CGSA Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Bian City’s Boling Clan

Eastern Nation, Bian City, Boling Clan!

In the main hall, the Boling clan head, Boling Canglan, sat high on the main seat for the head, dressed in navy blue robes (chang bao). Although he was already over 50 years old, he was still handsome and bursting with life, seemingly looking like a middle-aged man in his thirties and completely imposing.

Sitting under the main seat was the Boling clan’s two daughters, the eldest young miss Boling Feiwu and the sixth young miss Boling Huashan.

As for the second young miss, third young miss, fourth young miss, and fifth young miss, they were all married.

“Father, is there still no news of Shenzhu? He has never gone to distant places before on his own, and now… who knows whether he might have encountered an incident?” The eldest young miss Boling Feiwu concernedly asked.

Outsiders know that Boling Chenzhu is the only male in the Boling clan, but they didn’t know he was also Boling Feiwu’s fiancee.

“Don’t worry, Shenzhu has the strength of a fifth-grade wizard. An average person cannot injure him.” Boling Canglan consoled his eldest daughter, at the same time consoling himself as well.

All throughout his life, he, Boling Canglan, had fought, killed and made countless achievements, but unexpectedly, in one decisive battle, he got an injury on his lower abdomen. Since then, even though he can still have affairs with women, he cannot bear any more children.

Although he had numerous wives in his home, they all gave birth to daughters. Desperate, he had no other option but to choose a suitable person from the other branches of the Boling clan that would inherit his name, and this person was precisely Boling Chenzhu.

At the same time, he didn’t want to fertilize outsiders’ fields with their waters so he betrothed Boling Chenzhu and Boling Feiwu since they were children even though his eldest daughter Boling Feiwu was older than Boling Chenzhu by 9 years.

“But Chenzhu is too virtuous and can be easily duped.” The sixth young miss Huashan’s eyes had a barely detectable trace of wicked delight over her misfortune.

She couldn’t accept the eldest young miss Boling Feiwu and Boling Chenzhu’s marriage because she was a year younger than Boling Feiwu. She was more suited to marry Chenzhu and to become the future female head of the clan.

However, she doesn’t care about it now because she is already in a better marriage. Thinking of this, the delight in her eyes increased, but she lowered her head and no one else saw it.

Hearing Boling Huashan’s words, Boling Feiwu immediately became more worried. “Father, Daughter wishes to personally go out to find him. I request for Father to allow it!”

Because she was waiting for Boling Chenzhu to become an adult, she was already 25 years old now. Age was not that important for a wizard, whose life expectancy was typically multiple times longer than that of an ordinary person, but seeing several of her younger sisters get married, she was anxious.

In order for her to become the Boling clan’s female head, she had to make this sacrifice. If Boling Chenzhu were to disappear at this point, then all these years she has waited would be for nothing so she cannot, cannot allow Boling Chenzhu to meet an accident!

It was unrelated to romantic love or affection.

At this time, Butler Wu hurriedly came in, his face happy. “Master, the young master has returned!”

“Really?” Boling Feiwu stood up, overjoyed.

“However…” Butler Wu faced Boling Feiwu and couldn’t avoid revealing a look of distress.

“However what?” Boling Huashan asked pressingly. Could it be a lacking arm or a broken leg, she thought maliciously in her heart.

Butler Wu felt conflicted as he carefully answered in a low voice. “Young Master also brought back an beautiful girl…”

“What?” Boling Feiwu was furious and lifted her foot, wanting to rush out.

“Rise.” Boling Canglan, who had a straight face as if this was common, chided to stop Boling Feiwu. “Feiwu, your fiery temper has not changed. How can I feel at ease to give you the Boling clan in the future?” Yes, in the heart of Boling Canglan, even though Boling Chenzhu will become the male head of the Boling clan in the future, he, Boling Canglan, will only give the power and authority to his own daughter.

“Father…” Boling Feiwu quickly realized that she was in the wrong and had no other choice but to obediently go back to her seat.

“Call them in.” Boling Canglan gave Butler Wu a meaningful gaze.

Butler Wu instantly understood and withdrew.

“Father, I’ve come home!” Merely a moment later, the people haven’t heard the sound yet before Boling Chenzhu who was dressed in a white wizard robe held Chu Ye’s hand as he walked in. Seeing Boling Feiwu and also Boling Huashan, Chenzhu also called out to them. “Eldest sister, sixth sister.”

Only, no one responded to him because everyone’s eyes were on Chu Ye’s body, gazing at her jade-like skin, beautiful facial features, slender body, lightly adorned snow-white clothes, red girdle, and bundled black hair. She was speechlessly nimble, speechlessly neat, speechlessly… breathtaking!

Chu Ye could see the emotions running through them, and there was one person whose face had a trace of panic and disbelief that shouldn’t exist. This person was Boling Huashan.

“This is my new friend. Her name is Chu Ye.” Chenzhu introduced rather delightedly. Before arriving, Chu Ye repeatedly stressed to him that she and he were only friends. His introduction was not as simple as “a new friend”.

After seeing that the expressions of the three people were not particularly welcome, he immediately added. “Five days ago, I and our clan’s beast-hunting team were separated, and right away, I encountered a cloud-patterned tiger. It was Chu Ye who saved me.”

“Chenzhu, you said that she is Chu Ye?” There was still some fright and doubt in Boling Huashan’s eyes, and her face was somewhat pale.

“That’s right, what happened?” Chenzhu stared at Boling Huashan, puzzled.

She promptly waved her hands. “Oh, it’s nothing. I merely felt that this name… is not bad, haha…” While speaking, she couldn’t help but look at Chu Ye’s eyes, her gaze twinkling.

The tips of Chu Ye’s eyebrows faintly twitched. Boling Huashan took in the whole scene, quickly committing it to memory in her heart.

Boling Feiwu, who was originally facing a great enemy, now actually had a face filled with disdain. “It is only a lowly commoner, give her some money. Was it necessary to bring her into the Boling clan? You must know that the Boling clan is the Eastern Nation’s greatest wizard clan. No one can casually go in and out.”

As she was speaking, it seemed like she unthinkingly raised her hand and stroked her fiery red hair.

This was to let Chu Ye know that she is a noble fire wizard. Even though Chu Ye is more beautiful, she only has the ordinary black hair of lowly commoners and isn’t in the same league as her.

Boling Canglan observed that Chenzhu had no injuries and the worry he had for the past several days faded away, but regarding the matter with that commoner, his attitude was the same as that of Boling Feiwu. This was often a part of the demeanor of a person with high status. He smilingly faced Chu Ye, and told her, “Thank you for saving my son’s life. In return, I will give you 1000 gold coins. Come, bring this girl to the accountant to receive the money.”

The meaning of his words was that Chu Ye can take the money and leave.

Chu Ye frowned. Like father, like daughter indeed. The saddest thing was, Boling Canglan actually didn’t recognize that standing in front of him was his daughter Boling Yili, even if they say that a girl changes eighteen times between childhood and womanhood, and the current 16-year-old her was quite different from when she was 10 years old.

In her heart, Chu Ye couldn’t help but feel that Boling Yili was worthless. They were only separated for 6 years, yet no one in this Boling clan appears to have remembered her.

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  1. Thank you for translating this novel I love it so much, also agree with the other comments this Boling family is scum, shameless, and I can’t wait for the face slapping to begin lol


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