CGSA Chapter 7

Chapter 7: The Dogs Are Lovelier Than You

But even if Chu Ye and the events that transpired yesterday did not change, Fang Shi still felt scared.

“Ah!” Fang Shi cried out in fear. She immediately pulled back her hands and stepped back, frightfully looking at Chu Ye.

Although the hand that was previously twisted was already good as new, at that time, the type of pain she felt was practically engraved into her heart. She would never forget it for her entire life and didn’t dare to try again.

Chu Ye gave Fang Shi a freezing side-glance, suddenly walked to Lu Shi’s side, grabbed the dried up bun from Lu Shi’s hand, and threw it to the ground. Then, in front of Fang Shi’s face, she gracefully lifted her right foot and stomped on it, turning the steamed bun into flattened bread.

“My steamed bun…” Looking at the way Chu Ye stepped on the small bun without a care, Fang Shi couldn’t help but feel a bit pained. If they didn’t want to eat, they could’ve given it back to her. Why would she recklessly waste food? Unfortunately, she didn’t dare to speak it out loud.

“Is this something for people to eat?” Chu Ye reached out and clasped Lu Shi’s thin shoulders. “Let’s go out and eat.” She didn’t forget her bag which contained the 30 copper coins she exchanged for the animals she had hunted last night.

Lu Shi looked down at the already dusty and flattened bread on the floor and then at the hand of Chu Ye on her shoulder, her beautiful eyes filled with shock. Her daughter has indeed changed. Although this change felt strange to her, she…liked it.


Because each of the Lu family’s houses was not that big and was filled with various useless farming equipment, Lu Bu presented the dishes to the young wizard by the yard in front of their house. When Chu Ye wanted to take Lu Shi outside to eat breakfast, she had to pass through the yard. Naturally, at first glance, she noticed the young wizard seated alone at the table.

Of course, for Chu Ye, who had seen all types of men, what attracted her eye was not the peerless handsome face of the boy, but his brown hair which was indicative of an earth wizard.

“Earth wizard?” Chu Ye was slightly startled and wanted to go.

Because what she needed most right now was information regarding magic. How can she practice magic? How to advance in rank?

Who told her that the original owner of the body, Boling Yili, had little understanding of magic!

Her path was blocked by Lu Bu. He impatiently berated her. “What are you trying to do? The’ distinguished wizard is eating, he mustn’t be disturbed.”

Chu Ye’s brows furrowed, not intending to speak out, but Lu Bu’s voice attracted the gaze of the young wizard who suddenly stood up and came over to them. He walked to Chu Ye in three steps. His face was pleasantly surprised as he asked, “It’s you?”

“You know me?” Chu Ye was suspicious and looked through Boling Yili’s former memories, but had not a single trace of an impression of this man.

“It’s me, don’t you recognize me?” The calmness of the young man changed in a moment. His pure eyes shone in excitement and cheerily spoke. “Last night, in the forest, the cloud-patterned tiger…”

“Oh, that was you.” Chu Ye understood. It turned out that he was the youngster she had passingly saved last night, but he had been covered with mud from the very start, and on top of that, there was only dim moonlight left so she didn’t see his appearance and hair color at that time. “I didn’t think that you were actually a wizard.”

“Hehe.” He scratched his head in embarrassment. “I’m merely a fifth-grade wizard. There’s nothing to admire.”

These words were too modest. His age seems to be near Chu Ye’s present age so according to that, he became a fifth-grade wizard by the age of sixteen or seventeen. In any clan in any country, it was suitable for him to be called a genius.

One must know that magic is not so easy to practice. Many wizards have only reached the third or fourth grade in their entire life. To be able to become a tenth-grade wizard was extremely rare.

“I didn’t say I admire you.” Chu Ye innocently shrugged. She really had no such thought. “In fact, I am more puzzled. You, a fifth-grade wizard. How can you not even beat one cloud-patterned tiger, a first-grade magical beast?”

“Uh…” He suddenly felt even more embarrassed. Because he was greatly protected and sheltered since childhood, he lacked experience regarding actual combat so one encounter with a slightly powerful opponent immediately made him panic, not knowing how to react. Chu Ye’s words hit the nail on the head. He wished he could dig into the ground.

Lu Bu, who had been standing next to them and didn’t dare to speak, finally confirmed that Chu Ye and the boy were acquainted with each other. Just when he felt joyous, he saw that Chu Ye’s words did not leave face for the wizard. Face quickly blackening, he reprimanded her. “What did you say to the wizard? Quickly apologize to him!”

“I don’t think I said anything wrong.” Chu Ye didn’t buy his covering up.

“You are a dead girl…” Lu Bu was really angry.

“It’s fine, no need to apologize.” The young man promptly refuted and smiled at Chu Ye. “Have you had breakfast? If not, can we eat together?”

“Ok, do you mind if my mother is at the same table?” Chu Ye didn’t bother being polite. This was repayment for saving him last night.

“Of course I don’t mind. Please!” He happily said with a smile. He acted like a gentleman as he pulled out seats for Chu Ye and Lu Shi.

“This… How can this be?” Lu Bu’s look immediately turned unsightly. He gave him the best food and wine the family had. Ordinarily, he would be reluctant to eat them. He was originally looking forward to eating the young man’s leftovers. The remains were still good so let him eat first. They could set the food apart later and slowly savor it.

The young man leaned his head back to face Lu Bu. “What’s the matter? I’ve already spent money to buy the food on this table.” The implication was that the ownership of the food on the table was with him.

Lu Bu instantly became speechless and dared not say any more words.

In the time they spoke, Chu Ye had already started to use chopsticks to eat.

Lu Shi, who hasn’t said a single word, carefully glanced at her own father and also Chu Ye and the young man. Although she obeyed her father at home, she now felt that her daughter, who suddenly became stronger, was more reliable so she also picked up the chopsticks to eat.

The villagers huddled outside Lu Bu’s door saw that Chu Ye and her mother were surprisingly able to eat together with the noble wizard. After the shock, they became envious and the status of Chu Ye and her mother rapidly rose in their minds like the rush of water.

It was indeed the noble image of a wizard. For ordinary people, it was extremely sacred.

If they were to know that Chu Ye was in fact already a wizard herself, it was likely that the situation would grow even more out of control.

That’s why it was wise for Chu Ye to choose to temporarily hide her own strength.

“Would you mind if I pack it up?” After the three people finished eating, Chu Ye turned to ask the wizard with a smile.

Seeing her, whose face had always been callous, smiling like this like the flowers of spring, even the beauty of the sun in June would be eclipsed.

He looked distracted, nearly losing himself in that smile, and then nodded repeatedly. “Of course I don’t mind.”

“Thank you!” Chu Ye’s eyes flashed with a hint of slyness. She quickly packed up the food on the table, and then, in the presence of Lu Bu, threw the packaged food into the channel for dog food by the corner of the courtyard.

The Lu family’s two watchdogs immediately scrammed to run to the channel, lowering their head to bite.

“Ai yo…” Lu Bu yelled, nearly angry enough to cause a stroke. He pointed at Chu Ye, his hand trembling. “Y-y-you…” For quite a while, he was unable to say a full sentence.

Inside the room, Lu Da and Lu Xiyu, who went along with Lu Bu’s plan to not step forward so as to avoid alarming the wizard, could not help but rush out because their thoughts were the same as Lu Bu. Wait for the wizard to eat, then eat a big meal!

Now, it was all gone.

Lu Xiyu glared at Chu Ye in hatred and shrieked. “How can you do this? How could you give such good food to the dog?”

Chu Ye objected with an insipid smile. “Because, I suddenly felt that the watchdogs were lovelier than the two of you, so this is how I rewarded them.”

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  1. I don’t know how I supposed to feel at her feeding the dogs food that they should not eat just to make others mad. I will give this a few more chapters


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