CGSA Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: A Change in Her Eyes

Chu Ye directly ignored their peculiar stares, minding her own business as she was counting. “One, two…”

Eventually, Fang Shi was the first to return from her daze. After ascertaining that she hadn’t misheard, she became angrier. “This little arrogant wolf we’ve raised actually dared to say that this old lady’s hands are claws. Humph! Just because the tiger doesn’t display its might doesn’t mean it is just a sick cat.” While speaking, she raised her right hand and brought it down to Lu Shi’s fair and beautiful face to slap her.

“Ka cha!” (A snapping/cracking sound)


But the expected slapping sound was not heard. Instead, accompanied by the sound of bone breaking was Fang Shi’s pig-killing scream.

Why? When Fang Shi’s hand was just in front of Lu Shi’s face, Chu Ye moved, catching Fang Shi’s wrist and harshly twisting it twice. A snap sounded and Fang Shi’s entire right arm was dislocated.

Staring at the pained Fang Shi who was rolling on the ground, Lu Bu, Lu Da, and Lu Xiyu were all stupefied.

Finally, Lu Bu’s face swelled red. He pointed his finger to Chu Ye and shouted, “You rebel, she’s your aunt, but you still dared to hit your elders?”

Chu Ye smiled tauntingly. “Aunt? Elders? Now you acknowledge this to press me and keep me under control, but just a moment ago, she wanted to slap my mother. Have you forgotten that she is your daughter and her sister-in-law?”

Having heard what she said, Lu Bu was speechless. His angry aura faltered, and his body started trembling.

Meanwhile, Lu Shi watched Chu Ye, dumbstruck. Was this really her daughter?

Having been dependent on each other for more than ten years, no other person fully understood her own daughter’s temperament. How did everything about her, except for her appearance, change after one day?

“Good, very good. Sure enough, your wings have grown strong.” Lu Da helped Fang Shi get up, eyes shooting a frosty gaze at Chu Ye.

His own wife received a beating in front of his face; a man cannot submissively bear such a tone spoken to him. Unfortunately, his opponent was his niece so he couldn’t beat her back in return. He clenched his jaw as he tried to restrain his anger.

“Thank you for your praise, I’m extremely honored!” Chu Ye coldly replied.

“You!” Lu Da showed anger, but calculating laughter momentarily flashed in his eyes before disappearing. He turned to Lu Bu. “Father, didn’t Tie San come to our house today to propose marriage? You haven’t discussed this matter yet with Sister Shi.”

Given a reminder, he promptly recalled and used a fatherly posture when facing Lu Shi. “Xiao Shi ah, Father sees that your age is not more than thirty-two. I don’t believe that you would want to stay at home like this for the rest of your life, which is why Father looked for a good household for you. Tie San is the owner of the blacksmith’s shop just across our house. Tomorrow, he will come to pick you up and welcome you into their family. Also, Tie San said that you can bring your daughter with you. In any case, his son Tie Dan is also fast approaching the age where he can already go look for a wife.”

“Father…” Lu Shi gaped at Lu Bu in disbelief, no longer able to stop her tears from falling down. “How can you force your daughter to marry a second husband?” And not only that, but the man is Tie San? Do you want your daughter to die? Father…”

Chu Ye frowned. After briefly scanning her memories for information regarding Tie San, she immediately understood the general idea.

Tie San is the only household in Lu Village with a different family name. He specializes in forging metalware for a living. There is a lot of dirty money in his house, but Tie San has one peculiarity – wife abuse.

Over these past few years, he had already married three wives, and each of those wives died because of his beatings.

Who could have thought that he would now extend his claws to Boling Yili’s mother and that Lu Bu would actually dare to agree for him to come?

“This matter has been decided. I have already accepted Tie San’s gifts, and there is no reason to return them.” Lu Bu faced Lu Shi’s pleading without any intention of discussing the subject. He then waved his hand, wishing to leave with Lu Da’s family.

“Stop!” A steely voice admonished, making them stop in their tracks.

Lu Bu’s four-man group turned around and saw that there was no expression on Chu Ye’s face. Her bitingly cold eyes watched them intently, and then she said, “If you don’t want to die, then you would immediately return Tie San’s gifts and cancel their marriage.”

“What…” They seemed to have heard the funniest joke in the world, but they didn’t have the time to laugh at Chu Ye’s boasting as her next words chilled them all the way to their bones.

“I see that you have already forgotten whose daughter is I, Boling Yili. Whose wife is my mother Lu Shi?” Chu Ye leisurely spoke. “So, I would like to remind you again once more. He is the head of the Eastern Nation’s number one wizard family – the Boling family head, Boling Canglan!”

All four of their complexions finally changed. They used to be proud of their daughter (sister) being able to marry Boling Canglan. The scenery was unlimited for a while in the village. But ever since Boling Canglan drove her back home to her family, they habitually treated her as a disgrace, to the extent that they have forgotten about Boling Yili, who has the bloodline of the Boling family.

“You have been driven back here by the Boling family and now it’s been six years. I’m afraid that the Boling family has already forgotten your existence.” After that heart-shaking event, Lu Da was proud of his analysis.

Chu Ye scrutinized Lu Da and spoke. “From the beginning till the end, Boling Canglan didn’t ask to break up with my mother nor to sever our father-daughter relationship. This is why I say that my mother is still Boling Canglan’s wife. You, for just a little bit of money, wish to make the Boling family head’s wife marry another man, and not only that but also that kind of inferior and vile male. Let’s say that if Boling Canglan were to find out about this, what would be the consequences?”

Hearing this, their faces have turned as pale as a sheet of paper.

Chu Ye continued with a stern voice. “Even if a man already doesn’t love that woman anymore, he would still not let a man other than him touch the woman. This is a selfish and possessive desire of all successful men. It is about face and reputation. For a time, they wouldn’t mind – just massacre the whole village!”

The four gasped in their minds, their legs weakening and cold sweat covering their foreheads.

“You… These are just empty threats…” Lu Xiyu shouted courageously.

Chu Ye snorted. “I don’t think you want to test that.” If they weren’t Lu Shi’s close relatives, she wouldn’t bother to argue with them. For these snobby lowlifes, using a knife would be quicker.

She then turned around, helped Lu Shi enter the firewood house, and slammed the door.

Seeing this, the anger of Lu Bu’s four-man group was reignited.

However, they were frightened by Chu Ye just now so no one had the courage to step forward again. They could only discontentedly support Fang Shi and bring her to a doctor.


There was only a bed inside the house so Chu Ye had no other choice but to imitate Boling Yili’s mannerism and sleep with Lu Shi on the same bed.

Since they entered the house, Lu Shi had been intensely staring at her, not even blinking.

She knew that her transformation today has already made Lu Shi suspicious.

But she didn’t take the initiative to explain.

Finally, Lu Shi couldn’t help but ask. “Lili, why does Mother feel like you became a different person today? Are you really Lili?”

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