CGSA Chapter 8

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve typed “young man”. I simply changed some to “he”.

Chapter 8: Leaving Lu Village

Inside the room, Lu Da and Lu Xiyu, who went along with Lu Bu’s plan to not step forward so as to avoid alarming the wizard, could not help but rush out because their thoughts were the same as Lu Bu. Wait for the wizard to eat, then eat a big meal!

Now, it was all gone.

Lu Xiyu glared at Chu Ye in hatred and shrieked. “How can you do this? How could you give such good food to the dog?”

Chu Ye objected with an insipid smile. “Because, I suddenly felt that the watchdogs were more lovely than the two of you, so this is how I rewarded them.”

She had already seen through their craftiness, so she acted like that on purpose.

Compared to how they bullied the mother-daughter pair for the past 6 years, what Chu Ye is doing now was nothing but a drop in the ocean.

“You…” The three were angry. She actually compared them to dogs, implying that they were even worse than dogs.

Curse them, curse them…

Confronted with this unexpected incident, the young man and Lu Shi could do nothing but stare blankly.

Chu Ye directly disregarded the murderous eyes of the trio, went between the man and Lu Shi. She used her hands to pull the two’s arms, her bright and beautiful face smiling. “We’ve eaten and drunk quite a lot. Next, we should take a walk.”

Then she dragged the two and walked toward the gate.

The young man looked at Chu Ye pulling his hand. His heart unexpectedly trembled, and his cheeks also faintly turned red. Subconsciously not saying anything, he followed the footsteps of Chu Ye.

Seeing Chu Ye acting so domineering and unbridled, but because of the presence of the young wizard, the three people didn’t dare to grab Chu Ye, but let out their anger at Lu Shi and indignantly swore. “Lu Shi, if you dare to take a step out of the house of the Lu family, then from now on, don’t come back.”

Lu Shi’s body stiffened. She was in a dilemma. “Father… Daughter….”

However, Chu Ye laughed. “I was just waiting for your words. You can rest assured, even if you later cry, kneel, and seek for us, we will never step into your house again.” After speaking, she unhesitatingly dragged the young man and Lu Shi out the main door.

From the moment Chu Ye was reborn in Boling Yili’s body, leaving was already inevitable sooner or later.

Because Chu Ye was never the type of person to be content with peacefulness.

“Hiss…” The many villagers, who were originally crowding outside the main doors to view the wizard,  couldn’t help but suck in a breath. This was still the Boling Yili they know, right? They simultaneously fell back to allow Chu Ye’s three-man group to walk out.

The three people in the courtyard were struck dumb. They didn’t think that Chu Ye was this arrogant. Previously, she refused to leave until she died, but now, she said that she would leave.

From yesterday until today, Chu Ye’s behavior and its contrast from before was too great. Even until the silhouettes of the three people disappeared, they still couldn’t believe their own eyes and ears.


Walking away from the house of the Lu family, Chu Ye let go of the young man and Lu Shi’s hands. Hands behind her back and leisurely walking, it was as if nothing had happened.

Finally, Lu Shi couldn’t help but speak out. “Lili, you were too impulsive. Now that we have fallen out with your grandfather, where will we live from now on?”

“You can rest assured that as long as I am here, I will not let you go hungry nor get cold, and I will especially not allow you to suffer humiliation again.” Chu Ye said in a serious manner. This was a promise.

“But…” Lu Shi still wanted to say something, but ultimately gave a bitter smile.

Actually, the moment she left the Lu family house, she wasn’t brokenhearted nor sad. On the contrary,  her body was relaxed, and her heart felt light.

For the past few years, she had had enough of the Lu family. The so-called love and affection were crushed by their repeated insults and bullying. Moreover, she wasn’t the biological daughter of Lu Bu, which was why they treated her so harshly.

Every family had its own difficulties. The young man didn’t know what kind of family Chu Ye had lived in but from their words, he got the idea that they had nowhere to go.

“Where were you planning to go now?” When he spoke out to ask, he immediately regretted it, wishing to pull out his own mouth. It was unclear whether they were just talking rubbish.

“What about you?” Chu Ye questioned.

“This time, I came out to find a magical beast that suits my contract. I was originally with my clan’s beast-hunting team, but I got lost and strayed away from them so I have to quickly return home, or my clan would worry about me,” he explained truthfully.

He appeared in Lu Village today completely by accident, and he was hungry. He wanted to eat. He had money and would be willing to give the other party several times the actual price as remuneration. And he did do that.

Chu Ye muttered rather irresolutely with a half-sincere smile. “Then, I will go with you!”

“Go with me?” The young man was surprised, knowing that Chu Ye’s words can be easily misunderstood. But in the ears of the lovestruck man, the more they wished to be, the more they understood it differently.

“What, is it inconvenient?” Chu Ye fell back in order to advance. “Then never mind.”

“No no no, it’s very convenient, very convenient!” He vigorously shook his head up and down.

“Then let’s set off at once.” Chu Ye took the lead and went in front.

“Yes!” He responded in a resounding voice and immediately approached Lu Shi with a smile on his face. He spoke in a concerned tone. “Mother, come let me help you walk. Be careful of the stones on the ground…”

“Eh?” Chu Ye, who was walking ahead, staggered, nearly falling down.

Similarly, Lu Shi paused in her footsteps. The two shot identically strange looks at the young man.

“What did you call me just now?” Lu Shi spoke.

“You called whose mother just now?” Chu Ye spoke.

By chance, the two asked in unison.

The young man’s expression was tight. He pointed a finger at Lu Shi, his eyes pure and innocent. “Of course she is Mother.”

“She’s my mother. When did she become your mother?” Chu Ye blinked.

He scratched his head. “You just said that you would go home with me. In that case, your mother is naturally my mother. You can rest assured, my father loves me dearly. He will certainly agree to our marriage. And I will definitely give you a high status…”

“Eh?” Chu Ye suddenly felt a crow flying over her head [1].

What is this?

What did she tell him to marry her?

She only said that she would go with him, okay?

“I don’t even know what name to call you?” Chu Ye’s eyes didn’t seem very happy.

Unexpectedly, the young man took it seriously and earnestly announced his name. “My name is Boling Chenzhu. My father is Boling Canglan, and my clan is the Eastern Nation’s greatest wizard clan.”

“Eh?” This time, Chu Ye and Lu Shi were completely stunned.

It was truly the flood rushing toward the Dragon King’s temple [2]. Family didn’t recognize family!

Translator’s Notes:

[1] A crow flying over one’s head – It was silent. Everyone was speechless.

[2] It means that one’s own people misunderstood each other because they didn’t know each other.

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