For anybody who wants to know, 鸯 is the second character of 鸳鸯 (mandarin duck), which is considered a symbol of love in China. The character on her pendant (鸯) is the female part, while the man she is betrothed to should have a similar pendant but with the character 鸳.

^^ *hint hint* Looks like we’ll be meeting a special someone soon~~

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