CGSA Chapter 1

The Chinese title 巫漫大陆, word by word, means wizard, free/unrestrained, and the last two is continent. I don’t pride in my naming skills so if you have better ideas on what to name the continent (because it will definitely pop up again in the future), please give suggestions in the comments. Or do you want the romanized version, Wu Man Continent”, instead?

Chapter 1: Autonomous Wizard Continent

It was so stifling, enough to make a person suffocate!

Confused, Chu Ye felt very uncomfortable with raising and waving her hand. It was like she was surrounded by water and had difficulty opening her eyes; it was also dark all around her. From these observations, she concluded that she really was underwater.

How could this be?

Wasn’t she already dead?

After an intense choking sensation attacked her, Chu Ye had no time to ponder over these questions. She subconsciously swung her limbs, only to find that some seaweed was firmly coiled around her feet.

After quickly tearing the seaweed apart one by one, Chu Ye immediately swam to the surface.

“Ah…!” Letting out a long overjoyed cry, Chu Ye finally saw the light of day again.

Looking around, she discovered that she was in a secluded valley, specifically in the only pond that was right in the middle of the valley.

Chu Ye swam to the shore and dumped herself on the soft grass at the edge of the pond. What happened?

She definitely remembered the tigers devouring her alive, but right now, she still had her limbs and felt no pain in any body part aside from her lungs. But that was from choking on too much water.

Chu Ye racked her brain but still couldn’t comprehend it. Then suddenly, memories that didn’t belong to her rushed to her like a tide.

When those unfamiliar memories flashed through her mind one after another like a fast-forwarded movie, it was hard not to be shocked, even for someone as level-headed as Chu Ye.

After the shock, Chu Ye began to sort out the information in her head.

It turned out that she was currently in an alien land that she had never heard of before – the Autonomous Wizard Continent.

The Autonomous Wizard Continent consisted of 4 nations, namely the Eastern Nation, Western Nation, Southern Nation, and the Northern Nation.

This was a world full of magical beings, with wizards and warriors.

There are four types of wizards: wind wizards, fire wizards, water wizards, and earth wizards.

Wizards are assigned a rank from first-grade to tenth-grade, and there is a strict division between each of the ranks.

The wizards of the four kingdoms each have their own merits and are indistinguishable from each other. Over the continent’s countless years of existence, the 4 nations have always had a balanced share of power between them.

Warriors tend to have grudges against the military. They use martial arts and are good at close combat. The average person would choose to be a warrior under the regret of their inability to become a wizard.

The warrior ranks are also from first-grade to tenth-grade.

Warriors and wizards of the same rank have very different identities and statuses. Wizards of the same rank often receive more respect and admiration from people because wizards excel in long-range and large-area attacks, while warriors are better at close-combat and one-to-one attacks.

This was why after finding themselves unable to become a wizard, people would settle for the next best thing and become a warrior.

All kinds of beasts can also self-cultivate to become magical beasts and are divided into different ranks, similarly from first-grade to tenth-grade.

The corners of Chu Ye’s lips slightly raised. She couldn’t help but show a smile of interest; this world was actually rather fascinating.

Then unexpectedly, Chu Ye’s smiling face stiffened because the next information she received really astonished her. This body was not hers. She was reincarnated into the body of a girl named Boling Yili.

Chu Ye shot up and walked to the edge of the pond. The mossy green waters of the pond showed the image of a young girl’s face who was sixteen years of age and had ice-white flesh, jade-like bones (T/N: probably pertaining to her skeletal structure), shimmering and spotlessly white teeth [1], and a magnificent face. Even though it was still charming and beautiful, it wasn’t her face.

Boling Yili, the seventh young miss of the Eastern Nation’s number one wizard clan, Boling clan, was weak and timid, Because of her inability to summon the wind elements, she wasn’t able to become a wizard and was met with a barrage of insults from her clan members. She was treated as a disgrace.

At the age of 10, her father who is Boling clan head, Boling Canglan, made her and her biological mother, Lu Shi, return to Lu Shi’s home under the provocation of his other wives and children.

It had been six years.

The previously little girl had already blossomed into a slender and elegant young lady.

But just like before, she was still unable to summon the wind elements in the air.

The beautiful valley before her was one of Boling Yili’s favorite places to go because she liked to face the tranquil lake while falling deep into her thoughts.

However, this time, when she was ready to turn and leave, she was suddenly pushed into the deep pond.

She desperately struggled to swim ashore but discovered that her legs were being pulled by someone. The whole time she was being pulled down to the bottom of the pond, she wanted to scream and call out for help, but the water squeezed her body from all sides, causing her to choke and become dizzy.

Because she was unable to breathe for a long time, Boling Yili’s struggle grew weaker and weaker. When the last vestiges of consciousness were about to leave her, she saw a black silhouette tying her feet with long seaweed to the bottom of the pond. The figure skillfully swam away, leaving her to die and unable to float up to the surface. Her hopeless eyes tracked the figure as he traveled further and further away from her.

Chu Ye stretched out her hand to touch her ankle which had a bloody circular mark It seemed to be from the seaweed previously wrapped around her ankle. Her beautiful indigo eyes flashed with a trace of iciness. It turned out that this body died due to neither slipping and accidentally falling into the water nor suicide, but rather murder.

Who would kill Boling Yili, a disgraced young lady driven out of her clan, who was completely powerless and of no threat?

No matter who this person was, Boling Yili had already died. She, Chu Ye, has now inherited her body, and she will not tolerate those who dare to harm her.

Chu Ye lay on the soft grassy land, gently closed her eyes, and soon fell asleep. She felt extremely tired.

When she woke up, it was near dusk.

Chu Ye began to ponder over where she should go now.

After sifting through all the information in her mind, there was only one place she could go – Boling Yili’s maternal grandparents’ home, and also her mother Lu Shi’s parents’ home, the Lu Village.

The village was far away from the city and was remote and backward. There was only one village within a few hundred miles and that was Lu Village.

Lu Village has more than 500 household families and cannot be called a small village anymore. The villagers grow crops and hunt animals for a living. Life was destitute but peaceful.

Boling Yili’s maternal grandfather is the patriarch of Lu Village.

This remote and independent Lu Village has many available routes. It takes three hours to avoid the jungle path in front of the “Great Leap Forest”. However, if one were to walk through the Great Leap Forest, it would only take an hour.

Chu Ye only hesitated once. After confirming that none of the rumored magical beasts will appear in the Great Leap Forest, she chose to walk through the forest.

If it was the previous Boling Yili, she would rather take the long route. She wouldn’t dare to approach the forest because she was afraid of running into wild beasts in the forest. Because the forest was not big, even if there were beasts, they wouldn’t be that dangerous.

Chu Ye wasn’t like Boling Yili. Even though she had died in the mouth of a wild beast in her previous life, she was still not afraid of them. On the contrary, she had an insane impulse to challenge them. She was exactly the wild and haughty type of person.

Translator’s Notes:

[1] The actual text is “teeth that look as if it contains money”. The money specifically pertains to the currency of olden times, which is gold coins, so I’m assuming it just means shiny teeth.

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      1. The only thing about stories like this is some how the body is able to do all that when it was never trained for combat. But whatever can never expect a book or story to be perfect.


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