CGSA Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Sending Punitive Forces

Lu Wang didn’t believe her. He peered into the girl’s eyes and felt that she wasn’t the same as before, but as to how she was different, he couldn’t tell. For the moment, he didn’t dare to ask more. He respectfully gave Chu Ye 30 copper coins.

She accepted the coins. This was the first money she earned in this strange world, even if the amount was small.

Once again searching through Boling Yili’s memories, she arrived at her  “grandfather”, Lu Bu’s, house.

By chance, she ran into Lu Xiyu who was incessantly yawning as she was about to close the main doors for the day.

Lu Xiyu is Lu Bu’s sole granddaughter. She has average looks, a strangely dark skin tone, and a plump figure. She was a typical village girl.

“Wait!” she yelled, quickening her footsteps.

Hearing a voice, Lu Xiyu looked up and saw that it was Boling Yili returning from outside. A disgusted expression immediately crossed her whole face. She said nothing and instead used more strength to quickly close the door, but before she was able to lock the door…



Accompanied by the loud sound of the door being kicked open was Lu Xiyu’s pained scream.

Chu Ye stepped on the courtyard door, and the condescending Lu Xiyu was thrown back by 2 meters. Her eyes slightly narrowed, and she coldly asked, “Are your ears deaf?” She had the cheek to ignore her words.

“You…” She couldn’t believe this Boling Yili, who usually didn’t resist when she was bullying her. Two trails of blood flowed out of her nose from when she got hit by the door. “Ah! Blood!”

Chu Ye didn’t spare her a glance and walked past her from the side.

Lu Xiyu suddenly got up from the ground while shrieking and pounced toward Chu Ye. “You unwanted piece of trash! Stand up for me, see if I don’t beat you to death today…”

Chu Ye swiftly turned around. Stern eyes shot an ice-cold stare towards Lu Xiyu. Her body, which was trained to kill, was boiling to take action.

Lu Xiyu trembled. Her ferocious claws and threats were nothing in front of Chu Ye’s piercing eyes. All the retorts that she wanted to say were stuck in her throat the next second; she didn’t dare to let them out.

The corners of Chu Ye’s mouth rose slightly in a taunting smile. She immediately turned around, shook her sleeves, and left.

Only when Chu Ye’s figure could not be seen anymore, did Lu Xiyu rouse. She held her head in her hands and hysterically laughed. “Ahaha…”

She was actually bullied by that trash?

How? How? She used to be the one bullying her.

Also, the moment before that trash left, her smiling face was most unsightly. She dared to ridicule her?

“AH!” Lu Xiyu shrieked again. “Grandfather, Dad, Mother, come quick! That freeloading trash bullied me, wah…”

Even though Chu Ye was already by the backyard of the wooden house, she could still hear Lu Xiyu’s high-decibel shriek. She gave an indifferent laugh, not caring in the slightest.

Chu Ye extended her hand to open the door of the firewood house. By chance, at that moment, the door was opened from the inside.

A beautiful woman suddenly appeared before Chu Ye. Dressed in a coarse rice-colored cheongsam (long skirt), she had snow-white skin and jade-like complexion, and held a great resemblance to Boling Yili.

This was Boling Yili’s mother: Lu Shi.

“Lili, you’re finally back.” Lu Shi saw Chu Ye and immediately hugged her, tears falling from her eyes. “Lili, where did you go today? Mother has been searching for you for a long time. For what errand did you need to go out for? You truly scared Mother to death. Why do you like to go out so much, how can Mother bear to live alone…”

“I…” Chu Ye wasn’t used to being intimately hugged and softly pushed Lu Shi away, smiling. “I went for a walk and got lost, that’s why I came back late.”

Lu Shi didn’t doubt her, once again reprimanding her a few times. She wiped her tears before affectionately leading Chu Ye into the house.

Because the Lu family’s firewood house was where Boling Yili and her mother lived together for 6 years.

Lu Shi went past the bedside, took out a bulging packet, and opened it. Inside were two coarse steamed wheat buns.

“You didn’t return home all day, you must be hungry. Come, eat.” Lu Shi warmly gazed at Chu Ye.

“Ok.” Chu Ye took the stiff steamed bun and slowly ate it. Looking straight at Lu Shi who had a smile the entire time, Chu Ye suddenly felt that this woman was very pitiful.

Even though she was this beautiful, she wasn’t able to get a doting husband, and because she gave birth to a daughter who cannot be a wizard and is considered a trash, her husband sent her back to her parental home.

Returning back home was the equivalent to getting snubbed and treated coldly. Nowadays, even daughters who were only dependent on each other were allowed to be killed. There wasn’t any life more miserable than this.

Chu Ye, who had always been cold-blooded, sympathized with her this moment. She even had the idea of wanting to protect Lu Shi from now on; perhaps it is because her present body was in front of this sweet-tempered woman, who is one of her own flesh and blood. It wasn’t unreasonable.

And then, an overbearingly sharp female voice demanded from outside the door. “Lu Shi, come out.”

“Sister-in-law?” Lu Shi slightly furrowed her eyebrows. Over the past few years, she couldn’t bear her sister-in-law’s anger and unacceptance of them. Almost like a conditioned reflex, Lu Shi opened the door and stepped out.

Chu Ye quickly finished the steamed bun in her hand before also getting up.

A great line could be seen outside the firewood house. The whole Lu family was gathered outside.

Lu Bu, his son Lu Da, his daughter-in-law Fang Shi, and his granddaughter Lu Xiyu, along with two watchdogs.

“Father, Brother, Sister-in-law, Xiyu,” Lu Shi greeted them one by one in a low voice. She had always been like this.

Fang Shi extended her finger at Lu Shi. She sternly spoke, “Look at that good daughter you taught. She dared to bully my family’s Xiyu! For six years, we painstakingly provided for you mother and daughter without asking for anything in return, but now that your wings are firm, you dare step on our heads?” Every time she said a word, she made a pointing motion directed to Lu Shi’s face. Her facial expression and actions were extremely insulting.

Lu Bu and Lu Da merely watched their daughter/sister getting scolded and bullied, not doing anything to stop it. Instead, they seemed to approve of it as they shared a look. As for Lu Xiyu, she sent a provocative stare towards Chu Ye. Her eyes were filled with pride, showing that she was pleased with herself.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” The docile Lu Shi didn’t even dare question her daughter about the truth of the matter. She repeatedly bowed down and apologized because she, who was living under someone else’s roof, didn’t have the authority to say anything.

“Bind your mouth and take your claws away.” Chu Ye crossed her arms, leisurely walking until she was in front of Fang Shi.

Lu Bu, Lu Da, Fang Shi, and Lu Xiyu were all stunned, gazing at Chu Ye with astonishment, practically believing that there was something wrong with their ears.

Their impression of Boling Yili when she saw them was not that of a scared mouse when seeing a cat. She even dared to use such a tone and attitude when speaking with them.

Chu Ye directly ignored their peculiar stares, minding her own business as she was counting. “One, two…”

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