CGSA Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Becoming a Wind Wizard

“If I’m not Lili, then who?” Chu Ye’s face didn’t change. “Actually, I’m not really that timid. I’m merely being tolerant, but they regard my tolerance as something they can take advantage of and stamp on, so I don’t want to endure anymore. After today, I will go back to my usual self and let things happen on their own. Ok, let’s not talk much anymore. Time to sleep!”

After speaking, she closed her eyes and quickly breathed evenly, as if she has already fallen asleep.

Lu Shi was left with a blank expression. Was this really the case?

Such an explanation, Lu Shu wasn’t convinced by it, but the person lying by her side could only be her own daughter Boling Yili. Lu Shi went to her own bed with a muddled head. Finally, she sighed. Maybe she was overthinking things. As long as her daughter was around, she should be contented.

After realizing that, she quickly entered dreamland.

Hearing Lu Shi’s smooth and even breathing, Chu Ye slowly opened her eyes. She got up, went out of the house, and climbed onto the rooftop.

On her first night since crossing over in this different world, she couldn’t sleep.

Lying on the roof, the night wind gently brushed Chu Ye’s face. She raised her eyes to gaze at the moon and the countless stars in the sky and suddenly felt faint sadness.

Thinking of her parents that were still in the 21st-century world, who knows whether they know that their only daughter has already left their world forever?

Chu Ye thought that even if they knew about it, it was very likely that they won’t have the time to grieve for her.

There was still 001. Chu Ye’s brain once again turned to 001 at the river, rushing towards her. I wonder, is he still alive?

Chu Ye’s heart felt even heavier, but it can change over time. Even if she couldn’t let go, she still wasn’t able to touch it.

Was there anything that can withstand the barriers of space?

Lightly closing her eyes, setting aside the past and all the distracting thoughts in her mind, letting her heart settle, simply feeling the serenity of the night, the free winds…

As if she was in a dream.

Chu Ye unexpectedly caught sight of the wind by her side slowly shrunk into specks of green starlight, revolving around her in spry jumps and seeming like the happiest spirit. Finally, the green specks amassed together and grew bigger, forming a gigantic egg-shaped shell all around her and protecting her. She felt refreshed, comfortable, and happy.

However, Chu Ye, who was already in a state of meditation, didn’t know that what she saw was not a dream.

If at this moment there was a wizard present who understood magic, he would surely be astonished, with his eyeballs ready to fall off.


Because these green specks of light represent the wind element. Only those who can induct the elements in the air can become true wizards.

Ordinary wind wizards are able to induct the wind element, but only a few specks. The highly talented can induct around ten to several hundred specks. In the case of Chu Ye, the wind elements congregated around her formed an egg-shaped substance almost two meters high. It could even be called an unprecedented event that would shock the whole of society.

The egg shape formed by the gathering of the wind elements surrounded Chu Ye with her as the center. The more it spun around her, the faster it became. Powerful winds caused Chu Ye’s clothes and hair to flutter wildly, and suddenly, with a bang, the green wind elements abruptly slammed into Chu Ye’s body.

“Oh!” There was no pain nor discomfort. From head to toe, there was only an unspeakable invigorating feeling. Chu Ye’s arms stretched out, her head slightly bent down and her lips neutrally open. All the cells throughout her entire body at this moment received unprecedented joy and freedom.

However, a wonder once again appeared in the next second. Chu Ye’s three thousand hairs dancing in the air, which were originally black, changed to silver from root to tip at a rate that can be seen by the naked eye. Her hair looked elegantly dazzling due to the circulating luster on it. Silvery light flashed, and her previously blue-purple pupils also changed to a complimenting silver, pure, bright, and ghost-like.

What was the difference between a noble wizard and an ordinary civilian?

It was their hair and eyes.

A silver color representing the wind element, a red color representing the fire element, a blue color representing the water element, a brown color representing the earth element.

Therefore –

Wind wizards possess silver eyes.

Fire wizards possess red eyes.

Water wizards possess blue eyes.

Earth wizards possess brown eyes.

There was no doubt that Chu Ye, who already has silver hair and silver eyes, has officially entered the ranks of the wind wizards.

When her body slowly fell back to the ground, Chu Ye touched the silver hair hanging down her chest, recalled all her knowledge related to magic, and subconsciously raised her lips and laughed.

It was hard to imagine that Boling Yili’s efforts all her life have not produced any results, but when she came to this world, she was able to accomplish something in a day.

It turned out that if a person wants to become a wizard, the most essential thing is to have a formidable mental power or willpower.

Boling Yili’s body was actually quite talented. The induction and summoning abilities of the elements were exceptionally strong, but Boling Yili’s willpower was very weak. It was probably this was closely related to her timid nature. This was why the innate talent in her body was wasted like this until Chu Ye came along.

When the two sides combined to become one, they became completely unstoppable.

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